October 10, 2017 Meeting of Diversity Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

October 10, 201710:00 am - 11:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


Minute Taker: Atoma Batoma

  1. Minute Takers for Year—Pass out assignments
  2. Review September 12 minutes
  3. Revisions to the Agenda
  4. Inclusive Illinois Day Recap
  5. Discussion Item
    • Proposal for a New Building Library Community Committee. See attached.
  6. Fall Programming Ideas
    • Archives 150 Events
    • Additional training from ISSS – Updates – Contacted about doing Cultural Considerations in the Workplace
    • Cultural Connections series – Brown bag set up for last Tuesday of the month
    • October is also Mental Health Awareness Month – DeStress for Mental Health, talked about setting up stations, coloring, fidget spinners, dance break from 10-2 on October 16
    • October Disability Awareness Month
    • Webinar – October 19, 12-1, NASIG Webinar:How Accessible Is Our Collection? Performing an E-Resources Access
    • Events with iSchool Diversity Committee
  7. News and Updates
    • Diversity Summit – October 10, 12-2 pm
    • Communitas, local social justice library group, next meeting October 19, 6 pm Urbana Free Library
    • Other

Minutes Details


Cindy Sue Ingold, Zoe P Revell, Jessica Ballard, Atoma Batoma, Qiang Jin, Emily Kasak, Laila Hussein-Moustafa, JJ Pionke, Donna Hoffman


Minute taker: Atoma Batoma

  1. Minute takers: Cindy reminded the Committee members of the minute taker assignments and requested that people who cannot take minutes on their assigned day inform her in advance.
  2. The September 12 minutes were approved with a few corrections to be be posted on the Committee’s website.
  3. Revision to the agenda: The agenda was adopted without revision.
  4. Inclusive Illinois Day: Zoe reported that the Inclusive Illinois Day event went very well. She received positive comments from some attendees.
  5. Discussion item: Proposal for a new Building Library Community Committee: The charge of the proposal was distributed. Cindy said that this proposal came out as a result of the discussions that went back and forth among the people who were reacting to the dismantlement of the Library’s Social Events Committee announced last August. All the committee members applauded this initiative. Answering some members’ questions, she explained that this process was important for taking into account people’s representation. The charge will go to the Exec Committee for discussion and hopefully approval.

    The need to pursue the goal of ClimateQual in one way or another was lively discussed. All the committee members stressed the need to find a way to insure effective communication across the Library. Using best practices from other institutions, sharing processes among different committees and taking into account lessons learned might help build better communication and improve the climate across our Library.

  6. Fall Programming: Discussion item.
    • Additional training from ISSS: Emily asked if the Diversity Committee could collaborate with other institutions in the community. Cindy pointed out that we are already collaborating with iSchool. Zoe will contact Business School to seek their collaboration.
    • Cultural connections series. This is a new idea to replace the brown bag discussions we had last spring. Laila and Heather are working on a session to feature international students’ experiences with the Library. Laila commented on how this series will create opportunities for cultural exchange and help bring students to talk about their culture. We are targeting Asia, Jakarta, Indonesia,. Food, candy, drinks, etc., will be provided. It was suggested that the committee ask the students for ideas about the things that we can offer that can help them talk about the culture in their home countries.
    • October, Mental Health Awareness Month: Several activities were proposed, including DeStress for mental health with several stations, demonstration of how to de-stress, the creation of a blog post, and informing people about resources available to them on Campus. Zoe will start the blog post and people can add to it. Donna volunteered to give a demonstration about how to use essential oils to help with stress relief. These activities should be open to anybody, not only to the Library folks.
    • October, Disability Awareness Month: JJ said that there will be a conference, probably early November. There was a webinar scheduled for October 19 on how to access the Library’s collection. As with the Mental Health issue, it is important to inform people about the sources available to them on Campus.
  7. News and Updates:
    • The Diversity Summit is scheduled to take place today, October 11, at 12-2 p.m.
    • Communitas: The next meeting will be held on October 19 at 6 p.m. at the Urbana Library.