October 17, 2005 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

October 17, 20051:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. PPP
    Outcome: Update on PPP progress; discuss strategies for making it more effective
    20 minutes
  2. Service Issues
    Outcome: Determine hours during Winter Break (Dec. 28-29)
    Suggestions to improve or shorten unit annual report narratives
    ARL Assessment follow-up
    30 minutes
  3. Campus Strategic Planning
    Outcome: Review timetable; discuss Division responsibilities
    30 minutes
  4. Announcements and Updates
    10 minutes

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair, Bob Burger, Tina Chrzastowski, Janis Johnston, Betsy Kruger, Bill Maher, Beth Sandore, Diane Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Sue Searing, Dee Shonkwiler, Tom Kilton, Karen Wei, Lynn Wiley, Cindy Kelly


  1. PPP – KellyPPP is the Performance Partnership Program instituted by AFCSME 698 as a mandate to provide positive recognition to employees. 698 covers Library Specialists and Senior Library Specialists, but PPP can be done for any classification. 698 has been in touch with Cindy Kelly because the Library, specifically, has not done very many of these.

    All that is needed is a short paragraph on letter head that described a specific, positive action by an employee.  Copy Cindy on these and she will forward them to 698.

    This is a positive way to deal with employees, If this program goes away, we are back to only having the option of disciplining employees. Best case would be one to two letters per employee each year.

    Cindy also defined the new title changes:

    LC II = Library Clerk (covered by AFSCME 3700)
    LC III and Chief Library Clerks =Library Assistant (covered by AFSCME 3700)
    LTA = Library Specialist
    LTS = Senior Library Specialist
    LOA = Library Operations Associate

    New exams for the new classifications are not available yet. Those being reclassed will have priority testing.

    Cindy announced that the Service Recognition Award Program will be Monday, October 24 from 8:30-10:30 in 314 Illini Union.

  2. Service Issues – BurgerARL Assessment follow-up
    In May two program officers from ARL came for a workshop during the day. They have now issued their report and suggestions for what the Library should do. Executive Committee reviewed the report and referred to Bob Burger and the Service Advisory Committee to implement. They are working on a proposal that will go back to EC. Initially that will involve some minimal staffing, in terms of a graduate assistant.

    Paula Kaufman mentioned that we have had another acceptance for another TOPS position, Leslie Rios, and it is hoped part of her role will be collection assessment.

    Determine hours during Winter Break (Dec. 28-29)
    Thanksgiving day and the following Friday are holidays.

    December 26 and 27 are designated holidays. December 28 and 29 are designated reduced service day. December 30 is a gift holiday from the President and Chancellor.

    On December 28 and 29, Law, Grainger, and main Circ will be open 8:30-5:00. All other libraries will be closed. Employees in closed libraries have the option to work at Oak Street or shelving books in Circ. Otherwise, they will need to take the days as vacation days or floating holidays. If any of the divisions have employees that want to work, let Betsy Kruger know by the first of December.

    Suggestions to improve or shorten unit annual report narratives
    As of October 17, ten units had not turned in their narrative or statistical reports. This is a requirement for ARL membership. We have to provide full statistics.

    Tom Kilton and Tin Chrzastowski will draft new recommendations on how the annual reports might be more useful and easier to write.

    After hours
    Bob reiterated that AC has agreed that no one should be in the main Library from 11:00pm-7:00am unless other arrangements have been made.

  3. Campus Strategic Planning –  KaufmanBy December 1 the Divisions need to submit their SWOT analysis. University Administration is very serious about strategic planning, so the campus is also serious about strategic planning. The Deans met and should have a template to use soon. Each administrative unit must have a draft plan by March.

    The Chancellor and Provost have agreed that the Library needs to look at collegiate plans before we submit ours.

    The Divisions should be thinking big and small and about something that identifies the division’s strengths and weaknesses. Look ahead a few years. Paula will send out the document from Abby Smith in the next couple of days.

    EC and AC will meet towards the end of November to discuss some of these ideas.

  4. Updates and AnnouncementsPaula thanked Sue Searing and Janis Johnston for serving as the agenda committee for AC. Betsy Kruger and Lynn Wiley volunteered to be the agenda committee for the coming year.

    Sue Searing asked if “Question Time” could be added to the agenda each month.

    Bob Burger has been sitting in on the AFSCME 698 negotiations. They meet about every two weeks. So far they have only exchanged non-economic proposals, but at the next meeting, October 27, they are expected to start on the economic proposals.

    Lynn Wiley announced an Entrepreneurial Forum on November 9 from 2:00 to approximately 3:30pm in Grainger Commons to discuss revenue generating activities, the definition and discussion of entrepreneurial, IRIS/ABSEES, projects in development, and other related topics.

    Roy Tenant from User Services Architect at the California Digital Library, University of Illinois, will be on campus on October 21 to give a lecture from 4:00-6:00pm in 126 GSLIS. From 10:30-11:45am on that date he will be in 428 Library for an informal conversation about digital libraries and user services.

    Vernon Burton is spearheading a “reaching out” to Humanities, Arts, and Social Science faculty. He is holding an all-day workshop on October 21.  Nuala Koetter will be representing the Library.

    Paula reported that there are many interesting projects going on all over campus:

    Chip Zukoski and computing are establishing an IT research program on campus. OVCR is spearheading this. NCSA has had a significant amount of involvement in it, as well as Electrical Engineering. Bill Mischo attended a discussion about this. There were several perspectives represented at the discussion. Computer Science and Engineering, the fact that there is focus on anything biological and a continuing focus on nanotechnology.

    There is an initiative that centers around SAKAI, which is a learning management based system that is being built by Indiana, Michigan, Stanford, and Cornell. GSLIS is working with SAKAI because they need to change their LEAP technology. NCSA is interested in looking at the possibility of working with one of those institutions to use SAKAI as the basis for their research framework for a cyber environment. Paula and Beth Sandore attended a meeting that included people from CITES, NCSA, and GSLIS. The meeting was to get a sense from the Library, CITES, and GSLIS about what role we think SAKAI could play in helping faculty and students who want to teach and use information resources. What role they could play in providing a foundation or environment where people could use these things. What do we think is the potential for SAKAI to develop this. We’re interested in SAKAi from the standpoint of sharing digital content. We’d like to have a standard learning environment.