November 3, 2014 Meeting of Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

November 3, 2014

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Agenda not yet available.

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Skye Arseneau, Cindy Kelly, Megean Osuchowski, John Gorman, Sarah Christensen, Jessica Le Crone, Richard Stokes, Lucy MoynihanAbsent: Lisa Hinchliffe, Susan Schnuer, Zoe Revell


  1. Welcome and approval of minutes from October 7th meeting with corrections.
  2. ClimateQUAL. Postponing talking to people until December or January. Survey will run the end of February or early March. Coming up with talking points document so all members of working group are on same page. Nov. 19th faculty meeting. Nov. 13th meeting with Library Staff Steering Committee. Working with John Wilkin to send out announcement
  3. Effective verbal communication recap. Attendees found to be valuable in terms of content and length. Do again in the spring? No faculty came or AUL attendees, though decent turnout.
  4. Nine people attending customer services workshop at Kankakee Public Library.  Will discuss at December meeting and possibly plan a brown bag if the content will be useful for others in the library.
  5. Wellness updates. Chair massages and yoga continuing. Ten people signed up for lighten your holidays. Stress workshop coming up soon, though not yet been announced. Aromatherapy workshop in December. Blood pressure and glucose test also in December. CPR training still on hold.
  6. Lucy suggested fitbit workshop or something to get users together. Meagan suggested expanding the scope to include tracking apps that are more accessible to people, rather than specific $99 gadget. Look elsewhere on campus if everyone is already doing this? Jessica is going to write a blog post for the SDTC blog. Offer fitbit as prizes for pedometer challenge? Eweek announcement for a fitness study.
  7. Passport program. Discussion of cancelling passport program this year. Lack of participation amongst libraries – modify so that it is easier for libraries to participate? Units may not be reading emails and requests get buried. Richard mentioned it being problematic for Main Stacks since they are closed.  Who to contact about passport in the future? Head LOA?
  8. Accessibility guidelines training.  CITES accessibility specialist reaching out to units on campus to make sure everyone is aware of accessibility issues. Ten things you didn’t know about accessibility. Work with CITES to develop trainings, etc. Have a 50 minute training, perhaps twice during the semester. Affiliation with DRES? Megean Osuchowski taking lead.
  9. GREAT training. Media Commons happy to assist with consulting and training, but don’t have time to shoot video themselves. Can set up time with group to train. Jessica getting trained already to make better materials for  students in UGL, and will work with Zoe if she is able to come. Next step after training is to work on script or scenarios and get people to be filmed. Gear it to student assistants. Get training done by end of semester. Start talking about content in January.
  10. All staff retreat in January about strategic planning. SDTC will be asked to help with registration, signage, etc.
  11.  Student training in compass. Content will be ready for testing by students in January, and ready for rollout in the summer. Work with HR regarding timing of student hires.
  12. Office 2013 tips. On hold. Richard suggested having varying levels to best tailor to audience.
  13. John Gorman – IT brown bags to discuss specific topics. Hasn’t had time to do much with it. Have open sessions instead?
  14. Question from Nancy O’Brien about what awards are available for faculty, staff, and civil service and where the awards information can be found.  Cindy I will check with Cindy Kelly about this.
  15. Next meeting: December 2nd, 2014 428 Library. John Gorman will take notes.