May 19, 2022 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

May 19, 2022

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

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Jan Adamczyk (Area Studies)
Kristen Blankenship (CPS)
Bernadette Braun (Physical Sciences)
Erik Chapman (Life Sciences)
Julia Cross (Residential Hall Libraries)
Karen Huck (Arts & Humanities)
Kim Hutcherson (Administration)
Tony Hynes (Special Collections)
Rachael Johns (Technical Services)
Michelle Self-Ballard (Central Public Services)
Jessica Sommers (Law)
Dulcie Vermillion (Social Sciences)


May meeting canceled, liaison reports via email

Approve April Minutes:  Approved

Liaison Reports and Updates:

Administration:   COVID update:  Contact Tracing is no longer required.  The Employee Emergency Paid Sick Leave has been replaced with “COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave” and the criteria for eligibility has changed as well as what is covered when an employee receives the vaccination and/or booster.

Administrative Council:  Continued discussion from last meeting on the proposal to designate Zoom Teaching Spaces in Main and Funk Libraries.  Continued discussion on the library administrative space policy. Recommended possible language in the policy to be updated.    Discussion on the feedback review of charge of library council implementation team.  There was council membership feedback, which the Dean thought a little premature since there hasn’t been a proposal yet.  The feedback was that membership shouldn’t be overlapping with EC.  There are many people on multiple committees, the suggestion to not overlap was to have fresh opinions.  AC discussed that some may overlap because divisions are smaller than others.  Currently, there are no plans to have representatives from EC, LSSC, LCP (different groups) as council membership.  If a member happens to be on another committee, that’s just circumstantial.  It’s possible there will be overlap, just make sure conversations are in alignment with each other.

Area Studies:  Guest:  Sarah Christensen (Co-Chair, Outreach and Engagement Committee (OEC).  She provided an overview of OEC’s activities. Clara Chu is currently serving Laila Hussein’s term on this committee. Clara mentioned that OEC Co-Chairs are visiting library divisions to discuss support in the form of small grants. Successful proposals will receive $500.00 per event and “up to a maximum of $500 per person per fiscal year to be used for outreach and engagement activities.” Sara Christensen encouraged Area Studies Division to submit proposals.  Shuyong Jiang is retiring from the University Library. The Area Studies Division discussed Shuyong’s request to receive emerita status. The Division members unanimously approved this request.

Arts & Humanities:  AC – talked about proposed Library Council – not much feedback or discussion.  CDC – Tom wants revised version of proposed cuts (1.4% rather than the previously assumed 3%) unless you are ok with the 3% cuts, although he discourages cutting anything unnecessarily as it means future monies may be reduced.  Spending has been robust this year and few desiderata will be bought – but give list anyway.  Not continuing Proquest Access Build program.

DEIA Collection development – they had first meeting – discussion about how to identify needs to strategically develop – each unit might need to assess differently.  Classics hiring committee sent info to Dean.  Thanks to Walking Challenge Participants.  Joint Initiatives re: Building Project? Email Paula Carns ideas re: partnering with IAS.  Discussion about Loanable Tech and what will/may not be available once UGL closes.  Individual libraries have funds to request IT items – there was a link sent:

Note the section titled:  Order loanable IT accessories for circulation

Discussion about flagging student budgets and making certain that the budget for hours and dollars match – they did not in MPAL and now they are short $5k.  Emilee Matthews asked whether other units were having problems with missing current/new issues of periodicals.  Other units reported that when Covid hit, yes.  But mostly things are back to normal.  Suggested Emilee reach out to Tonya Webb.

Central Public Services:  Recommending emerita status for Karen Hogenboom.  Carissa Phillips reported that the division did not have to take the reductions in collection development funds that they were asked to model initially, but that the selectors did not decide to make any additions to those initial selections.  David Ward discussed Library Council implementation:  Still in early stages; the current charge is writing a charge.  There was general discussion of making sure that the group is of a size that facilitates productivity and active participation for the members but still effectively represents a diverse cross-section of constituents

UGL:  closed as of the end of the Friday, 5/13/22. Staff have dispersed to their new departments, in general. A few staff are waiting for new office spaces to be built and a couple more of us are moving the loanable technology department this week and should be starting in our new offices next week.

Law:  Law has hired a new Access & Operations Librarian, Chris Galanos, who will start in June. Tech Services met and we discussed how to handle a large set of recent book donations, as well as changes to our approval plan to increase the number of monographs we receive. We are also getting estimates for new flooring in the Tech Services work area.

Life Sciences:   Division Coordinator, Kelli Trei, term ends in August, looking for faculty member interested in serving.  The Library Diversity Residency search closed May 12 and there are candidates to review.  Reminder of the Grainger candidate presentations May 16 & 17.  Funk is fairly short staffed this summer, GA and student.

Physical Sciences:  Did not meet.

Math & Grainger:  We’ve interviewed two candidates for the Head of Grainger position. Hopefully the offer will be made soon so decisions can be made on other pending positions.  A new person is starting soon at Grainger as the IDEA Lab Coordinator.  One staff member at Grainger is resigning and moving out of state, so I think an extra help person will be moving into that position. Grainger might have another staff opening soon, but it might be for an extra help position.  Grainger, Math, and Chemistry have moved over to summer schedules.  I think there is a staff person at Grainger who’s interested in serving on the committee when I come off of it – I’ll follow up on that soon.

Res Hall:  No report.

Social Studies: The main topic of discussion was review of charge of library council implementation team as AC had requested feedback by May 12, emphasis on council membership truly being more inclusive- making sure there is representation from units outside the main library.  Will members be able to be on both  Library Council and EC? Separation/ distinction would be ideal to include as many voices as possible- many of the same names are on numerous committees- like to see more variety.  Topic of AC not meeting much- due to lack of Agenda Items came up- one opinion was that committee should meet anyways just for general discussion as items may come up that are not thought of and everyone has opinions on something.  Division overall supportive of a more inclusive Library Council to replace AC.

Notes from Cindy Ingold (Liaison for collection development and Diversity Committees) :

Collection Development: Per Tom Teper’s email to Libfac on April 27, the campus will provide additional recurring support for our collections amounting to $250,000 for F23.  This means that any reductions to collection funds now amounts to 1.4% rather than 3.5%.  Because there has been confusion about the work of the Diversity Committee and the DEIA Task Force, Cindy, as co-chair of the Diversity Committee, and Victor Jones, as co-chair of the DEIA Task Force, met with the Executive Committee in April to propose a small task force be formed to re-envision the library diversity committee.  This small task force would develop a vision, charge, and structure for an advisory committee to the Director of DEIA that would replace the current Diversity Committee and DEIA Task Force to provide support for DEIA initiatives at the University of Illinois Library.  The task force, co-chaired by Cindy and Victor, would include members from both the current Diversity Committee and DEIA Task Force with plans to submit a proposal to EC by September 15.  EC endorsed this idea and members of both current committees are reviewing a charge for this new small Task Force to Re-Envision the Library Diversity Committee so that it begin its work asap.

SSHEL:  is moving collections for consolidation of everything SSHEL to the area of SSHEL South (room 101). No clear date as to when SSHEL will stop staffing the North side (room 100)  this summer- my understanding is they want to keep open for a study area and SSHEL info desk until staff area in SSHEL south is expanded for SSHEL info desk- work on Staff area expansion is slated for beginning of June.  Most if not all of S collection will be moved by end of this week. We already have Reference moved, and majority of S collection(meaning almost all of the circulating materials are on the South side) Tweaks of locations and shifting happening as we get things into their new locations and space issues arise.

Special Collections:  A proposed new structure for Division meetings to streamline these long meetings.  Reminder about the Library Council Implementation Team and an encouragement to engage with the work.  A proposed shared Exhibits Calendar was presented that was designed to cover exhibit proposals and the steps in the exhibit development process.

Technical Services:  Did not meet.

Other notes:   We have a volunteer for LSSC liaison representative so I will plan to roll off the committee. I’m happy to serve on the transitional team for new leadership and will pass along notes to LSSC.  The Teaching and Learning Task Force (I serve as TSD’s liaison on that) has minutes available to review here:

Cybersecurity training is due again this summer, information below: This is a friendly reminder that you have not yet completed cybersecurity training. Please follow the link below to complete your training, which is due on Jun-30-2022.


Q & A with Dean Wilkin and Susan Breakenridge

LSSC:  Shared progress on the Robert Howerton Scholarship draft and working with Joe Lenkart and Chad Lewis.  Is there a best place to present?  Do we need approval after final draft has been reviewed?

J – A:  Hangouts.  Let John or Lucretia know when so that can get on the agenda.  Also, recommend reaching out to Kathryn Risor-Heise.  Yes, it’s safe to get a final approval.  Susan Breakenridge can do that.

S – A:  Since this scholarship was intended for Grad Assistants and now is for staff, make sure all approvals have been made and properly documented.  Identify the intent.

LSSC:  Intent:  those that don’t have any funds afforded to them by any process.  Identifying “staff” depends on library definition/campus definition as they are established.

S – A:  Working on getting resolutions to the classifications with campus.

LSSC:  Sharing Staff Concerns and Feedback (shared via drop in hour & direct communication)

  • Loanable Tech and what will/may not be available – will follow up with David Ward
  • Extending Hours
    • J- A: Funk ACES and Grainger extending hours.  Main Library is not extending hours beyond what they have done in the past.  Will look at what the demand is and how we can meet that in the Fall.
  • Borrowing timelines follow-up: Under discussion with the Resource Sharing group since it is a CARLI level decision.  The release date of turning on auto renewals has been pushed back.  There is not a new anticipated release date at this time, but this is a functionality that we want implemented as soon as possible and delays are expected.
  • Hot water in restrooms on South side of the Library:
    • LSSC sent email to facilities about a portable hot water heater.
    • J-A: Still looking at years for the new building, this is something that should be done sooner than later.
  • Adding another Microwave on the 4th floor:
    • LSSC – not wired to be able to handle two microwaves
    • J-A: We do as much as we can under the circumstances.  If we can do more wiring, we will do more wiring.
  • Applying for civil service scholarships policy
    • S – A: shared language to use on our policy

LSSC:  Ask for support in writing for the leadership transition for staff conference scholarship budget request approved 2021.

J – A:  This is something we should work on within the next 7 months.

LSSC:  Developing transitional team for the next chair/vice chair

S – A:  Will also work with LSSC to make sure all the pieces are together for a good transition.

Follow up:  UGL Answers to staff questions/concerns:

  • In terms of Loanable Technology, the current plan is to have 2-hour in-library use loanable technology available to check out and use in the new study space in Main 100 which will include chargers and laptops as well as adapters and headphones.
  • We also plan on having charge cords and some laptops for 10-day out-of-library check out through scholarly/Media commons Loanable Technology which will be in Main 306 in addition to the current list of loanable technology.
  • In terms of SAs that worked in the UGL, the majority of returning student workers will be working in either the new Study space on the first floor of the Main Library (100) or in the Scholarly/media commons loanable technology on the third floor (306) of the Main Library. The returning students got a choice in location and they chose half and half for the new spaces. There are a couple SAs that chose not to return to either of the new spaces and they might be looking for employment in other libraries. About half of the SAs graduated.

Next LSSC Zoom meeting:  TBD