May 7, 2013 Meeting of Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

May 7, 20131:00 pm - 3:00 pm 314 Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Paula Carns,  Michael Fleming, Lisa Hinchliffe, Cindy Ingold, Lucy Moynihan, Susan Schnuer, Beth Woodard, Zoe Revell


1.  Review of Agenda

2.  Retreat

  • Review notes to this points.  Julia has done some further work.  What should we send to EC?  What should we send to others?  It was determined that Beth should meet with Chris Prom (May 9th) to suggest a plan to EC.  While the Library has something to offer in every area, it apparently was difficult for most people to think at the campus level, so most tables ended up discussing only at the library-level.  Brainstorming showed up some interesting possibilities, but groups need to examine these ideas, and prioritize them, and hone in on specific suggestions.  The 8 files, 6 for each topic, one from Paula Carns and one from Sue Searing, will be sent to EC with the suggestion that either a small working group be assigned to the topic, or it be sent to an existing committee.  Possibilities include:

Education—Lisa Hinchliffe and User education

Information and technology—Beth Sandore and Tom Teper

Energy and environment—Jeff Schrader and the sustainability working group.  Does this still exist?  It was noted that campus does a lot of this and there is a need for a group to advocate for users and staff to be more sustainable.

Social equality and –Cindy Ingold and the Diversity Committee

Health and Wellness—Jeff Schader, Wellness subcommittee, Social Committee

Economic Development—Executive Committee and Beth Sandore.

The staff development and training committee will review the suggestions for training ideas:  Cindy Ingold—Social equality and cultural understanding; Lisa Hinchliffe—Education; Zoe Revell—Health and Wellness; Michael Fleming—Information and Technology; Beth—Energy and Environment; Susan—Economic development.  We will also suggest to EC that the 2 page summary and the revised wordles be sent out to library staff sooner rather than later and the groups assigned to review the summaries and their deadlines.


It was also noted that we should devote the last third of a retreat to synthesizing  and opportunities to pursue should we do this again!


  1.                 LAMP update (Cindy Ingold)  Cindy reported that thanks to Wendy Shelburne and Cindy Kelly, we now have $4,000 in outside funding.


  1.  Wellness activities (Zoe Revell)–updates
  • Pedometer challenge—29 teams, 4-5 people per team.  Suggestion to using name picker option through for “drawings”
    •       Community and Campus day of service—were able to purchase 2 laptops
    •        Money Smart week sessions  — April 23 and 25.  Brought in several outside attendees.
      • CPR workshop update–June
      • Blood drives—term 2
      • Carle blood pressure checks and carpal tunnel awareness sessions
      • Fitness trail has to wait until the 4th floor is finished
      • Ideas to promote the Farmers Market on campus
      • Promote biking to work day
      • Bike safety
      • BIF has showers for bikers to use?
      • Repeat bird walk
      • Highlight meat and egg sales on campus
      • Food coop
      • “Downsizing” people—weight loss, healthy eating, healthy snacking, diabetes wellness, campus opportunities
      • Hearth healthy month, cooking demonstration
      • Financial inventory—someone who dies, what do you need to do?


  1. Teacher training/development (Lisa Hinchliffe)
  • Needs assessment with User Education and Assessment   was discussed.


  1.  Upcoming training:  Holding meetings;  suggested that Beth email chairs and division coordinators


Next meeting;  Tuesday,  June 4 , 1:30-3 pm in 428 Library