March 7, 2019 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

March 7, 2019

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IAS Staff Meeting

March 7, 2019

Present: Kit Condill, Bella Irvine, Lisa Renee Kemplin, Laila Hussein Moustafa, Joe Lenkart, Lynne Rudasill, Mara Thacker, and Xiaoping Qi

Announcements & Accolades:

  1. The IAS desk tracker has a new tab for events. All are encouraged to use this when hosting events. This will be helpful for our unit annual reports as well as for Jen-Chien. Demonstrated use of form by filling out for reception this week.
  2. The last 2 Big Read programs take place this week. The third book discussion is today at noon in Rm 309 and the Books n Brew takes place on Saturday at 3pm at Riggs Brewing Co.
  3. Atoma is in Togo attending to brother’s funeral arrangements. He will also travel to a film festival before he returns.
  4. Lynne is grateful for kindness showed as she leads IAS in Steve’s absence.
  5. Laila is writing a post that covers the event of donating the Ryukyu Kingdom collection to IASL.


  1. Kit shared information from the last CDC meeting. The Dean will be asking for inflation funds from campus for serials and monographs. He will reduce his request of the estimated cost by 1%. The CDC committee spent some time with the question on why the request would be below what has been determined the estimate total cost needed to sustain subscriptions and purchases. One idea is that there are funds left over each year which does not put the library in great light to increase our request. This reduction will not show up for this year or next, instead it will be the following year.
  2. There was also a discussion on gift funds. How to move money to those who do not receive much from those who receive more. Lynne shared that the campus has a new budget process. Instead of funds coming direct from campus colleges would pay according to the number of students they have or something similar.
  3. Kit will also send an email on the IAS desiderata funds. E-sources are preferred from established vendors.
  4. Kit sent around a new patron damage policy for our unit’s review. Please send any comments to Kit by March 20.
  5. There will be a new volunteer working group lead by George and Wendy to come up with guidelines for serial databases using gift funds. This group is looking for representation from IAS. Kit will send out an email to see who may be interested.
  6. Mara has met with the Strategic Planning Team. She has decided that weekly meetings will not work for our unit so she has invited everyone to a box folder where all can see the information that is needed and report for our division. We are asked to do and SOAR analysis for our unit. Encouraged all to reference the Campus Strategic Report. Lynne suggested that all send ideas for the categories needed. Mara sent an email today with the charge. Mara would like all voices heard so that this report is collaborative.
  7. Discussed having someone from Advancement come to one of our meetings to talk about possible donors for our collection needs. Mara has created a one page sales pitch for her collection using a template from Advancement. Others encouraged to create these. It was also suggested that our department meet with donors.
  8. Joe reported on his meetings with Managing the Library’s Collection. The first survey comments have led to the creation of a new survey. There is talk of a specialized reference collection being in the stacks. There will also be guidelines for departmental criteria for collection in the stacks. Joe will share the final comments with our unit.

Upcoming IAS Events: 

March 8           International Women’s Day                2pm                 Rm 106

March 9           Books N Brew                                     3pm                 Riggs Brewing Co.

March 12         Research Spotlight                              3-4:30pm         Rm 106

April 13            Author Talk                                        2:30-3:30pm    Rm 321

April 17            Research Spotlight w/UGL                 2-3pm              TBD

June 7             International Resource Fair                1:30-4pm         Rm 66 and 220

June 6-8          MSELC Conference                           all day/evenings  Various Locations