November 19, 2012 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

November 19, 20121:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Planning for possible GEO strike  (Paula Kaufman)
  2. Proposal to make all Library meetings 50 minutes, prorated for longer meetings as per class session (Paula Kaufman, see meeting supplement)

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair; Pat Allen, Jim Dohle (for Beth Sandore), JoAnn Jacoby, Jenny Johnson, Mary Laskowski, Chris Quinn, Lisa Romano, Lynne Rudasill, Mary Schlembach, Sue Searing, Tom Teper, Sandy Wolf


  1. Planning for possible Geo strikePaula received unit contingency plans. The Deans are meeting on Wednesday, November 21 with 35 minutes devoted to GEO matters. Paula will report any new information after the meeting.

    The plans all basically say we’ll roll with the punches. There were some suggestions for policies if a strike happens. They include a moratorium on meetings, unless they are critical (i.e., they relate to the strike or search candidates); and a moratorium on training. We can ask individuals to examine vacation plans to see if they can reschedule them and people can decide if it is critical to go to conferences or if they can contribute by video conference.

    Most Union employees are prohibited by terms of their contracts from striking in support of the GEO. They may join picket lines during breaks, lunch, and before and after work. Vacation time may be taken only if it has been prea-pproved, in accordance with current policy. If they call in sick, you must continue the practices you have in place. If an employee says they are not coming in because of the strike, they will not be paid for the dates they do not work, regardless of whether they have available sick or vacation time. We also will not permit faculty to book our conference rooms for classes, again, in accordance with current policy. If you have basic questions about strike rules, see: When in doubt, call Cindy Kelly.

    Library HR will coordinate reassignments if there is a strike.

  2. Proposal to make all Library meetings 50 minSee: Pro/Con List

    A suggestion was made to offer workshops on how to run a meeting. Sue will talk to Beth Woodard about this. There was a discussion about minutes; what goes in them and what doesn’t? Public vs. internal?

    There was also discussion about doing more virtual meetings. Jim Dohle confirmed that most of the equipment is already available, although not everything is in place yet to do affective video conferencing.

    AC decided there shouldn’t be a policy that would limit meeting times, but Paula will bring up the issue of making meetings as short as possible at the next faculty meeting. She also will remind everyone that people may need to come and go early or late and will encourage the faculty to consider virtual meeting options.

  3. AnnouncementsMary Schlembach made the group aware that Accounts Receivable has been charging its customers a $40 collection fee on any balance that goes unpaid for more than one month past the due date, including library charges. At that point it goes to in-house collections and the customer is assessed the collection fee. They’ve been doing this for the past 2 years, although we haven’t had any complaints until recently, so perhaps they haven’t been enforcing it for this entire period.

    Paula Kaufman informed the group that Laila Moustafa, the new Middle East and North African Studies Librarian in IAS, starts on November 20.