May 18, 2015 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

May 18, 20151:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Update on review of student wage allocation: Greg Knott/Sue Searing
  2. Division budget discussions : Sue Searing
  3. Division coordinator GA allocation: Lynne Rudasill
  4. Strategic planning update: Lisa Hinchliffe
  5. Patron privacy policy: Lynne Rudasill
  6. New Business

Minutes Details


Sue Searing, acting chair; Melody Allison, Susan Avery, Tom Habing, Joanne Kaczmarek, Greg Knott, Lisa Romero, Lynne Rudasill, Chris Quinn, Mary Schlembach, Jeff Schrader, Jennifer Teper, Tom Teper


1.       Update on review of student wage allocation: Greg Knott/Sue Searing

Divisions filled out a survey last fall. The budget review working group (Cindy Kelly, Greg Knott, Jessica LeCrone, Mary Schlembach, and Sue Searing) are looking at that data. The original sense was that they could work around the edges of the current allocation, assuming we had a steady state budge, but now we are planning for cuts. Units are looking for ways to cut their student budgets. The info from the survey is helpful in thinking about where student budgets fit in the whole budget reduction plan. Recently, Mary ran some statistical significance tests against the data looking at the size of the budget, the number of hours units are open and the size of the circulation including reserves. For virtually all units there is a positive correlation between those things, which means we are pretty much on target in a general sense with the kinds of student budgets we have for units. IAS is different in that their budget is a general hourly budget, not just a student budget. A third of that money is being used to pay people in tech services. They want to get a better handle on hourlies as a category.

We don’t know what the budget is for the coming year, we just know that it will be less.

2.       Division budget discussions : Sue Searing

John Wilkin believes that the Provost will do his utmost to protect our Collections budget. He has asked that each of the AULs begin a planning exercise describing how the work conducted in their areas of responsibility would handle cuts of 1%, 3%, or 5%. We don’t really know what the cuts will look like, but there will be cuts. First the AULs determined which units fall under each of them and worked with Greg Knott to map this year’s budget allocations to each AUL or to central Library administration. The AULs are currently talking to the units that fall under them about their ideas on where best to make cuts.

John sent out several messages regarding the budget and cuts that will need to be made. He sees this as a three-pronged process. The AULs, then EC and then Divisions will have input. Sue asked what the best way is to involve the divisions. Should there be a formal method for divisions to do this or can they self-organize? The division coordinators would like to self-organize and would like Sue to send out talking points they can use in their division meetings. Sue will send these to the division coordinators in the next two days.

3.       Division coordinator GA allocation: Lynne Rudasill

The question of GA allocations came up in CPS and was forwarded to EC. Division Coordinators were asked how they are using their GA allocation. Most DCs that have public service points use their GAs to staff those points. Some GAs are used to update web sites and to help with projects. The question arose as to whether a division website is necessary. Sue will see if Robert Slater or Jen Yu can run a report showing how often those websites are used.  Susan Avery, CPS DC, is the only DC that does not use the allocation. The majority of DCs think it is not necessary for the DCs to have the GA allocation. This issue will go back to EC to be discussed with the AULs.

4.       SP update

Lisa Hincliffe gave a brief overview of what the Strategic Planning Steering Team has been doing since the retreat. Please watch for emails with information about Deep Dive session (next one is June 16) and other chances to talk about the strategic plan.

5.       Patron privacy policy: Lynne Rudasill

AC approved to send on to EC.

6.        New Business