November 18, 2013 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

November 18, 20131:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Internal Surveys – Sue Searing, Jen-Chien Yu (2:00 p.m.)
  2. LibQual+ Survey – Sue Searing, Jen-Chien Yu
  3. Patron Privacy Policy Working Group – Lynne Rudasill
  4. Facilities Spreadsheet/Security Logs – Jeff Schrader

Minutes Details


Sue Searing (Chairing), Susan Avery, Jenny Johnson, Cindy Kelly, Greg Knot, Betsy Kruger (for Mary Laskowski), Chris Quinn, Lisa Romero, Lynne Rudasill, Mary Schlembach, Jeff Schrader, Tom Teper, Sandy Wolf, Jen-Chien Yu


1. Internal Surveys – Sue Searing and Jen-Chien Yu

The AC discussed the value of having an articulated approach to information surveys.  Rather than having a policy approach to internal surveys, the group discussed the idea of creating a set of best-practices regarding these events. It was noted that when these informal surveys are initiated dealing strictly with operational questions, it is not generally necessary to receive IRB confirmation. Surveying of any population that is not involved in the operations of the Library does require IRB approval. This highlights the difference between informal information gathering for operational purposes and more formal information gathering that might lead to formal research conclusions. Jen has been approached to explore the possibility of purchasing online survey software, but the particular program suggested is very expensive and there are other alternatives available to us. A campus-wide policy does exist (Policy Governing Electronic Surveys and Questionnaires Directed to Students, Faculty Members, or Staff of the University of Illinois at Urbana – which deals with some of the limitations. It was suggested that Jen work with the RPC to help articulate best practices in this area for the University Library.

2. LibQual+ Survey – Jen-Chien Yu; Sue Searing

Jen is working on the planning for implementing the LibQual+ (LibQual Lite) survey in the coming spring. A working group including Susan Braxton, Harriett Green, Lisa Hinchliffe, Michael Fleming, MJ Han, Mary Laskowski, and Jen-Chien Yu is working on the coordination of the pre and post survey tasks. If others are interested in participating in this group, Jen and the others would like to know. They would like to have as many people involved as possible to help shape the analysis. The survey will initiate in February or March of 2014 with an executive summary available in May. Jen passed around the original survey and spoke about the possibility of including two sets of local questions. The first set of five questions might come from the historical question list of 130 used in 2008. Do we want the same five we used then or do we want to focus on other areas? We can also pilot local-customized questions that we develop ourselves. A variety of areas were mentioned for these locally-developed questions including specific aspects of the Library Gateway or Electronic Access.

Jen will get some ideas to Sue, and after she shares them we were asked to share this information with our Division members and solicit any ideas they would have but there needs to be a quick turnaround (before the second week in December). Jen reminded us that we can look at three early surveys on the NSM planning site.

3. Patron Privacy Policies Working Group

Privacy issues related to the security logs generated by the guards in the Library were discussed. The individual names in these documents are part of the public record since this information is typically available through the police blotter. It was suggested however that the word “security” be added to the 4th bullet in the document. The change from Library Security on patrol in the Library to University Police may have affected other things as well. There was a question about policies toward minors—both patron conduct and digitization of high school students’ pictures from the Uni-High Yearbook and perhaps also the Illio. Many of these individuals are under 18 years old. The addition of the word security was the only addition suggested for the Charge for a Patron Privacy Working Group and the document will be forwarded to EC for their consideration.

4. Facilities Spreadsheet/Security Logs – Jeff Schrader

Jeff shared a spreadsheet related to facilities projects and the security logs compiled from the Library. He indicated that he can distribute the security logs each month but he doesn’t really want to because it would probably have to be placed behind an authentication wall. The presence of a name on the security log was discussed, but this is a matter of public record related to the police blotter.

Security guards at this point are only doing tours of departmental libraries and unit public access points.

Jeff indicated the Library had been awarded unit incentive funds from F&S for efficient use of resources.

In response to a question about the enforcement of upcoming no-smoking policy,

Jeff indicated at this time self-policing through peer pressure was the likely way this would be done. Information regarding the definition of university property is currently being gathered. The ban will include all tobacco products including e-cigarettes. There was a brief discussion about the effects of the new concealed- carry law in the State of Illinois. Guns have never been allowed on campus.

Disaster Relief (Addendum)

Cindy Kelly asked Division Chairs to check with members of division to see who might have been displaced by tornados and let HR know about these individuals. She indicated a desire to prioritize our own community first. The HR Office is collecting gift cards for gas and groceries in particular to help victims of the recent tornado in Gifford and elsewhere. Most of these individuals did their shopping at the County Market in Rantoul and those cards would be especially appreciated.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.