May 15, 2014 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

May 15, 2014

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IAS Staff Meeting

May 15, 2014 

Present:  Jan Adamczyk, Atoma Batoma, Kit Condill, Laila Hussein, Lisa Renee Kemplin, Joe Lenkart, Larry Miller, Xiaoping Qi, Lynne Rudasill, Mara Thacker, and Steve Witt


  1. The READ Global and IFLA OCLC Fellows Presentation is being held on May 28.Steve, Laila, and Joe will be presenting. There is also a boxed lunch reception. Please let Steve know if you would like to attend the luncheon. The event is scheduled in RM 323c from 11-1:30.
  2. The IAS Approval Plan Balances were distributed before the meeting. Purchases need to be made by June 9.
  3. Lisa Renee is working with Helen from IT to set up an IAS shared calendar on Outlook. This calendar would allow staff to enter any absences such as conferences and vacations on Outlook instead of Google calendar. The test pilot was successful. Further information and instructions will be distributed once it is ready to launch.
  4. There will be two models for the focus group for redesigning the IAS webpage. Meeting is today.
  5. Lynne and Mara will be attending the Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries in Istanbul, Turkey on May 27-30.


  1. The new book shelves will be designated for new purchases made on GOBI. Staff/departments need to be identified to update status of materials.
  2. Some issues brought up regarding ensuring that future Summer Labs are successful include funding, staffing, and physical space.
  3. Review of buying trip proposal. The draft was sent to Tom Teper for feedback before it is forwarded to the Budget Group.
  4. Title VI submissions are due in late June. Steve distributed a general template that can be used in regards to Strength of the Library. Make sure that your area is included in the requests.


  1. The decision has been made to list most IAS Oak Street Materials as Book3. There are still some items that have the description of IAS Archival or IAS Non-circulating. Please review items and let Steve know if the descriptions should remain as is or if they should be changed to Book3.
  2. Reference User Services is meeting with focus groups for the redesign of the website. The redesigning will continue into summer with target date of completion for fall 2014.
  3. SRL-Joe has received the list of the first batch of researchers and paired them with staff to begin addressing their research questions/needs. Rooms 323c has been reserved for training throughout the labs with Room 225b reserved as a backup.

CAMES Summer Lab-Laila reports that there are 15 scholars registered. Some materials on IbadIs have been moved from Oak Street to Main Stacks. Currently working on two Libguides that cover the IbadIs and Arab Spring.