November 30, 2017 Meeting of Accessibility Advisory Group

Time and Location of Meeting

November 30, 2017

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


JJ Pionke, Sarah Christensen, Patricia Malik, Joe Minarik, Cherie Weible


  1. Grant award (JJ)
  • JJ received a Campus Research Board grant for $25,000 w/ a Beckman Award
    • Heather Murphy will announce in Recognizing Excellence
    • 3 national surveys abut education about library people, students, directors/deans, current library workers about knowledge about accessibility


  1. Development of a disability/accessibility collection  (JJ)
  • JJ is working on the development of an accessibility and disability collection. The College of Medicine gives opportunities for more development.
  • JJ is brainstorming ideas of a graphic novel collection. She will be asking for feedback about what we need.  Is there an annotated form of bibliography? (Joe)  Answer:  No, but is something JJ is willing to look into.
  • Is there a more current disabilities handbook? (Joe) Answer:  JJ will look into it.
  • Materials for universal design for learning? – JJ will talk to Nancy O’Brien


  1. First floor Service Point Assistive Technologies Space (CW)
  • What are the furniture needs? – Cherie is looking into it.
  • Scheduling is available through dibs for students
  • Table space w/ adjustable heights, vision-impaired and closable space for hearing disabilities
  • Still consulting w/ DRES
  • Plan to look at data and usage to see what we need
  • Automatic door is seen as a necessity
  • How to use space? Will consult w/ JJ and people who will use the space
  • Marketing – will work w/ Heather Murphy
  • There is a need for accessible group spaces integrated within the library – not separate, not isolated as is the case throughout campus – need supported collective spaces.
  • Suggested by Joe that Advancement can be used to raise money for these needs
  • Develop Strategic Plan and Goals for the Advisory Group
  • Keeping technology up-to-date is an issue
  • Talk to CCAA to talk about where the money is
  • Suggested to do a snap survey of DRES people to see what they need and then continue to track usage/needs after built for improvement and growth


  1. Creating a policy around accessibility and events / Develop standard event language


  1. Creating a training program around assistive technology


  1. Developing a library assessment program around accessibility of our libraries
  • Duplicating the accessible technology in other library locations was suggested