May 9, 2013 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

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May 9, 2013

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Jim Cotter, Douglas Heintz, Julie Watkins, Barb Trumpinski, Dani Postula, Becky Burner, Laura Poulosky


Tour of the Media Commons:

Eric Kurt gave us a tour of the Media Commons in the Undergraduate Library.  You can look at their website for a list of their loanable technology, consultation hours, and more information at

Here are some highlights from the tour:
-There will soon be an iPad gallery of student work on display.

-Walls will be put up to create a room that can be reserved for collaborative work.  Groups will be able to check out equipment for use in the room.

-There is a gaming room for research projects and classes, also for fun and relaxation.

-Wall-mounted screens are available to which students can hook up their laptops for group viewing while working on projects together.

-CITES printing services are available.

-Room 289 is available for classes that need help with audio-visual work.  It is now open whenever the Undergraduate Library is open.

-Consultation services with Media Commons and CITES staff are available, currently for a total of 20 hours per week, although they hope to be able to add more hours in the future.

-Room 291 is a Teaching Lab.

-Room 295 has been converted to a video studio, which may be reserved by classes or individuals.  In addition to the video and lighting equipment, it offers audio equipment with mixing capabilities.  Currently the studio is most often used for video introductions to classes and Library video tutorials.  There is still work to be done on the room, including painting three of the walls black and the other one green to serve as a green board, as well as installing a ceiling grid on which to mount lighting.

-On the lower level, an audio studio will soon be under construction, using materials that were discarded by Beckman.  The studio will be about 95% soundproof.  Groups and individuals will be able to reserve it for recording music or other audio.  For simple projects, Audacity will be used, while ProTools will be used for higher-end quality.  The studio is expected to be completed in June or so.

-Loanable technology includes items available for 2-hour check-out within the building (such as cell phone chargers, headphones, laptop power supply cables, etc.) and items available for 1-week check-out for projects (such as video cameras, mounts for smart phones, shotgun mikes, lavalier, mikes, backpacks for toting cameras and tripods, etc.)  Check out the list of loanable technology at the website above—they’ve got a lot to offer!

Visiting ALA Exhibits:

Jim is looking into funding for a van to send interested staff to see the exhibits at ALA in Chicago on Friday, June 28th.

Next LSSC Meeting:

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, June 13th, from 9:00 to 10:30 in Room 225B of the Main Library.  We will be inviting AUL Sue Searing to join us if she’s available.