October 26, 2017 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

October 26, 201711:00 am - 12:30 pm 225b Main Library

Agenda Details

Expected/Invited Attendees

George Gottschalk


Agenda for LSSC, 10/26/17

Prep work for meeting with Bill Mischo.

LSSC field trip

Departmental Updates.

Minutes Details


Skye Arseneau, Emily Kasak, Danielle Postula, Kyle McCafferty, Angela Gruendl, Jim Cotter, Gennye Varvel, Laura Poulosky, Debora Pfeiffer


Library Staff Support Committee Meeting Minutes—Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017

In Attendance:
Skye Arseneau (Administrative Services)
Jim Cotter (Special Collections)
Angie Gruendl (Physical Sciences & Engineering)
Emily Kasak (Mortenson Center/Area Studies)
Kyle McCafferty (Central Access Services)
Debora Pfeiffer (Technical Services)
Dani Postula (Central Access Services)
Laura Poulosky (Residence Hall Libraries)
Gennye Varvel (Social Sciences)
Guest Attendee: George Gottschalk (from the Staff Training & Development Committee)

Meeting with Bill Mischo: We prepared for our meeting with Interim Library Dean Bill Mischo on Wed., Nov. 29th. We plan to talk with him about the possibility of creating a new “Building Library Community” committee (see Sept. LSSC minutes). This proposed committee would focus on improving communication Library-wide and organizing no- or low-cost opportunities for Library employees to get together, in order to improve inclusion and understanding across the Library system. We also plan to ask Bill:
-Has anyone else suggested other ideas regarding Library community building, low-cost Library-wide events, etc.?
-How can we improve communication by more regularly/systematically including LSSC and/or other Library groups in sharing ideas and information that affect the Library as a whole?
 Some of our ideas on this topic include instituting periodic, regular check-ins between Library administration and staff, by inviting Library administrators to visit LSSC meetings every few months and/or by sharing short quarterly write-ups of current and upcoming Library matters. George said he’ll also mention to the Staff Training and Development Committee, which he currently chairs, the idea of inviting LSSC and L-CAP members to Training & Development meetings in order to share information in person.
-How will/should the Library proceed with following up on the findings from the ClimateQual survey? Will/Should there be one committee focused solely on implementing recommendations based on the ClimQual results, or will this work be split between different committees? In the latter case, the proposed new “Building Library Community” committee might work specifically on implementing recommendations related to building morale and Library-wide connectedness.

Save the Date! Staff from the Business Services and Human Resources Center (BSHRC) are planning a special event for Friday, January 12th, 2018, from 8:30am to noon at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center. This will be an occasion to recognize the various Library accomplishments of Academic Professionals, civil service staff, and faculty (A.P. awards, staff longevity of service awards, special one-off awards, etc.) over the past year. Breakfast and lunch will be served.

LSSC Field Trip Ideas: We brainstormed about “field trips” that LSSC might take in order to learn more about various Library units and campus resources. Our suggestions included:

-Fire Safety Institute, which has its own library—We’d like to visit there in the spring.

-Residence Hall Libraries (Ikenberry for lunch, and/or tour the newly renovated Allen & FAR Libraries)

-Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library, as part of a regular meeting

-Scholarly Commons—meet in their conference room and get a half-hour tour/ explanation of services offered at the Commons

-University Archives

-Sousa Archives

-Rare Book & Manuscript Library (which has a new Head Librarian)

-Illinois Historical Survey

-Math Library, as part of a regular meeting

Committee Reports:

Technical Services Division: Debora Pfeiffer reported the following information from the Technical Services meeting held October 18, 2017:
This meeting was devoted to updates from Library IT as part of the IT Outreach Initiative.
Tom Habing
I. Public Printing: The library no longer runs its own service. Printing is now run by UIUC Technology services.
II. Update on CMS to Word Press—This is nearly completed. There were tens of thousands of pages involved in this conversion.
A. All Library units have completed the migration.
B. The parts left to be completed are:
1. Faculty biographies
2. Committees
3. Divisions
C. Tom Habing also explained some features of the Library Directory:
1. It draws information from Campus Web sources.
2. In order to make changes to it, we must go to the campus level. Library IT will offer some training programs as to making these changes. Unit heads will be able to attend this training so that they can make the changes.
3. Staff and Unit directories—One is fed from a database which is not updated. Tom did not specify which one this is.
III. The UIUC Campus plans to increase security in many areas; one aspect of the increased security is the Two-Factor Authentication.
A. This is used, for example, for Nessie direct deposit and for Banner forms
B. There are two factors in this model: one is a password and one is either a cell phone number or a token.
C. Tokens will be used in the future. Library IT has them in stock for people who would rather not use a cell phone as a factor in the two-factor authentication process.
D. The UIUC web store sells these tokens, but Tom Habing said that Library staff should log an OTRS ticket to request one. There was some discussion at the meeting as to whether the tokens are shareable; it appears that one kind is shareable and one kind is not shareable.
Special Collections: Jim Cotter reported that Jim Dohle and Tom Habing also visited the Special Collections meeting to discuss recent and upcoming IT changes, including the changes to public printing. Starting Jan. 1st, individuals will no longer be able to charge printing to their accounts; instead they will need to load money onto their I-Cards in the form of Illini Cash. Illini Cash will be purchased online or from new card kiosks that will be installed. Unused Illini Cash will not be refundable. Please see the following link for more information on Illini Cash: http://housing.illinois.edu/resources/illini-cash/terms

Central Public Services: Dani Postula reported that Jim Dohle and Tom Habing also visited the Central Public Services meeting to provide updates and coming changes in IT. (See Technical Services and Special Collections meeting notes above). Dani also noted that interviews for the new head of the Undergraduate Library will begin on Oct. 31st.

Residence Hall Libraries: The Residence Hall Libraries have added many new books, Playaways (audio books) DVDs, CDs, and games to our collections this fall. Anyone with an active I-Card can check out Residence Hall Library materials, so staff is encouraged to do so, and also to send interested patrons to visit the Res Hall Libraries. This semester, the Residence Hall Libraries are holding Lego Nights every Thursday, Craft Nights the first Tuesday of each month, an International Game Night on Thursday, Nov. 2nd, and more fun events, so please encourage students to participate!

The following groups had not met since the Sept. LSSC meeting: Administrative Council; Library Faculty; Social Sciences, Health, and Education; Physical Sciences and Engineering.