October 27, 2014 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

October 27, 20141:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.    1:30-2:00 AULs

a.     NSM Update – Sue

b.     Search Update – Tom

2.    Approve Minutes from October 13

3.    Question Time

4.    PRC for faculty member

5.    Survey to gather feedback on impact of the Steven Salaita case on the University Library

6.    Future of Digital Production

7.    Library Technology Prototyping Service Assessment Report

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair; Kirstin Dougan, vice-chair; JoAnn Jacoby, secretary; Lori Mestre, Lynne Rudasill, Jennifer Teper; Visitors- Beth Namachchivaya, Sue Searing, Tom Teper; Recording – Kim Matherly


1.                  1:30-2:00 AULs
a.      NSM Update – Sue
Sue met with Archives staff to sign off on final floor plan. The target to move to 146 Library is over winter break. IHLC is currently scheduling interviews for the Operations and Reference Specialist position.

There was discussion about other NSMs and whether the Digital Production Merger should be an NSM. Sue is happy to find a way to frame it as an NSM.

b.      Search Update – Tom
Tom discussed some of the stages of the searches. He has continued to send updates to Libnews. There was discussion about stating that the applicants need to be US citizens. It was determined that “qualified US citizens will be given preference” or something close to that, will be added to most job descriptions.

As a result of presumably some examination of process on campus for tenure-track positions, all faculty need to be approved by the BOT before they start work. The BOT has scheduled meetings six times per year (September, November, January, March, May, and July), so this may mean some delay in start dates for faculty we hire. Although, they did tell Donna Hoffman that we would have nine chances each year to have positions approved, she has not heard whether they are adding more meetings in the future.

c.       Brief updates on the planning for the Nov. 12 Library Research Showcase and the Library Research Seminar conference – Beth
The Library Research Seminar was attended by 130 people with 70 papers and two keynote speeches. Three presentations were canceled because of the Salaita situation and there was probably 5% fewer attendees due to cancellations.

November 12 is the Library Research Showcase. It runs from 12 noon-4pm and includes lunch in the Marshall Gallery and SSHEL. There will be ten lightening talks, dozens of posters and tech demos in 106 Library.

EC discussed collaboration with CITL (Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning). Sue has been part of the group working to partnership with them and to share a public facing space in 220 Library.
2.                  Approve Minutes from October 13
Minutes were approved with changes by a motion from Jennifer Teper, seconded by Lynne Rudasill.
3.                  Question Time
November 8 there will be an event in the Library Reading Room for Library Friends. This is a donor focused event and we will have some important donors in attendance.

John thanked those who spent time with Suzanne Chapman and/or Aaron McCollough. They had a great visit.

The Tuition Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC) is a student committee, advisory to the provost regarding tuition policy, including the Library/IT fee.  Dean Wilkin was invited to talk to TPAC about past uses of the fee and future uses, should the fee be increased.  He discussed mission-related activities funded by the fee, as well as ongoing pressures (e.g., collection inflation).  He discussed future fee-funded activities such as scholarly communication, including copyright support.

EC discussed some of the items they wanted to bring up in the meeting with the Provost at 3:30.

4.                  PRC for a faculty member
A member will be asked to serve.
5.                  Survey to gather feedback on impact of the Steven Salaita case on the University Library
EC discussed the issues surrounding this and the best way to move forward.

6.                  Future of Digital Production
Deferred to next meeting.
7.                  Library Technology Prototyping Service Assessment Report

EC discussed the evaluation report on the Library Technology Prototyping Service, as well as the very useful feedback provided by faculty and staff.  The very positive report and feedback led to a recommendation that the LTPS continue.  Further, the report and feedback will be provided to a new AUL for IT to consider future changes to the service (including possibly growth).




10/20/2014 – Approved job description for Research Programmer for the Research Data Service

10/20/2014 – Approved job description for Visiting Reference Librarian