May 11, 2020 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

May 11, 20201:30 pm - 3:00 pm Zoom Meeting

Agenda Details




May 11, 2020


428 Library


  1. Approve minutes – May 4
  2. Question Time
  3. Merrick Fund grant
  4. 2-2:30pm – AULs
  5. Return to Onsite Work Plan Progress

Minutes Details




May 11, 2020

1:30-3:06 pm

Zoom Conference Call


Attendees: John Wilkin (Chair); David Ward (Vice-Chair); Paula Carns; William Maher; William Mischo; Mara Thacker; Jennifer Teper (Secretary); and Lynne Thomas. Lucretia Williams, Recording


AULs present: Heidi Imker, Tom Teper, Chris Prom, and Cherié Weible


  1. Minutes of the May 4, 2020 EC minutes meeting were approved upon the motion by David Ward and second by Lynne Thomas.


  1. Question time – Dean Wilkin shared with EC that he continues to have discussions with several individuals around the transition for the AUL for User Services and strategies that we might take. Currently there is no timetable, but Dean Wilkin is moving as quickly as he can and hopefully will have more information soon on this topic to share with EC.


Dean Wilkin discussed with EC that he hopes to hear from the Provost’s Office regarding moving ahead with the Library’s prioritized list of searches as well as any additional process that might need to be engaged with as they progress. EC asked if campus had discussed if there will be options to hire without the in-person portion of the search process? Dean Wilkin explained that there is a long arc and strong possibility that we will be able to have in-person interviews. There will also be some communication with Skye Arseneau regarding this matter.


BTAA California work on data analysis is beginning to move forward. BTAA committed to adding an FTE to the CDL data analysis operations so that they can do work for the Big Ten. A person has been hired and has been working for a little over a month. Data has started to flow to them, and they’ve started to do some analytical work so that we have a better understanding of BTAA activity.


  1. Merrick Fund Grant – EC discussed a revision to a project that had been approved last year and agreed that the project could move in the revised way now proposed.


  1. AUL updates –


Heidi Imker–

Scholarly Commons

– Room 220 is continuing to move forward, tech has been ordered, they are finalizing quotes for Orange Box collab/consult rooms, and finalizing furniture selection – both configurations and fabric

– Sara Benson started attending a plethora of meetings and is starting to get up to speed as Acting Head of Scholarly Commons.

– Job Description for Head of Scholarly Commons position – Heidi met with the search committee and talked over the fine line of being interdisciplinary and welcoming to all but still acknowledging the importance of the Scholarly Commons for the social sciences and humanities specifically, especially in light of the building project.


Research Data Services

– Treading water due to staffing issues, but have not had to decline any requests or default on any obligations yet (workshops, collaborator, DCN etc.)

– Finalizing 5 year review of the unit.


Scholarly Communication & Publishing

– Sara Benson transition to acting head has started; she is still doing copyright consults



– several smaller grant opportunities are now gone, e.g. ALA



Pre-Tenure Track Program Task Force

– Revising the charge, will discuss with committee and send to EC after we meet on the 21st


Chris Prom –

  • Research Integrity Officer Search Committee, meeting candidates
  • Communication 9 Task Force: Diversity and Inclusion recommendations under consideration. The task force has made a few adjustments to the language to ensure we can accommodate Library process with internal letters.
  • Mentoring and Evaluation Task Force, is waiting on FRC Comments, Chris will present the document at the June Faculty meeting
  • Full Professor Process—making revisions to the document and will bring to EC soon
  • IT:
    • IT staff will need some time to come in to units before staff do, in order to perform maintenance on staff machines
    • Electronic document routing and electronic signatures are mentioned in the Dean’s return to onsite work charge.  IT needs to know if there are particular processes that need work in this area.
    • Sanitizing public equipment is mentioned in the Dean’s charge as well as in the campus documents.  If there are sanitizing procedures being created for public kiosks, public authenticated machines, printers, scanners, etc., IT should review those to make sure they will not damage equipment.  IT can create some procedures if needed.
    • Web developer search on track (candidates identified)


Tom Teper

Library Building Project – We are in the process of revamping the website. And, following the successful CCRC meeting on April 23rd, beginning preliminary conversations about how to move forward with phase I of the project – the renovation of the Undergraduate Library space into a Special Collections facility.

  • FY20 Collections Close – We are very close to closing out the FY20 fiscal year from an acquisition’s perspective. All in all, this has been a very successful year. Despite having nearly 2 months less time than in other years due to the Voyager/Alma migration, everything appears to be right on track for a close with approximately the same amount of end of year money as we see in other years. We are going to roll over a little cash for obligations that have not yet cleared (renewals, subscriptions, and items that were not received in time for CARLI to roll the ledger); however, that figure is actually going to be substantially lower than we estimated several months ago. Per CDC’s recommendation, we will roll the cash into FY21 and use it to clear the invoices that came in late per above. Once December rolls around, if there is any residual cash left, we will discuss its use with CDC.
  • FY21 Budget Planning – Right now, we are anticipating receiving what was previously committed by campus (enough to cover price increases). However, we are also looking at modeling lesser coverage – just in case. In the work being done to look at e-resource usage after the Stay at Home order went into effect, we have discovered that the biggest growth was in streaming media content – specifically the Academic Video Online (AVON) product that Tom purchased just as the order went into effect. This is a subscription product, so if we are to keep it in order to help address potential needs going forward, we will need to look at that cost. Additionally, Tom has had discussions with the A&H Division about shifting toward an e-preferred model for more monographic content. They appeared to be receptive, and we will be discussing this along with the Social Sciences and Area Studies Divisions further.
  • Return to Work – Tom has been discussing options with ACS and CMS as well as others.


Cherié Weible –

  • Alma training and implementation continues, and this week is the focus on Fulfillment (Circulation).
  • Print Delivery during the stay-at-home order has completed round three.  It is a very labor-intensive process and we’ll need to smooth out the processes as we move into the fall semester.



  1. Return to Onsite Work Plan Progress – Dean Wilkin discussed with both EC and the AUL’s that there is an important coordination piece with the Provost side which is moving beyond the Steering Team Review. The plans that have been put together and submitted by the Steering Team will need to be synthesized to characterize the types of workflows and implications for services across many areas of the library. The work in the different working groups is critically important but ultimately the submitted reports will result in a synthesized report that goes to the campus rather than the individual reports.


The work on fulfillment that Mary Laskowski, Jennifer Teper, and Cherié Weible have been working on is very clear, focused, and coherent.  There is a different type of challenge but it’s very helpful. It’s a clear stat