May 28, 2020 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

May 28, 2020

Agenda Details


LSSC Meeting Agenda 5/28/20

  1. Talk with the Dean
  2. Approve minutes
  • Liaison reports and updates
  1. New members
    1. Still have opening for Social Sciences
    2. Jan starting this month
    3. Everyone else starting in July
  2. Other questions/topics

Minutes Details


Attendees for May 28, 2020 zoom meeting

Kim Hutcherson (Administration)
Jan Adamczyk (Area Studies in for Courtney Horry)
Sarah Bial (Arts & Humanities)
Ben Riegler (Central Public Services)
Jessica Sommers (Law)
Erik Chapman (Life Sciences)
Bernadette Braun (Physical Sciences)
Julia Cross (Residential Hall Libraries)
Tony Hynes (Special Collections)
Brian Clark (Technical Services)
Rachael Johns (Technical Services)
Kyle McCafferty (Visiting)


Minutes for May 28, 2020 meeting

Approve April Minutes: Approved with no corrections.

Liaison Reports and Updates:

Administration:  No report.

  • Administrative Council: No meeting. 

Area Studies: 

Arts & Humanities:  Met with Tom Teper and George Gottschalk.  If COVID continues a year or two more, have been reaching out to Faculty on print resources.  Still ordering print resources.  Planning on long term social distancing for e-resources.

Central Public Services:  No meeting.

Faculty Meeting: No meeting.

Central Access Services:  Cherie’ Weible: No patrons allowed in the building during the summer.  Possibility of using the lockers for material pick-up.   Looking into plexiglass for reference desk. A question came up about student employees returning.  The response was that we do not anticipate undergraduate student employees returning anytime soon.

Law: Nothing to report.

Life Sciences:  Did meet. ACES project still on hold. Alma/primo discussion – best practices.

Physical Sciences and Engineering: No meeting.

  • Grainger and Math: Looking into if Patrons not complying with the new rules of facial masks, social distancing once Library opens, how to enforce, how to handle upset patrons.

Residence Hall: Closed all summer, expect to open in the fall.  Unsure about operating hours and student employment. Do not know about budget (res halls took major hit refunding student fees, no sports camps, etc); staff may have to cover desk depending on hours of operation.

Special Collections:  Did meet about exhibit planning, digitization – how that would look throughout the summer & semester.  Within the unit looking at quarantining materials and returning half days a couple days a week so overlap will be minimal.  All of this depends on the Library re-open plan.

RBML likely will not see summer student employees unless they can get projects going with appropriate social distancing etc.

Technical Services:  Didn’t meet.

  • Preservation:  Looking into plexiglass dividers and gloves.
  • ACS: Talked about rotating schedule with social distancing, moving people apart accordingly and Alma/Primo preparations.

Upcoming Events

Other news, comments, and updates:

  • Question about material quarantine – Using book drop 48 hours for quarantine. Or cart 24-48 hours, then sorting.