May 14, 2014 Meeting of University Library Exhibitions Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

May 14, 20143:30 pm

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Pat Miller, Cher Schneider, Jody Waitzman (Chair)


1. Jody: web calendar; budget mgmt. and ordering 

  • Current Mueller fund balance is $6887.19 (more than we thought!)
  • Printing costs for Marshall Gallery exhibit, May 2014: $128.80
  • Jody will send out a LibNews message to recruit exhibitors; will wait until Cher has heard back from July & September exhibitors
    about extending their exhibits to cover August (see below). If neither of them can extend, will include August in recruitment email.


 2. Cher: contact with exhibitors for install/deinstall; preparation of materials for exhibit  

  • Cher will ask the September NS Corridor exhibitors (Laila Hussein and Antonio Sotomayor) if they would be willing to put their exhibit up for August and September
  • If they say no, Cher will ask RBML if they would leave their July exhibit up for August too
  • Our May 2014 exhibitor for the Marshall Gallery fell through; Miriam put up a Preservation-themed exhibit in the Marshall in its place
  • Cher suggested doing a survey about moving the cases. If they would like the 2nd floor and if 3 cases is more preferable than 6? Etc…

3. Kaylan

  • Kaylan has graduated and will no longer be serving on the committee

4. Pat: Graduate student competition

  • No updates here


5. Lucy: Publicity and recruitment of exhibitors

  • Checked if ACES wanted to do a “welcome” exhibit in August, they said no
  • Mentioned at April meeting that it’d be useful to get an example/template of emails we send to LibNews ; there is now a sample letter in the Exhibits folder on the G drive

6. Miriam: website; facilities

  • Exhibit supply cabinet and cart will be moved at some point in the near future to room 425 (Preservation)
    -When this happens Excom would like to keep camera in supply cabinet or in preservation.
  • Kaylan needs to be removed from the website
  • Information about the grad student exhibit contest needs to be added to the website
  • Would Miriam be able to photograph exhibits for the summer? Come fall, a conservation GA or intern could be assigned this duty
  • Ask Facilities if it would be possible to move three of the NS corridor cases to the NS corridor on the second floor. If we get their ok, we can move on to other preliminary steps of splitting the cases.

7. Schedule

  • The following exhibit times are available between now and April 2015:
    • August 2014 in the NS Corridor
    • January 2015 in the Marshall Gallery
    • February 2015 in the Marshall Gallery
    • February 2015 in the NS Corridor
    • March 2015 in the NS Corridor