May 8, 2017 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

May 8, 20171:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1.   1:30-2-AULs
Coverage for when Beth Namachchivaya leaves

The Framework for Strategic Action

FRC suggestions for PRCs
2.   2-2:30 – AULs, Greg Knott – title for position
3.   Approve minutes from April 24
4.   Question Time
5.   Innovative Fund Final Report

Minutes Details


Bill Mischo, chair; Nancy O’Brien, vice-chair; Mary Laskowski, secretary; Kirstin Dougan, Harriett Green, MJ Han, Lori Mestre, Ellen Swain


1.   1:30-2-AULs (JoAnn Jacoby, Beth Namachchivaya, Tom Teper)
The Executive Committee reviewed a document from Beth Namachchivaya outlining her major responsibilities both within the Library and on campus. The document facilitated a preliminary discussion of covering the AUL for Research responsibilities following Beth’s departure later this summer.

The Library’s Framework for Strategic Action has been extended through December 2021. We may want to keep the four major elements but refresh the sub-elements to indicate what has already been accomplished and articulate new goals. AUL’s and EC will brainstorm possibilities for revision and opportunities for input.

FRC suggested that due to the new reporting lines, the AULs should not be assigned to PRCs in the future, but should finish out any committees they are currently on. EC decided to keep the current policy of assigning AUL’s to PRC committees as appropriate and EC agrees with the AULs that it is part of their responsibilities.
2.   2-2:30 – AULs, Greg Knott – title for position 
Greg and the AUL’s will revise and resubmit the proposed job description based on comments from discussion.
3.   Approve minutes from April 24
Approved by a motion from Nancy O’Brien, seconded by Lori Mestre.
4.   Question Time
Further discussion of AUL for Research responsibilities.

We continue to collaborate with the Seibel Center for Design, and hope to be a partner in these initiatives from the ground up.
5.   Innovative Fund Final Report

EC accepted the report and thanks the group for their work.