November 21, 2019 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

November 21, 2019

Agenda Details


LSSC Meeting Agenda 11/21/19

  1. Welcome visitors from Law Library
  2. Approve minutes
  • Liaison reports and updates
  1. Meeting with AUL/Dean
  2. Building Project staff event
  3. Potluck with Diversity Committee in spring
  • Review committee bylaws
  • Other news, comments, updates

Minutes Details


Sarah Bial (Arts & Humanities)

Bernadette Braun (Physical Sciences & Engineering)

Erik Chapman (Life Sciences)

Brian Clark (Technical Services)
Lonnie E. Clark (Central Public Services)

Courtney Auguste Horry (Area Studies)
Tony Hynes (Special Collections)
Rachael Johns (Technical Services)
Ben Riegler (Central Public Services)
Visiting – Jessica Sommers (Law)


Welcome visiting prospective member Jessica: Liaison representative seat is open for Law (Bill and Jessica expressed interest), and Social Sciences

Approve Oct. Minutes: Approved without amendments.

Liaison Reports and Updates…

Area Studies: from last meeting (month before last) Chris Prom discussed IT liaison group with Tracy and Chris, updates to come.

Arts & Humanities: Mentor Grad students program, Lit Languages flooring may be done in April.

Central Public Services: Did not meet.

Law: Jessica visiting as a prospectus liaison, welcome Jessica! Law Library is under construction.

Life Sciences: Did not meet, will meet next week. A separate meeting about Alma Primo changes happened, Aces will be the first to transition, details (complications) about item types in the system per locations were discussed.

Physical Sciences and Engineering:  Did not meet, updates on staffing to report: Megan Johnson is a new hire, processing is underway for another civil service hire. Jeff Loftiss and Anna Marie Gerard switched locations, Loftiss is at Chemestry now and Anna Marie is at the Grainger Library. Bernadette is at the Math Library now with one shift at Grainger. PSE is working on conceptual plans for renovations (stacks are not accessible currently). Tim Cole is working with faculty so that changes in collections due to deaccessioning of duplicated copies is communicated.

Residence Hall: no updates.

Social Sciences: Would love to have a liaison for here!

Special Collections: Ongoing dialogue for Special Collections Building Project, about organization of space – no official updates. Shadowing exercise for Special Collections staff is being set up for broader understandings on work approaches (early Dec). Fall 202 exhibit discussed for the ground floor hallway (N/S corridor?). Conservation talked about how the Conservation queues for Sp. Coll. work.

Technical Services: Did not meet. There were two on-site interviews for the Collections Care position.

Administrative Council: Met Nov 18, Ben relayed Kim’s notes—Sara Benson is working on a free/open use digitization request resource under policies page. Brenda Brown started as staff in BHRSC (Business & Human Resources Service Center). Upcoming retirements for staff members in BHRSC are Candice and Carole.

Administration: Upcoming retirements for staff members in BHRSC are Carole Kopp and Eileen Schroeder.  Resignation: Candice Woodrum.


Faculty Meeting: Ben has been added to the invites and he and Lonnie will have the opportunity to attend the next meeting.

Meeting with AUL/Dean: Ben has been in contact with Sherrie and Kim has been in contact with Dean Wilkin. Sending an invite keeping to an agenda item and timeframe (not monthly, as need arises) was discussed.

Building Project staff event: Ben reached out to Tom Teper who responded that information is public and that he is available if there are questions. Scheduling this informal staff discussion was discussed, possibly for intersession in room 428, 11am-1pm (maybe the day before the recognition event?). Providing anonymous feedback forms was suggested, as was asking about library event approval.

Potluck with Diversity Committee in spring: Sarah Christensen is helping plan this, excitement for potluck event expressed. Details to be worked out in the future, possible May/June date, maybe at YMCA as last time, and idea of having a 2020 t-shirt fundraiser was expressed (with fun ideas from past t-shirts shared).

Review committee bylaws: Review for December meeting. Possible inclusions could be for Res Hall specifically added here, proxies, and inviting feedback. Records of amendments was mentioned. Keeping the bylaws (specifically open communication lines with Administration) discussed and using them as needed was mentioned. The process for making changes to these was discussed with library staff-wide vote process.

Other news, comments, updates: The possibility of LSSC and LCAP was mentioned, with the civil service/AP state-wide changes being an impetus for this. Also discussed was the idea of having the state board come talk to civil service about classifications and answer questions, also campus HR about auditing/re-classification information session as that is a question that arises with some frequency. Rachael responding to LSSC email question about library staff funding sources for professional development opportunities. Openings for Exhibit space mentioned available (Marshall Gallery openings for January through February 2020).