November 13, 2013 Meeting of University Library Exhibitions Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

November 13, 20134:00 pm

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Cher Schneider, Jody Waitzman (chair), Magdalena Casper-Shipp, Lucy Moynihan


Change to format of ExCom meetings: each member will give an update of the part of committee work for which they are responsible:

1. Member Reports

  • Madgalena: website; facilities

  • Will contact IT about emailing FROM the excom email address
  • Will contact IT about edits to the website that are showing up in the CMS, but not on the site (particularly changes to membership on the main page)
  • Will add a notice on the main page that all inquiries should be sent to rather than to individual members
  • Will ask Jeff about options to mitigate visible light damage to items in NS corridor cases. Ideas: window coverings; moving cases to the east-west corridor on the 1st floor; moving at least some cases to the NS corridor on the 2nd floor 
  • Jody: web calendar; budget mgmt. and ordering

  • Has reorganized the excom folder on the G: drive, arranged meeting minutes and agendas by year to make them easier to upload to the website
  • Camera for photographing exhibits has been purchased and will be kept at the Oak St. Library Facility for now (since Kaylan will be taking photos and works at OSLF under Cher’s supervision)
  •  Rather than emailing the meeting minutes, will just email to alert members when they have been posted to the G: drive
  • Cher: contact with exhibitors for install/deinstall; preparation of materials for exhibit 

  • Blue wool cards were replaced in the NS corridor and Marshall on 11/1/13 to help keep tabs on light levels in those spaces (also contact info on the cards was updated with excom email address)
  • Kaylan: assistance with install/deinstall; photography of exhibits

  • Need to schedule a day each month to photograph exhibits using new excom camera
  •  Pat: Graduate student competition

  •  Starting in 2014, the grad student contest will be held in September/early October, with winners announced by the end of October and exhibits held in late fall/early spring. Will finalize dates at a later meeting.
  •  Lucy: Publicity and recruitment of exhibitors
  •  Will get the PowerPoint template for digital signage from Heather Murphy

2. Lighting in the NS corridor

  • Blue wool cards have been replaced
  • Request curtains?

3. Supplies – ordering and cabinet

  •  New supplies
  • Camera

4. Website – why are updates visible in CMS but not on site?

  •  New supplies
  • Camera