November 20, 2006 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

November 20, 20061:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Question time
    10 minutes
  2. Reporting Procedures for Facilities and Security Issues
    Guest: Jeff Schrader
    20 minutes
  3. Update on ID cards
    Teper, Schrader
    10 minutes
  4. Permission to Film Policy – Draft for Review (attached)
    10 minutes
  5. Update on technical services priorities and new directions
    15 minutes
  6. Strategic Priorities ranking discussion
    20 minutes
  7. Announcements
    5 minutes

Minutes Details


Karen Schmidt, chair,  Tina Chrzastowski, Karen Hogenboom (for Betsy Kruger), Janis Johnston, Bill Maher, Lisa Romero, Beth Sandore, Mary Stuart, Tom Teper, Scott Walter, Karen Wei, Lynn Wiley, Greg Youngen, Visitor: Jeff Schrader, Recording: Kim Matherly


  1. Question TimeWhat’s happening with the CPLA Library? An interim person will be appointed to take over the library. Their main assignment will be to look at the current service model and determine what needs to be done.
  2. Reporting Procedures for Facilities and Security Issues (Guest: Jeff Schrader)The Facilities office is migrating to OTRS. As emails come in Theresa Harris is putting them into OTRS. This should automatically generate an email back to the sender. If you are not receiving the email notification, let Jeff know. The next step is to get the web form available so it feeds into the OTRS. The goal is to have the system completely functional by spring 2007. Facilities is also planning to implement the same system for supplies and mailings.

    Space heaters have been a problem in the building. They are dangerous and are being used inappropriately. People are trying to order them through Rob Hildreth or are bringing in their own. Jeff is trying to migrate to oil filled and sealed heaters. They are safer and energy conservative. There are also issues with people using hot plates, toasters, etc in inappropriate places which are causing fuses to be blown which means paying for an F&S person to come out and reset them. This can also destroy the performance of computing systems when plugged into the same outlet.

    Currently the guards are filling out daily reports of occurrences throughout the libraries. Facilities would like to input those into a database. Brett Byrd has been conducting the annual evaluation of weather radios, screamers, emergency rescue kits, employee emergency procedures, and disaster and emergency response manuals. Jeff would like to remind everyone that if you have an emergency call 911 first and then Library Security. Facilities is working on a better method of reporting incidences back to departments and need staff to do a better job of informing Security when there is an issue.

  3. Update on ID cards – Teper, SchraderThe use of ID cards was passed by AC last year. We are hoping to have the ID cards by mid-December. There will be two editable fields and the card will list the division, unit, and an expiration date (12/09). Staff will be able to use the current I-card photo or will be able to go to the photo center to get a new picture. However, a cut off date will not set after which point all cards will be developed using existing photos. Students will receive generic cards. The procedure for wearing ID cards will be in place in spring 2007.
  4. Permission to Film Policy – Draft for Review (attached) – WalterWe get a number of requests each year, usually class related. We need to know ahead of time so we can let the affected unit know and make sure people are asked permission if they are filmed. We have a responsibility to protect our users’ privacy, and to comply with campus policy on the ‘Use of University Name, Image, or Logos’. Permission should come from the Office of Facilities. They will in turn contact the units involved.

    The policy was approved.

  5. Update on technical services priorities and new directions – WileyThe Goals of TS are to:
    1. Enhance search and retrieval for users many objectives but including enriching records, offering better search tools (faceted browsing), grouping material effectively, making navigation more transparent, buying more vendor records;
    2. Explore technological opportunities to enhance access – again, many objectives but includes such things as developing best practices, streamlining multiple work flows, capitalizing on existing expertise, looking at new interfaces for online access and better integrating tools available;
    3. Reorganize units that procure and provide access to material – examples include bringing 220 staff to room 12 for cataloging receipt, develop unit for electronic resources;
    4. Better expose print materials
      1. Take advantage of new tools in metadata
      2. Bring data streams from TDNet to ORR
      3. Move Wendy Shelburne to 220 Library to work closely with Michael Norman
      4. Re-deploy more staff from 220 Library to Acquisitions
    5. Buy more vendor records
  6. Strategic Priorities Ranking DiscussionFocus on initiates to explain them better
    • Goals – look at action items under goals
    • Consistent message & communication
    • Strategic plan goals in the Library and to patrons
    • Initiatives – language that people can use themselves as talking points
    • Look at strategic plan and encapsulate into action words
    • Mission phrase we can use on everything
    • Look again at tools to see how to get where we want to go
  7. AnnouncementsRon and Scott Gill (RTG Corporation) will begin interviews in early December with AC and EC members and Library Directors. Kim will be in touch to set up times.