October 15, 2018 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

October 15, 2018

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Agenda not yet available.

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Administrative Council Meeting MINUTES

October 15, 2018



Present: John Wilkin, chair; Susan Avery, Atoma Batoma, Paula Carns, Tom Habing, Heidi Imker (for Bill Mischo), Joanne Kaczmarek, Greg Knott, Cristina-Maria Kuhn, Mary Laskowski, Lisa Romero, Jeff Schrader, Cherié Weible, Sarah Williams; Recording – Kim Matherly


  1. Updates on Library website and WordPress – Tom Habing

Tom shared with AC the projects that the IT Web Team have finished, are partially finished, and are waiting to be started. IT is down several employees, so things are not moving as fast as they might.


Tom showed AC the bio pages that are linked from the staff directory for each person. Everyone in the Library will have one of these pages.  Staff can use the Library Directory Editor to update the pages with their job titles and subject specializations, but most of the other data come from campus sources, such as Banner/Active Directory, Illinois Experts, or the campus staff directory database.


There was a discussion on how to have new people added and how to delete information for people who have left. Unit Heads can update their unit’s staffing information using the Library Directory Editor. However, an OTRS has to be sent to the Helpdesk to have names added or deleted from the global staff directory. Removing people from the global directory list will be automated in the near future, such as removing individuals who show up on the list as inactive because they have left the University. It is the Unit Head’s responsibility to check the unit directory list to determine if someone needs to be added or deleted.


IT will take down the old OpenCMS server on November 5. All of the old content will be archived and will be available by special request. After an as yet undetermined time, nonessential content will be permanently deleted. If you need content from the old OpenCMS web server you can contact the Helpdesk.


A new system will soon be ready to replace the Google unit hours calendar with a Microsoft Exchange calendar. This should make it easier to change hours each semester.


Two Factor authentication (2FA) will be rolled out for faculty and staff starting around November 1. In most cases, individuals will use their cell phone as the second factor. The hope is that you won’t have to log in more than one time in a working day.


  1. Nominating a new “agenda” person

Joanne Kaczmarek agreed to serve in this capacity again this year.


  1. Nominating a new budget committee representative

Mary Laskowski and Bill Mischo were nominated to serve. AC members will send their vote to Kim Matherly by the end of the day, October 15.