March 28, 2017 Meeting of Academic Professional Promotion Implementation Team

Time and Location of Meeting

March 28, 2017

Agenda Details


I. Agenda (Tom Teper): 5 Minutes

II. FY18 Budget 15 Minutes

III. ind9 Review 15 Minutes

IV. Safari Update 15 Minutes

V. Conservation Treatments for Non-General Collections (Jennifer) 15 Minutes

VI. Updates 25 Minutes

A. Acquisitions
B. E-Resources
C. Preservation Services
D. Other Updates

VII. Parking Lot/Forthcoming Items

A. er14 review – Newspapers in er14
C. Collection Management – Deduplication
D. Collection Management – Update on Space Evaluation in Oak and Stacks

Minutes Details


Tom Teper, Tom Habing, Jennifer Teper, Beth Namachchivaya
Absent: JoAnn Jacoby, Greg Knott, Susan Schnuer, Angela Waarala


I. Feedback and/or Questions Received Thus Far
Tom Teper asked if anyone had received feedback since the Faculty Meeting
presentation. Jennifer received a couple of CV’s. Tom received the question of
“Should the revised job description include everything they do, or should the job
description only describe the job?” Tom’s response was the package consists of the
position description, CV, and the self-statement which should include all of the duties
for case making as to the appropriate level of AP.

II. AP Open Sessions (the first is on Tuesday)
Tom Teper is hoping to develop a FAQ from the Open Sessions. He also stated that
all committee members should encourage as many APs as possible to attend these
sessions. Jennifer asked if these sessions will have presentations or just Q and A?
Tom Teper stated that the Faculty Meeting presentation will be available and there
will be committee members available to answer questions.

III. Our Calendar
Tom Teper would like to have all AP documents by April 15th. This will give the
committee until May 30th to assign ranks and have information back to the APs. APs
will then have until June 30th to appeal. Jennifer asked what other appeals processes
have occurred in the Library? Beth commented that we need to be careful. We do not
want to be an appeals committee, however, do we really want to form another
committee? Discussion ensued about using the Grievance Committee for appeals.
Beth suggested that APPIT speak with the Grievance Committee about forming a
sub-committee to handle appeals. Tom Teper asked if they should speak with LCAP,
and then suggested that perhaps a member of L-CAP, Greg, and a Faculty
member could handle appeals. The group decision was to have Tom send a note to
Cherie’. Susan, and Greg. Jennifer stated that April 15th is a Saturday. Should the
deadline be changed to April 14th or April 17th? The decision was made that we
would accept items submitted through April 17th.

IV. Next Steps
a. Using Open Sessions/Feedback to Create FAQ
*See above under Our Calendar*
b. Getting a Jumpstart on the Next Phase of the Team’s Work, i.e.,
recommendations due to EC in September.