October 7, 2014 Meeting of Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

October 7, 2014

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Skye Arseneau, Sarah Christensen, Jon Gorman, Cindy Ingold (Chair), Cindy Kelly, Jessica LeCrone, Megean Osuchowski, Richard Stokes, Zoe Revell


1.) Welcome and Introductions:

Meeting convened at 1:31 pm with Chair Cindy Ingold opening with a welcome message to new members and introductions of all in attendance.

2.)  Minute Taker:

The process of minute taking for each Staff Development and Training meeting was established to be a rotating duty in ascending alphabetical order.  A turn-around of two-weeks to submit the minutes to Cindy Ingold was agreed upon.  Chair Ingold will then submit minutes for approval and posting to the committee webpage.  As clarification, Sarah Christensen was confirmed as the next member to take minutes.  The chair is exempted from minute taking.

3.)  Review of Agenda:

The agenda was reviewed and then amended to include an additional item.  Chair Ingold introduced that she would like to include “Updates and Announcement” on this and future agendas.

4.)  Updates and Announcements:

The Library Climate QUAL survey will be administered online and must be completed in one 50 minute session.            The survey is sponsored by and in partnership with ARL, however, we (the Library) will be administering the survey.    We will provide open times in rooms in the Main Library and possibly other Library units for employees to complete the survey.  The survey will be an approved event for staff to complete during regular work hours with permission from their supervisors based on unit needs.  Small refreshments will be provided during these lab times.  We have been encouraged to share information about the upcoming survey to all employees during unit meetings.  General questions may be directed to Cindy Ingold.

Jon Gorman indicated that he had shared an email regarding an option for Brown Bag meetings to discuss specific I.T. topics.  He proposed the sessions would be able to provide a more focused/specific help for the Library personnel. .  Zoe Revell recommended drop-in sessions that would allow any questions to be asked and then addressed by one of the I.T. staff assigned to monitor the session.  She proposed that this might have a better recurring turn-out.  Megan Osuchowski asked how those options were different from the already available help desk.  Group discussion indicated a reluctance by employees to go to the help desk.

5.)  Principals for Effective Verbal Communication:

                 Zoe shared that Mickie Bailot from CMS will be presenting two sessions at the end of October.  We are encouraged to share with our GA and other hourly employees to attend.  The Staff Calendar is up-to-date and those interested may reserve a seat for either session.

6.)  Wellness Activities:

Zoe shared that the recent Blood Drive was a success in spite of the torrential down pour and cold weather.  A total of 15 employees participated.  Another Blood Drive will be scheduled for March 2015, more details will be available closer to the date.

Chair Massages continue to be successful and an event employees seem to look forward to each month.  Due to the number of holidays in November and December, the chair massage schedule will be reduced to only once per month, resuming the regular schedule in 2015.

Chair Yoga also continues to thrive.  It is anticipated to remain a recurring event.

The Fall Harvest Book Search has been cancelled due to low response rates from unit heads.  We have nothing to replace the Passport event this year.  Zoe did collaborate with the Wellness Center and shared their I-Walk program through LibNews.

Lighten Your Holidays on November 6, 2014.  We have been asked to share any and all recipes to revell@illinois.edu before October 29, 2014 for a chance to be featured in the “rescued recipes” program presented by Leida Kedem, registered dietitian.  Even if your recipe isn’t selected, a collection of all submitted recipes will be made available to the Library.  Please encourage all to sign up on the Staff Event calendar.

Stress Workshops in November and December will provide relaxation techniques and instructions on how to create personalized aromatherapy.  Presented by Michelle Guerra of the Wellness Center.

December will again provide employees with the chance to have their blood pressure and glucose levels checked.  Zoe reported that a couple of employees shared with her that because of this event, they found out that they had high blood pressure and are now working with their primary care physician.

CPR Training has been restructured.  It will now consist of two half day sessions.  After completing the sessions, the employees will be certified CPR and will receive documentation.

Pinterest Boards have not had much progress.  Zoe is looking for someone to do a Blog post.  Jessica LeCrone offered to help Zoe.

NEW ITEMS:           Pedometer challenge has been approved by Dean Wilkin

Fitness Trail is still in progress but nearing completion.  There are marked stations for stretching and strengthening exercises.  Cindy Ingold was the model for the stretching pictures and those are completed and ready to be positioned.  The strength exercise photos have not yet been completed.  Walking from stair case to stair case ten times completes a one mile circuit.

Zoe will draft an email to encourage participation in Professional Training that is offered by the Center for Training and Professional Development.

7.)  GREAT Training: What can we do?:

The User Services Advisory Committee has worked diligently on this project.  Chair Ingold met with Sue Searing last week and has been asked to see if the SDTC can come up with some plans for putting some training in place.    Sue indicated that starting with a specific population of Library employees would be the best approach, students were recommended.  Additionally, there is a possibility of financial assistance.  Zoe recommended that for the student population, an on-line option would better serve their busy and very diverse schedules.  She recommended taking the skit that was performed by Beth Woodard and Cindy Ingold for the GA training and recording it and then provide a quiz which can then be tracked for completion.  Richard Stokes mentioned that training videos can be tricky.  They can be valuable if it is a good production, but can sometimes fall short of the true intention.  Jessica LeCrone recommended talking with Media Commons for assistance in creating the video training.  She also indicated that she may have students that are willing to participate as “actors”.  Jessica, Zoe and Chair Ingold will meet with Eric Kurt from Media Commons to discuss further.  Group discussion occurred relating to the location of the video for secure access.  Compass was suggested as an option.

Side discussion occurred relating to Compass.  Student Compass training will be available soon.  It was mentioned that this could be put in conjunction with GREAT training.  Zoe indicated that it is almost complete and will add the SDTC to the permissions so that we may review.

We could offer GREAT training as possible HUB training through Compass in the Spring of 2015.

Richard Stokes had identified library focused videos on these topics last Spring (2013).  Zoe will resend these links for us to review.

8.)  January Retreat:

It was reported that Sue Searing shared that this will most likely happen in January for all Library personnel.  There will be a ½ day strategic planning event.  Staff Development and Training Committee may need to assist with the logistics the day of the event.

9.)  Student Training in Compass Updates:

Compass discussion was included with 7.) GREAT training

10.)  Office 2013 Tips


11.)  Next Meeting:

                 November 4, 2014

1:30 pm

Main Library, Room 428

Sarah Christensen will be the minute taker