October 26, 2016 Meeting of Library Faculty Meeting

Time and Location of Meeting

October 26, 20163:00 pm - 4:30 pm 126 iSchool

Agenda Details


1.                  Call to Order
2.                  Standing Items:

2.1              Adoption of the agenda – John Wilkin
2.2              Approval of the Minutes of the September Faculty Meeting
2.3              Report of the University Librarian (15 minutes – John Wilkin)
2.4              Executive Committee Report and Discussion (15 minutes – Nancy O’Brien)

3.                  Discussion Topics

3.1              Emeritus Faculty Benefits (20 minutes – Nancy O’Brien, Carissa Phillips and Karen Hogenboom)

4.                  Lightning Talk
4.1              Recent Upgrades in the Minrva Mobile App (10 minutes – James Hahn)
5.                  New Business
6.                  Announcements
7.                  Adjournment

Minutes Details


1.    John Wilkin called the meeting to order at 3pm.

2.    Standing Items:
    2.1    Adoption of the agenda – The Agenda of the meeting was adopted as distributed.
    2.2    Approval of the Minutes of the September Faculty Meeting – Cindy Ingold suggested a revision on p3, last paragraph, last sentence to replace “Task Force” by “Focus Group”. A motion by Beth Namachchivaya and seconded by Sara Benson called for approval of the amended minutes of the September 21, 2016 meeting.

2.3    Introduction. The introduction was added to the agenda. Beth Namachchivaya introduced Mark Zulauf as Researcher Information Systems Coordinator.

2.4    Report of the University Librarian (15 minutes – John Wilkin)


As seen in LON, the creation of a “Digital Scholarship Institute.” A couple of weeks ago, Harriet Green, Dan Tracy and John went to DC for ARL Academy. ARL discussed the possibility of training for skills in the digital humanities. They participated in that effort with 4 other institutions. The efforts focused on digital scholarship more generally and contributing to developing training around digital scholarship needed for our institutions and our profession. Cindy Ingold inquired about what are the other four institutions, and Harriet provided that they are Rochester, Boston College, Indiana Univ., and UCSD.


Council of Deans. In the recent deans’ meeting, it is requested by the Chancellor to conduct a diversity self-study. It is an internal review and asked to report diversity efforts in budget request. It is to think about ways to represent ourselves in this area.


Campus Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC). The Budget Committee had been participating in the past years’ budget review meetings, but this was suspended last year for the CBATF. CBOC didn’t have depth of experience with budgeting so they could engage more deeply. The Provost Office reviews the last round budget and budget practices, as in case of last years’ budget review, the CBATF will do a comprehensive review. The Provost Office will have the oversight the budget process, a good move here.


LAS. Brian Ross is retiring, who served as the interim dean. There will be an internal search for make the transition.


Report on the named faculty appointments. Women are underrepresented in named faculty appointments. Ours are mostly for women. There will a revision of communication #6 with addition to procedures and changes.


International Travel. There will be a travel registry. This is not to police but to know what’s happening. This is for security driven concerns and insurance.


Residency Program – The first meeting has taken place, and details will emerge. Discretionary funds that come along with RP to fund 2 positions and use gift funds for 2 other positions for two years. This is a competitive process, think about the things we could add to the Library throughout the RP. The criteria might be significantly focused on innovation and emergent areas or things otherwise we cannot do. The proposal will align with our strategic planning.



2.5    Executive Committee Report and Discussion (15 minutes – Nancy O’Brien)


EC has met at three times since the September faculty meeting.


EC meeting summary:


Two calls for feedback on reports and committee charges were initiated.  These included an extension on the AP Promotion framework and the Task force on the future of reserves services.  The reserve services feedback will be shared with the implementation group which will move forward with the proposal to phase out electronic reserves.  Another call will be forthcoming for a working group on Shaping the Globalized Campus.


An interim position was posted for the Scholarly Communication and Publications head.


Internal procedures were reviewed for the Executive Committee’s acceptance and posting of reports.


A draft of principles for the stewardship of gifts and endowments was presented by Tom Teper, and suggestions for revisions were made.  This draft document will be presented to the Collection Development Committee and, through its representatives, the Divisions.


The Residency Program Implementation Group is moving forward with the anticipation of four residency positions being made available through a variety of funding sources.


Committee and PRC member appointments were discussed and made.


Due to the budget situation, the innovation and seed funding program will be available in fall 2017, with a call for proposals going out in 2017.


JoAnn Jacoby and others are investigating photo-reproduction needs and services in the Library.


With the AULs in attendance we discussed outcomes from the Retreat and next steps.  An integrated list of topics, actions, and delegation of responsibility is being compiled.  These discussions are ongoing and will be reported in LON.


Tom Teper pointed out that “photo-reproduction” are really “photo-copiers”.

3.    Discussion Topics


3.1    Emeritus Faculty Benefits (20 minutes – Nancy O’Brien, Carissa Phillips and Karen Hogenboom)


The draft document on Emeritus Faculty Benefits is distributed in the meeting. O’Brien, Phillips and Hogenboom reported on the key points in the documents including the eligibility, access to library facilities and technology, as well as the possible financial support. One of the conditions for EF to be able to vote and serve on the committees is to return to the library to work and have 50% appointment. Nancy emphasized that the document mainly considered the security issues.


Questions and comments from Cincy Ingold, Qiang Jin, Ayla Stein and Lara Joseph about the Policy and the bylaws and the documents about the process of getting emeritus status. Nancy provided that there is no policy, and the Provost Communication #12 should guide the EF status. Usually, it takes 1-2 weeks to get emeritus status. And division has to make nomination to EC and then EC approves.


Stein asked does this apply to the History and English EF who are assigned offices in the Library. Nancy replied that this only applies to library faculty. John Wilkin said the legacy decisions have been made and these will diminishing over time. There is a plan to take building keys away from EF.


Joseph also questioned if all retired faculty can keep their I-cards and benefits for retirees. Tom Teper commented EF is an employment category, and retirees don’t have that same status.


There is also a question about 50% appointment and 0% research appointment. Hogenboom replied that 0% research appointment should come to this group. Nancy replied that it needs to clarify the language in the draft about 50% appointment. Nancy confirmed that the library has no appointment of 50% EF right now.


About EF serving on the committees, it is a “yes” to the question of whether EF can serve on the senate. Kelli Trei asked to automatically remove EF from ballot. Mara Thacker commented that this could get complicated if they are not in the listserv, and difficult to see that they need to remove their names from a ballot.


About voting. Steve asked that EF retain their status in the division, if they have some voting privileges. Nancy replied that division bylaws are trumped by the bylaws of the Library. Need to investigate on that.


John encouraged everyone to send comments to Carissa, Nancy and Karen.

4.    Lightning Talk

4.1    Recent Upgrades in the Minrva Mobile App (10 minutes – James Hahn)


James updated the progress Minrva Mobile application, outcome of two research grant projects, one is campus and the other IMLS grant. 3.0 is a newer module and has personalization and recommendation mode. This is for regular library users to request items and check due dates. The signal range is around 230ft and Beacon locations. One function is to set favorites, and can send recommendations. It uses an imperfect subject base, and also due to the fact that we use two classification systems, the LC system starting with letters, and considered as subject areas.


Jim answered question about helping other units to develop this and location of the beacon and if they will be visible. He also mentioned the Opt-in for privacy policy and when the policy is updated, it gets sent out to the people who have opted in.


Jim is working with Indiana University on the IMLS grant to do this.


5.    New Business

No new business.

6.    Announcements


Homecoming-Friday evening parade.


Mestre – UGL launched “Can You Find Uggles” event on Monday. This is related to the sesquicentennial buildings and will last for 15 weeks. Starting Monday, cut-out Uggles are placed around campus, and each week a clue for a building that is part of sesquicentennial will be provided. Students who found it can come to UGL for a prize.


O’Brien – The doors in UGL okay? Mestre – UG doors are usable but north doors going out the Main Library are hard to open.


Witt – There is a survey sent to unit heads about the campus research and engagement. If anyone is working on a project and want to be included in campus report, send emails to Steve. The activities may include well established research work in different countries. Similar level of long-term engagements. The inventory of the campus’s major research and scholarly activities relating to developing nations is to report to Vice Chancellor office.


Ingold – Diversity Committee sponsoring a discussion panel next Wed. at 3pm on “The Birth of a Nation,” a film that came out this fall. Replications of panel at the ART theatre. Will not show the film, but there are a good list of people to talk in room 106 of the Library. Elise – This is a good panel.



O’Brien – J.J. Pionke has a display of actual photos about veterans and their tattoos in N/S corridor.


Avery – The round 2 of flu shots in UGL tomorrow 1:30-4:30. This will be the last flu clinic in the library.


Ingold –– November is the Native American month. The Native American House is sponsoring a film show every Tuesday at 4:30pm in Mumford Hall, films are purchased through SSHEL. Announcement will be sent out.


Stein – Early voting at IU in Basement M-F until 6pm; ARC starts October 31.


Meeting adjourned at 3:59 pm