November 15, 2012 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

November 15, 2012

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Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


IAS Faculty Staff Meeting Minutes –November 15, 2012

In Attendance:  Witt, Rudasill, P. Carns, Adamczyk, Qi, Oono, Thacker, Pfeiffer

  1. Reading Day Potluck planned for Thursday, December 13, 2012 in 323c
  2. Sign up on IAS wiki page,
  3. Committees for preparation and tidying up
  4. Those who wish to take home leftovers should bring containers
  5. Laila Moustafa starts 11/20. IAS staff will be taking her to lunch on that day. Venue TBD.

Update of IASL space organization:

  1. Room 331 Laila and Mara
  2. Room 329 Lynne and Atoma (set up to take place during the winter break)
  3. Furniture from 313 to be moved to 329
  4. Room 313 to be used as a collaborative work space
  5. IMLS grant boxes should be moved to Shuyong’s office
  6. Card Catalog Retirement—Nov. 15 start date
  7. Hub for spring semester: Laila, Mara, Debora
  8. Possible re-allocation of hours for the Hub
  9. Perhaps non-tenured faculty and GAs should not be included in the calculations
  10. Should untenured and/or faculty even work at the Hub?
  11. Reference and User Services
  12. Usability study is in the works

Outreach Working Group

  1. International Games Day planned: 11am-4pm drinks and snacks
  2. Maybe Therapy Dogs will return
  3. First event had approx. 500 attendees

Reports—Library wide

  1. Room 295 in UGL will soon be retired as an instruction space
  2. ACES 509 and Grainger are under-utilized
  3. Question: is it advisable to factor in buffer time when scheduling these rooms?
  4. PRIMO: some dissatisfaction
  5. Not so good for newspaper searches
  6. Brings up too many hits for undergrad-type searches
  7. IAS Sweeps Week
  8. Bookeye Scanner is a huge draw
  9. We should advertise
  10. More patrons have been using IASL study space
  11. Proposal: the Savvy Researcher should have a session on the use of scanners, microfilm/fiche readers.