November 21, 2011 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

November 21, 20111:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. 1.   Short turn-around time for Academic Hourly and Grad job descriptions


  1. 2.   Making meetings more effective (organizational improvement; referred from EC)


  1. 3.   Promoting Staff Training Opportunities


  1. 4.   SAC Review of Services to Graduate Students


  1. 5.   Announcements


  1. 6.   Adjournment

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair, Chris Johns, Jenny Johnson, Mary Laskowski, Bill Mischo (for Tina Chrzastowski and Greg Youngen), Lisa Romero, Marek Sroka, Carolyn Szylowicz, Tom Teper, Scott Walter, Cherié Weible; Visitor – Cindy Kelly


1.  Short turn-around time for Academic Hourly and Grad job descriptions

Unit heads were concerned about the short turn-around that HR asked for. It was explained that campus set the turn-around time.

2.  Making meetings more effective (organizational improvement; referred from EC)

EC received a request from a Library faculty member regarding committee meetings, requesting that agendas for all meetings be sent to committee members 48 hours in advance and that people remember to cancel meetings if they are not needed.

Some committees are dealing in confidential matters and cannot publish agendas or minutes.

AC determined that there should be a “Best Practices” for standing committees that do not deal with confidential materials. Agendas should be shared with the whole Library ahead of each meeting time. Minutes with outcomes and actions should be posted to Libfac and/or Libnews.

3.   Promoting Staff Training Opportunities

Some staff are not given the opportunity to participate in some of the training. Division Coordinators will ask units to let their staff take advantage of training opportunities that are relative to their job. If a unit cannot spare a staff member, the unit should contact the Division Coordinator to see if someone in the division could help cover while the staff member is at training. Supervisors should suggest training to their employees when they think they would benefit and make it clear that we want staff to take advantage of training opportunities.

4.   SAC Review of Services to Graduate Students

SAC discussed services the Library provides to graduate students. We need to inform graduate students of what we are doing in Scholarly Commons and other units. SAC will be distributing a survey to grad students in early spring. Scott Walter will email a set of questions to the Division Coordinators to look at ahead of time.

5.   Announcements

Cherié Weible announced that November 23 will be Mary Burkee’s last day. She is going to CARLI as the Electronic Resources Librarian.

There is a memory book in LLL for Bruce Swan, who is retiring. His last day is December 31.