May 20, 2002 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

May 20, 20021:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Bart Clark, acting-chair, Marianna Choldin, Tina Chrzastowski, Susan Edwards (for Deloris Holiman), Bernice Harrington (for Cindy Kelly), Paul Healey  (for Janis Johnston), Barb Henigman, Barbara Jones, Lyn Jones, Nancy O’Brien, Beth Sandore, Diane Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Jane Somera, Bruce Swann (for Tom Kilton), Paula Watson, Karen Wei, John Weible, Lynn Wiley (for Betsy Kruger), Joyce Wright, Visitor-Jo Kibbee


  1.   Access Task Force Report – Sandore et alThere were five broad recommendations: 1) implementing portal access architecture, multiple database searching, and a variety of linking technologies; 2) improving access to the Library’s physical collection by providing accurate and reliable records, with an appropriate level of metadata; 3) improving access to the Library’s collection of digital resources by ensuring that these resources have the appropriate type and level of metadata to enable efficient, consistent, and reliable retrieval; 4)  providing integrated access to significant external digital collections; 5) facilitating access to materials not currently available in our collection.

    The AULs will review the report and come back in 90 days with a plan. 

  2. International Strategy Task Force – Choldin      Members reported on discussion in their divisions.  The Task Force will review notes from the divisions (to be sent to Choldin) and will revise the report and resubmit it for an upcoming Admin Council meeting.  The report is acceptable in principle; revisions are not major.
  3. Book Stacks Cleaning – Clark      Bart suggested that we have the Building Service Workers clean the stacks this year instead of doing the regular summer cleaning of the offices.  The Divisions approved this.
  4. Announcements      Bart announced that Graphic Services is getting out of microfilm printing.  As of July 1 the operation goes to the Library because Graphic Services is loosing money.  The coin machines will have to be replaced at a cost of $2000 per machine so we can charge enough to break even.

    May 31 AC and EC will meet together to discuss how to approach next year.  Bart has done a budget report and a report that shows what didn’t let done this year.

    John Weible announced that the GAP database is ready to go.   They will put real links up today.  ISCC has already looked at it and made suggestions.  They plan to switch over the Gateway pages between May 31 and June 1.

    The June 3 AC agenda will include the calendar for next year.