November 26, 2012 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

November 26, 20121:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


  1. 1:30pm – Rod Allen – Budget Update
  2. Approve minutes from November 12
  3. Question Time
  4. AULs agenda for December 13
  5. Archives NSM
  6. Search Manual
  7. Positions for February 2013 Hiring Plan
  8. Support Structure for Invited Speakers (how will this work now that Colloquium Committee has been disbanded)
  9. Peer University List for P&T

11/16/2012 – approved Visiting Research Programmer for Repository Development job announcement

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair; Chris Prom, vice chair; Sarah Shreeves, secretary; Carissa Phillips, Lynne Rudasill, John Wagstaff, David Ward.

Visitors-Rod Allen


1.                 Budget Update
Rod Allen updated EC on both the current and expected state of the academic pool as well as the Library / IT student fee. EC discussed what we might be able to commit from the academic pool towards positions proposed for the hiring plan to be submitted in April. Rod and Paula noted that much of the Library / IT student fee is committed towards recurring costs both for collections and personnel; Rod is awaiting word from the Office of the Provost of how much is committed to recurring costs and how much is not. The Office of the Provost is also now asking that the Library and the Office of the CIO/CITES make determinations on how to spend uncommitted portions of the fee.
2.                 Approve minutes from November 12
Approved with changes by a motion from Lynne Rudasill, seconded by John Wagstaff
3.                 Question Time 
AC did discuss the proposal for 50 minutes meeting, but did not wish to set that as policy. Beth Woodard will be looking into training on how to run a good meeting.

EC is still waiting to get the history librarian position description for approval [since received and approved].

Paula contacted Chris Quinn and let him know they would need to identify another representative for FRC.

The Provosts of the CIC will vote on whether to include Rutgers and the University of Maryland in the CIC.
4.                 AULs agenda for December 13
EC discussed agenda items for the AULs meeting with EC: review process for AULs and hiring plan.
5.                 Archives NSM
EC discussed the charge and membership for an NSM on the University Archives.
6.                 Search Manual
Lynne and David will work on an appendix to the search manual for screening committees. EC approved the search manual.
7.                 Positions for February 2013 Hiring Plan
Discussion deferred until December 13th meeting.
8.                 Support Structure for Invited Speakers (how will this work now that Colloquium Committee has been disbanded)
EC discussed what the structure for invited speakers will be now that the Colloquium Committee has been disbanded. It was agreed that while the inviter should take some responsibility (arranging the schedule, escorting the visitor for example), Paula will check to see what support might be available for things like making hotel and airline reservations. We agreed that we will need to document who has what responsibility as well as guidelines for offering honoraria, etc.
9.                 Peer University List for P&T

EC discussed the usefulness of a peer university list for use in identifying external reviewers for P&T and acknowledged that there are pros and cons to providing such a list. Paula reminded EC that the leading expert in a field may be at an institution that is not our peer; however, we do need to make an argument that that person has an equivalent rank. Lynne will share a list of institutions where librarians have faculty status. It was suggested that we also share the list of institutions where previous external reviewers have been drawn from.