November 8, 2016 Meeting of Diversity Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

November 8, 201610:00 am 225B Main Library

Agenda Details


  • Approve October meeting minutes
  • Report from Nov. 2 “Birth of a Nation” panel (Zoe and Cindy)
  • ClimateQUAL Update (Cindy Ingold)
  • Planning for spring 2017 events
  • Other News and Announcements

Minutes Details


Angie Gruendl, Cindy Ingold, Greg Knott, Laila Moustafa, Heather Murphy, JJ Pionke, Zoe Revell, Ben Riegler, Ellen Swain

Absent: Harriett Green, Donna Hoffman, Qiang Jin


Minute Taker: Angie Gruendl

  1. Approve October meeting minutes
    1. Cindy Ingold passed out a revised copy of the minutes. The revised copy of the minutes were approved.
  2. Report from Nov. 2 “Birth of a Nation” panel (Zoe Revell and Cindy Ingold)
    1. Approximately 16 people attended the panel discussion. It was a great discussion and the panelists were very passionate about the topic. The panelists suggested that sometime in the future we have a showing of both D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation and Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation and discuss the two films.
    2. Laila Moustafa suggested that we evaluate why there were only 16 in attendance to see if we should have future events at a different time or location or if we need to do more extensive advertising.
    3. There was food leftover from the event. For future events, it may be enough to provide only water.
  3. ClimateQUAL Update (Cindy Ingold)
    1. Cindy Ingold met with Dean Wilkin on 10/31. Cindy was feeling stuck in regards to the feedback from the focus groups. Dean Wilkin commented that the feedback from the focus group pointed to smaller issues (e.g., committee and communication) rather than larger systemic issues. They discussed how information about committees is advertised and who can be on committees. This conversation was brought up in the EC meeting. Cindy, Sue Stewart, and Dean Wilkin discussed that reorganizing the committee page may help. They may work with Megean Osuchowski who is currently working on reorganizing the staff pages.
    2. The libnews listserv was also discussed. There are questions around who “owns” the list and whether there should be guidelines on posting to the list. Issues around libnews include who can post to the list, it being used inappropriately, and the information not being archived.
    3. There will be a ClimQUAL team meeting on Thursday, 11/10. Beth Woodard will be reporting on internal marketing. Cindy also plans to submit something to LON.
    4. Cindy will be meeting with the iSchool Diversity Committee to discuss what the Library has learned from doing the ClimateQUAL survey and focus groups.
    5. Greg Knott went to the Big 10 human resources meeting. There are very few libraries that consistently look at climate. Greg will present at the next meeting about the work that the University of Michigan Library has been doing.
    6. Greg also spoke about the ACRL residency program, Beth and Cindy are on this working committee. Once the residency program is established, the Diversity Committee may want to work with these resident librarians.
    7. In terms of improving climate, Zoe Revell mentioned the need to retain a diverse work force once they are hired. Zoe also noted that a welcoming climate would encourage our undergraduate student works to attend library school.
  4. Planning for spring 2017 events
    1. As mentioned above, the committee may want to look into showing D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation and Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation and hosting another panel discussion. We would want to use room 66. We may also see if these showings could be tied to class in order to have the programming reach a wider audience. We will need to discuss whether we want to do this in the spring or possibly next academic year.
    2. Ellen Swain has been planning events for the upcoming sesquicentennial. On March 2nd (the 149th anniversary of the first day of class), speakers will talk about the first class that entered the University and what the current class looks like. On March 29th, speakers that used the archives will talk about early African American students and the first female African American students. Fred Hoxie will be talking about the Illinois Innovation book. Programming in the fall will include: LGBT issues, Allerton, Joy Williamson-Lott presenting on Project 500, integration of housing in the 1940s and 50s, the 1st dean of men. Ellen Swain shared a document that had details of the speakers and she will send this document to the group. There may be an opportunity for the Diversity Committee to sponsor and build on these activities.
    3. Laila Moustafa would like to look into having a day long public workshop/conference that brings all the departmental diversity committees together. We would need to work with Tracy Kleparski of Inclusive Illinois to see if this something that is already being planned. Heather Murphy will reach out to Tracy Kleparski. The upcoming Diversity Celebration Breakfast will be another opportunity to meet with others on campus.
    4. We need to look at setting a date for the Celebration of Diversity Potluck. Currently, we are looking at the sometime after commencement and before Ramadan begins, possibly during the week of May 22nd.
  5. Other News and Announcements
    1. With Harriet Green being appointed the Interim Head of Scholarly Communications and Publishing, she will be stepping down as co-chair. Cindy Ingold has agreed to co-chair with Zoe Revell.
    2. JJ Pionke is interested in doing programming/exhibits around October’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Ellen Swain mentioned that October is also Archives Month. It may be possible to collaborate with DRES. Zoe Revell suggested that we show the documentary of Tim Nugent. Laila Moustafa suggested revisiting a previous exhibit on dyslexia. Ellen currently has exhibit space booked for October. JJ will contact the Exhibit Committee to see if the Marshal Gallery is available. JJ is meeting with DRES and she will talk with them about a possible collaboration.
    3. Betsy Basch is leaving the University. JJ is not sure what this means in terms of the Disability Ally Program.
    4. Laila is the liaison for the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. This group along with a professor in music is organizing an event around hip hop and African music. Laila will be meeting with them and report back to the committee.
    5. SSHEL and the Native American House are sponsoring a film series. Cindy Ingold has sent the details to libnews.