May 18, 2009 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

May 18, 20091:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


1.) Library “Memorandum of Understanding” with academic units (Scott, 15 minutes)
2.) Gift planning for items purchased with donations-a potential plan for our library (Lynn, 25 minutes)
3.) New Library Planning Site <> (Scott, 10 minutes)
4.) The revised “Licensed Electronic Resource Use Policy” (all, 10 minutes)

5.) Action Plan-what, if any, formal role could/should the divisions play as we move forward (all, 15 minutes)

Minutes Details


Beth Sandore, chair; Tina Chrzastowski; Tony Hynes; Sue Searing; Scott Schwartz; Marek Sroka; Mary Stuart; Tom Teper; David Ward; Lynn Wiley; Greg Youngen, Visitors – Bernice Harrington, Cindy Kelly, Jeff Schrader; Kim Matherly, recording


1.)   Library “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU) with academic units

Scott Walter provided an overview of the use of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) as a component of New Service Model planning, and noted that, while necessary in some cases, the Library Administration would prefer to limit the use of these formal agreements between the Library and other campus units. Owing to the fact that MOUs typically include statements related to human and financial resources, it is important for any such agreement to be reviewed early by Library Administration in order to ensure consistency of language, appropriate attention to Library-wide planning and budgeting issues, and clear communication between Library leadership and the leadership of other campus units. Following discussion, AC recommends that JoAnn Jacoby review the MOUs completed (or currently under revision) as part of the NSM process to provide a template that can be reviewed and approved by Library Administration for use as part of the “NSM Toolkit” for unit heads and subject specialists who may be involved in NSM-related discussions with campus colleagues. Jacoby will collaborate with the AULs and the Library Business Office in preparing the template, which will be reviewed with AC and EC. AC members also raised the question of the need for an MOU between the Library and the Illinois Informatics Institute (I3) as part of the I3 move into the Main Library in August 2009.

2.) Gift plating for items purchased with donations-a potential plan for our library

      Many universities are now using electronic gift plates, instead of physically placing them in books. Electronic is less labor intensive and not at prone to errors. Also, more information can be added about the individual donors on line. Stephanie Baker, Helen Zhou, Michael Norman and Lynn Wiley will form a group to look at the feasibility of our Library changing to this model. Once this is set up Advancement can work at adding donor pages. This could also be used for the Promotion and Tenure program. The group will bring back a plan and recommendation. The proposal is due in fall 2009.

3.)  New Library Planning Site

The Planning page has been updates. You can now send comments via this page. There will be a link from the NSM web site to the Planning site. They would also like to add assessment.

4.)  The revised “Licensed Electronic Resource Use Policy”

      The committee would like this policy linked from the top page of ORR to help make users more aware. The E-resources Working Group will be asked to add this to their agenda to discuss ways to make it more accessible to the user. If anyone has any suggestions or questions, please email Tom Teper by May 26.

5.)  Action Plan-what, if any, formal role could/should the divisions play as we move forward

      What are the Divisions’ roles versus the Planning Teams’ roles in implementing the action plan? What can Divisions do to be more helpful in the process? As disciplinary boundaries shift, it’s hard to link to the current model. What happens to operating records and special collections when a library consolidates or closes?