March 8, 2016 Meeting of Diversity Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

March 8, 2016225 B Main Library

Agenda Details


Harriett Green – Minute Taker

  1. Approve February Minutes
  2. Inner Voices Event
  3. Anti-Oppression Workshops
  4. National Diversity in Libraries Conference
    1. Guidelines to evaluate applicants
    2. Response So Far
  5. ClimateQUAL Response Team Report
  6. GREAT Initiative
  7. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration 2017 (Heather)
  8. Inclusive Illinois Updates
  9. Other News and Updates

Minutes Details


JJ, Qiang, Heather, Cindy, Ben, Harriett (minutes), Erik, Nicole, Zoe
Guests: none


Minutes by: Harriett Green

  1. Approve February Minutes
    1. Two corrections and questions were raised for the February meeting minutes: Someone asked if the potential dates listed for the anti-oppression workshop should be replaced with the finalized dates, but it was decided to leave them as discussed originally with the added April 13th session.
    2. Erik’s name was misspelled and needed to be corrected. The minutes were approved with these changes.
  2. Inner Voices Event
    1. For the Inner Voices event, Qiang and Cindy volunteered to meet there early to help organize, and the UGL evening supervisor Greg will help set up.  Erik volunteered to write the introductory remarks, and Cindy agreed to read them at the event. Erik noted that the Inner Voices group will arrive at 5:30 to set up and move the tables. Qiang and Cindy agreed to arrive at 5:30 to help.
    2. The event will last from 7-8pm, with a 20 minute performance and then discussion for the remainder of the time. Erik said that he will send out a LIBNEWS reminder.
  3. Anti-Oppression Workshops
    1. It was reported that approximately 5 people per session were signed up for the anti-oppression workshops, which have a maximum cut-off of 25 attendees. None of the currently registered were committee members yet.
    2. It was suggested to promote the workshops to GSLIS students: Erik has talked with GSLIS Communications Director about promoting the workshops to GSLIS, and Kristin was going to promote to her GSLIS groups as well.
    3. Civil service must get prior approval to attend the workshops, and future promotional announcements will use language provided by JoAnn to indicate such.
  4. National Diversity in Libraries Conference
    1. One person had expressed interest in the National Diversity in Libraries Conference grant so far. Cindy volunteered to re-send the announcement and all committee members should encourage library colleagues to apply. There was discussion on whether to extend the deadline past the 15th, and Cindy volunteered to check on the early bird registration deadline. It was noted that committee members can apply for the conference fellowship, and anyone who applies cannot participate in the evaluation of applications.
    2. Cindy said that she would contact Jen-chien Yu for the evaluation criteria for Assessment Committee’s conference fellowships to use as a potential model.
  5. ClimateQUAL Response Team Report
    1. Cindy reported that in place of a ClimateQUAL Response Team, she is working with Dean Wilkin as a special adviser to meet with him monthly and determine steps going forward. There also is a small advisory group consisting of the AULs, Qiang, Erik, Danny Postula from LSSC, Greg Knott, and Beth Woodard that met to discuss recommendations.
    2. John Wilkin indicated that he wants to move ahead with Recommendation #2A for holding focus groups. Cindy noted that when she met with the Staff Development & Training Committee, however, they pointed out that the Library has substantial amount of data already gathered and may not need additional focus groups. But if focus groups are held, members suggested having the Library Retreat table groups meet again with lunch provided. The groups could discuss ClimateQUAL-specific topics or questions, and people would already be familiar with their Retreat groups.
    3. The committee discussed this idea and how the focus group questions might be structured.
    4. Members also discussed the reasons why the Diversity Committee was listed for so many recommendation actions. Cindy indicated that they wanted to take action with existing groups, instead of creating a new group, and most tasks/initiatives fell within the purview of the Diversity and Staff Development Training committees.
    5. Cindy suggested that the committee should continue to discuss the recommendations and what it could actually handle. Cindy will share questions and comments with John, as John will lead implementation with Cindy advising and the advisory group also providing input.
    6. The committee decided to discuss the recommendations more in-depth in April.
  6. GREAT Initiative
    1. The GREAT Initiative continues to move forward, and includes SWOT team led by Jessica LeCrone. Three workshops are being held on coaching, managing, and recovering. Attendees have suggested that the Library could do more cross-unit events and training like these, so that everyone can share their experiences and best practices, and get to know other people in other units.
    2. The committee discussed ideas such as informal lunch meet ups, mixers, library-wide picnic, discussion groups, and other activities to build community as discussed at the retreat.
    3. The GREAT initiative also includes sending acknowledgements to people on the good work they’re doing. The group received a Marketing grant to get mugs, buttons, and lanyards for giving out to people who complete the GREAT training.
    4. The committee discussed participating in the Wellness Team’s walks with a hosted Diversity Committee walk. The committee also discussed idea of developing customized walk or campus tour, and could potentially talk with Sarah and Mara on the Outreach Committee.
  7. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration 2017
    1. Heather reported that she had been asked why the Library wasn’t a sponsor for MLK, Jr. Day, but the Library is listed a co-sponsor as Library Administration. Heather will speak with event organizers to get the listing revised to say University Library, and will keep an eye out for the 2017 celebration events.
  8. Inclusive Illinois Updates
    1. Cindy reported that the mascot committee from Student Senate will be holding a forum on Friday at 5.
    2. Cindy reported that the Strategic Planning sub-committee from the Inclusive Illinois committee will do focus groups with campus members.
    3. At the Inclusive Illinois meeting in January, there was discussion on how to encourage Black Lives Matter activities, but events and planning were low key right now.
  9. Other News and Updates
    1. Committee members should send feedback to Laila about her Micro-aggressions LibGuide.
    2. Erik announced that the UNESCO feed has announcements and resources that may be useful.
    3. Zoe suggested that members could submit posts for the Staff Development blog about events and things to highlight for diversity.
    4. It was discussed whether the committee wanted to apply for an exhibit, and Cindy noted that she is doing a Women at Illinois exhibit in March 2017.
    5. The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.