November 23, 2020 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

November 23, 20201:30 pm - 3:00 pm Zoom Meeting

Agenda Details




November 23, 2020


Zoom Meeting




  1. Approve minutes – November 9, 2020
  2. Question Time
  3. Annual Report and Budget (Dean Wilkin)
  4. Annual Review of Directors
  5. 2-2:30 Co-chairs/Chairs of LSSC and LCAP
    1. Question from LCAP re employee transitions and role of committees.
  6. Visiting Conservator Job Description 
  7. Library Assessment Specialist Job Description
  8. DEIA Job Description
  9. Interim Head of Library Mathematics
  10. Library Residency Report

Minutes Details




November 23, 2020

1:30-3:00 pm

Zoom Conference Call


EC Attendees: John Wilkin (Chair); Dan Tracy (Secretary); Mara Thacker, Mary Laskowski, Kelli Trei, Jennifer Teper, and Peg Burnette. Lucretia Williams, Recording


Invited Attendees: LSSC/LCAP Chairs and Co-Chairs: Rachel Johns, Erik Chapman, John Laskowski, and Jake MacGregor


  1. Minutes – The November 9, 2020 EC meeting minutes were approved upon the motion by Mara Thacker and second by Mary Laskowski.


  1. Question Time – Dean Wilkin discussed the following with EC:


  • Dean Wilkin will be meeting with Provost Cangellaris to discuss the budget.
  • There have been recommendation from our onsite team to have a clear message about how we handle the student non-instructional days. Dean Wilkin will further talk with Provost Cangellaris about being very clear that the Library doesn’t expect to offer onsite service during those days.


  1. Annual Report and Budget – Dean Wilkin updated EC that there is now a draft of the Budget guidelines; the instructions to us are imminent. Feedback is being requested right now on the guidelines. The guidelines are very similar to last year and previous years. There are a few things that are worthy of attention of the draft and this will be shared with EC when finalized. Based on the deadline for the report and the work needed to compile the report, Dean Wilkin proposed providing EC (and the Senate Committee on the Library) with a draft on January 20th, EC discussion on January 25th, and changes incorporated for final formatting by January 27th. Jennifer Teper requested early access where possible to sections of the document, and Dean Wilkin confirmed a commitment to do so (though noted that the interdependency of sections has made this challenging in the past).


  1. Annual Review of Directors – Dean Wilkin dismissed Mary Laskowski from the meeting to discuss this topic with the remaining EC members. The Annual Review of Directors was discussed with the Directors. The Directors would like to write a separate document that is a page long in addition to their annual reports. The concern from the Directors is that it needs to be contextualize by EC when it goes out so that people understand why it would be different. EC agreed with this and Mary Laskowski was invited back to EC.


  1. 2:30-3:00 – LSSC and LCAP Chairs/Co-Chairs –


LCAP – Prior to the meeting we proposed the following question to EC based on conversations members of L-CAP have been having internally and with the chair and vice-chair of LSSC about positions previously considered academic professional that are now civil service professional:


One issue that has been a priority for L-CAP is where do Academic Professionals who have been reclassified as Civil Service Professionals “fit” in the committee structure between L-CAP and LSSC. We’ve opened a dialog with Rachael and Erik about this group of employees and we’ve realized it would be beneficial to our ongoing efforts to know EC’s view of the purpose/role of L-CAP and LSSC within the Library and what, if any, distinctions you make between the two.


The group discussed the question, and noted that because of the small number of reclassifications of specific individuals (rather than positions that have become vacant), the extent of the issues are not fully know yet. However, there is a commitment to making sure people have access to the resources they need and there may need to be some reconsideration of individual library polices as we go forward. We will need to be clear about how custom classifications differ from other civil service classes, and limitations on civil service employees at the campus level.


During the October meeting EC and the representatives discussed how communication, and particularly tone, plays a large role in determining the level to which employees feel included or excluded from an issue. This conversation was in part prompted by lack of context in the initial meeting inviting LCAP and LSSC members to join EC. At that October meeting, William Maher asked that the representatives go back to LCAP to discuss the matter and then return to EC with suggestions on improving communication.


As a result of that request, LCAP members met with a colleague from another campus unit who had gone through this process of tackling how to make their organization more inclusive. The conversation was very helpful in terms of points we can all address:


  • Everyone has to be involved in the process. You can’t silo the solution to an organizational issue. While the administrative sector sets the tone and model for change, eventually it has to be accepted and acted upon at all levels.
  • Trust come from a sustained relationship of mutual responsibility. This means getting comfortable with feeling vulnerable, communicating honestly – especially when it means admitting you don’t know the answer, and sidestepping unintentional acts of exclusion like using cultural or sports analogies, jargon, or overly-technical communications.
  • Work to ease anxieties, particularly given the current environment. The email messages from the COVID-19 response team and the Dean’s Hangouts are two examples of pro-active, anxiety-reducing inclusion.
  • We also support the proposal within the DEIA Task Force charge that an outside consultant should be hired to help frame our road map to greater diversity and inclusion.



LSSC – The representatives asked if there is a centralized location that is updated, as COVID situations change, that communicates the expectations for employees if they are traveling during breaks? For those supervising students, and staff, easy to access details on testing requirements and expectations on quarantine practices specific to the library? This has been a bit confusing to chase down, in relation to expectations for students and staff, as those campus guidelines seem to change and may not always appear to be the same for students and staff.


EC response: The library does not host a unique page on this information, this specific issue is a challenge at the campus level. If information is unclear, contact Chris Prom and Skye Arseneau for clarification. Links shared suggesting where to look for information include:,


LSSC also thanked EC for its response to the issue of DEIA staffing representation on the task force, and the recent Library Hangout recap email. Heather Murphy’s recent COVID emails and mass mail responses have been well received, and LSSC appreciates the conciseness, timeliness and tone.



  1. Visiting Conservator Job Descriptions – Kelli Trei discussed with EC the Visiting Conservator Job Description: it became apparent that there are two slightly different versions of the diversity statement circulating. EC reviewed the versions and chose one to use in the job description for better clarity in the future. Kelli Trei will inform Aneitre Johnson of EC’s decision.


  1. Library Assessment Specialist Description – EC unanimously approved the updated description.


  1. DEIA Job Description – EC agreed that this job description needs revisions to the degree requirements and preferred experience in order to meet campus requirements.


EC made a recommendation for an alternate Civil Service employee to invite to join the DEIA Task Force Committee. Lucretia Williams will contact the appointed person, invite them to serve on the DEIA Task Force Committee, and report their decision back to EC.


  1. Interim Head of Library Mathematics – EC agreed that Dean Wilkin would have a one on one meeting with the candidate for the Interim Head of Library Mathematics. Administration Directors would meet with the candidate and EC (all that can attend) would also meet with the candidate. Lucretia Williams will schedule the three meetings via Zoom.


  1. Library Residency Report – This topic was tabled for a future EC meeting.