October 22, 2020 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

October 22, 2020

Agenda Details


LSSC Meeting Agenda 10-22-20

  1. Approve August Minutes
  2. Liaison & Committee Reports
  • By-laws passed!
    1. Updates to vocabulary: Sarah and Ben’s suggestions
  1. EC meeting
    1. Updates
    2. Input / Request for feedback
  2. Website
    1. Updates on adding new employee resources
    2. Adding the newly approved By-laws
  3. Other Comments and Updates
    1. Diversity Committee (social distanced option)
    2. Alma training
    3. Primo update (notes field) for digital/physical preferred
    4. Marshall Gallery locker pickup – last Saturday is Nov 14th
    5. Building Project
    6. Conference awardees (follow-up with folks from last year)


Minutes Details


Attendees for October 22, 2020 zoom meeting

Kim Hutcherson (Administration)
Karen Huck (Arts & Humanities)
Kristen Blankenship (Central Public Services)
Michelle Self-Ballard (Central Public Services)
Jessica Sommers (Law)
Erik Chapman (Life Sciences)
Bernadette Braun (Physical Sciences)
Julia Cross (Residential Hall Libraries)
Tony Hynes (Special Collections)
Brian Clark (Technical Services)
Rachael Johns (Technical Services)
Absent: Jan Adamczyk (Area Studies)


Minutes for October 22, 2020 meeting

Approve September Minutes: Approved with no corrections.

Liaison Reports and Updates:


  • The vacancy positions that John Wilkin asked us to rank are moving forward and opening. When positions are posted on the job board, they will also be sent on libnews.  The Assistant Dean to Business & Human Resources position has completed the phone screenings and will move forward with virtual on-site interviews soon.
  • There are 9 days remaining to complete the Annual Ethics Training. Last Day to complete the training is October 30, 2020 at 4:59 pm.
  • The Campus Charity Fund Drive is happening now through November 18th. They have a new interface in place, and we are not able to send individual reminders. Please mention the fund drive in your divisional meetings.  There are two important changes this year:  CCFD is not accepting donations to organizations not listed and there are no automatic rollovers from prior donations, you will need to take action to donate.  Join the Virtual Library CCFD Open House on October 28th at 12:00 to hear from some of the charities.
  • Administrative Council: talked about clarifying how our e-resource use policy relates to specific situations.  For instance, students who are doing internships in the area and out of the area, doing research for who they are working for.  Its in the policy, but it could be made clearer on several web pages and adding language that refers them back to us. To put on the radar Joanne Kaczmarek asked if AC wants to use box to store agenda/minutes?  Looking at moving more to box and someday moving away from shared drive.  Requesting standard practice storage of materials – and for when material needs to go to Archives.

Arts & Humanities:  Guest speaker, Mary Laskowski, Director of Fulfillment, asked what areas of support she can provide within the next couple of years such as Alma/Primo, etc. Divisional webpage updates: adding policies, minutes.

Central Public Services:  Guest speaker, Mary Laskowski, Director of Fulfillment, talked about fulfillment and Oak Street.  There is storage space available for material.  Mary also talked about what Oak Street does with multiple copies.

Central Access Services: Guest speaker, Mary Laskowski, Director of Fulfillment, talked about fulfillment.  CAS hours ramping down for locker pickup; resolving some Alma issues that were on the back burner.

UGL:  The Student Success Librarian, Media Commons, vacancy opens soon; Alex Deeke starts November 16 as the Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Librarian; Discussion about before break and after break services since there will be less students; UGL will continue to have the same study space available and the same tech pick up.  May need to change policy on advance reserving study space after winter break to allow for less time needed to reserve.  Began retrieval process to get back material as the return dates were not extended during the spring semester. A committee was formed for strategies on moving to main library. The Transfer project started to move materials to stacks.

Law: Updating check processes in Alma, solving cataloging issues.

Life Sciences:   Guest speaker, Mary Laskowski, Director of Fulfillment, talked about fulfillment with the questions of how to provide to our patrons and how do we learn from the pandemic and post pandemic world. Discussion about Alma and the best way to provide more than one request to same patron.

ACES:  Offices are completed, waiting on furniture. Sarah reported about back to work; ACES won’t be called upon for study spaces unless Grainger/UGL requests more.

Physical Sciences and Engineering: no meeting.

Grainger:  Grainger is open by appointment and it is going well; book pick-ups are going well.

Math: Library willing to open in the Spring.  IL Hall is scheduled to be torn down 2021, exterior renovation on Altgeld 2021 (bell tower) interior renovation in 2024.  The Altgeld Hall 100th anniversary of the chimes concert is Oct 30th.

Residence Hall:  Hours for extended break will be open to patrons.  ISR/dining area will not open, Student Dining and Residential Programs will have restricted hours at Ikenberry, depending on how many students will actually be in the residence halls; in process of contacting patrons to retrieve items that were checked out in the spring semester; re-cataloging project  Dewey and authors last name and first name; virtual programing planning with undergrad library.

Special Collections:  Guest speaker, Mary Laskowski, Director of Fulfillment, asked what areas of support she can provide.  2020 virtual exhibit will be advertised before Thanksgiving, but not ready for viewing.  Building project going forward, sub committees set up to get information to architects that would represent the functional and divisional goals.

Technical Services:  no meeting.

ACS: Cataloging Coordinator vacancy posted;  closing date is November 6, 2020.

Preservation: Digital Imaging Specialist I vacancy was posted and has closed with 23 applicants.  Will be interviewing soon.

Bylaws – passed.  LSSC updated some vocabulary that did not change the meaning and did not need another vote.

EC meeting – Model changed to only LSSC Chair & Vice Chair will represent Staff interests at the EC monthly meetings.  EC is asking for feedback on some agenda items.  Representatives are allowed to go back to committee for answers and report back at next EC meeting.

LSSC Website:  All committee pages use a template.  John Laskowski is working with the Web Working Group to redesign most of the Staff site. John Laskowski has no problem with LSSC adding links where possible.  Kim will work on this as time allows.

Other comments, and updates:

  1. Diversity Committee (social distanced option)
    1. Discussing post-election wellness events
  2. Alma training
    1. Zoom sessions on searching
  3. Primo update
    1. notes field changing to include a prompt for digital/physical preference
  4. Marshall Gallery locker pickup
    1. last Saturday is Nov 14th
  5. Building Project
    1. Late July bid contract went live
  6. Conference awardees
    1. Karen Huck and Jennifer Vargo Hauser were selected as the recipients of the two ALA summer 2020 Conference Scholarships. The Conference was cancelled due to COVID.  Karen Huck will update the recipient on the latest information from the Dean: Those who were awarded support for the canceled conference will have their support rolled over. Our ability to support two additional people for 2021 will depend on our budget. If the conference is in-person and involves travel costs, and if our budget continues to be limited, we are unlikely to be able to support two additional people. We will need to wait until January before we can make a decision about two additional attendees for 2021.

Next LSSC Zoom Meeting: November 19, 2020 (due to Holiday)