March 23, 2017 Meeting of Library Staff Support Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

March 23, 201711:08 am

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Dani Postula (chair), Jim Cotter, Shoshanna Vegh-Gaynor, Kyle McCafferty, Gennye Varvel, Debora Pfeiffer (minutes)


  1. Dani Postula will step down as chair of the LSSC as of June 2017.
    1. A new chairperson will be elected by the committee.
      1. We plan to discuss this matter at the next LSSC meeting when more members of the committee are present.

a.For example, she participated in a Five-Year Unit Head Review. The reviewing committee needed a member of LSSC, and no one else was able to do it, so Dani participated.

  1. Dani plans to remain an active member of the LSSC committee.
  2. Dani is a member of ClimateQUAL implementation team. She enjoys facilitating and implementing staff suggestions and promoting good communication between faculty and staff, which are key functions of ClimateQUAL.
    1. The last ClimateQUAL survey was taken in 2015 and the issues and findings are still being discussed and solutions are still being implemented. This leads those involved to believe that the ClimateQUAL committee’s work should be ongoing.
    2. There is some discussion of making this group permanent, and Dani would like to continue her association with it. She feels that this is the best use of her abilities.
    3. Dani wanted us to know that one of the things she has enjoyed about being chairperson of the LSSC was that she has been able to meet people throughout the Library that she would not otherwise have met.
      1. She enjoyed getting to know upper level administrators. She said that establishing communication and trust with these administrators was extremely rewarding. She appreciated the fact that they felt free to approach her with various issues and questions.
    4. After she steps down as LSSC chair, Dani will also be able to spend more time focusing on the responsibilities of her job.
  3. The LSSC will have elections—(the LSSC will be electing new members to fill unoccupied positions; an internal elections for officers will also be held.)
    1. An LSSC member expressed interest in the chair position during this meeting.
  4. The Committee Fair is April 13, 2017. It will take place in Room 106 and in the hallway outside Room 106, from 11am to 1pm.
    1. Dani sent an email to LSSC members of the details of this event.
    2. The LSSC has a template of a brochure with general information on it which we can distribute at the fair.
    3. Jim suggest that we create one or more posters which enumerate the accomplishments of the LSSC in the last few years, e.g.
      1. Assisting in the choice of the University Librarian
      2. The administration of the ALA scholarships
      3. The administration of Reaching Forward South scholarships
      4. Association with ClimateQUAL.
      5. The institution and maintenance of a comment box for staff suggestions
    4. We discussed suggestions regarding the way in which we could publicize the benefits of being a member of the LSSC.
      1. Debora offered to work with Skye to come up with a solution for this.
    5. Dani suggested that we need an auxiliary LSSC meeting to form a subcommittee which will work out the details and logistics of the LSSC participation in the Committee Fair. Details to come on this later.
    6. We discussed the fact that the LSSC does not have a treasury. We were wondering if we would have access to funds, if we, for example, needed to purchase supplies for making posters for the Committee Fair.
      1. We decided that Debora would talk to Skye about creating a narrative about the path to funds for the LSSC in the event that we would need them.
      2. We might form a sub-committee for this; we agreed that it would be great if Skye could be on the sub-committee because of her access to Greg Knott.
    7. Based on the content of the LSSC’s email brainstorming over the next week, Dani will determine when our auxiliary meeting will take place. This will probably be during the week of April 3-7th.
    8. LSSC booth coverage for the Committee Fair so far:
      1. Dani: 2 hours
      2. Kyle: 1 hour
      3. Jim: 11:00-11:30 (tentative)
      4. Debora: 2 hours
      5. Shoshana: TBD
      6. It was asserted that any LSSC member who wants to come to this even and hang out at our booth should definitely do that!


  1. One member asked rhetorically how many staff members would actually be interested in the LSSC or the Committee Fair.
    1. Dani thinks that about half of UIUC Library staff are members of Library committees.
  2. Dani informed us that one of the functions of the ClimateQUAL group is to create best practices for Library committees. They are in the process of creating guidelines for creating and maintaining an effective committee.
  3. LSSC’s work regarding the 2017 ALA Conference Scholarships is now complete.
    1. Lisa Renee Kemplin and Tim Hayden are the recipients of the scholarships.
    2. Kristin Zidon is the recipient of the day trip to ALA
  4. Reaching Forward South—will be held at Eastern Illinois University on Friday, April 7, 2017 from 8:00am-4:00pm.
    1. Funding for the registration fee and the provision of transportation has been
    2. Approved for 8 people to be sent to this conference. In the past, we had money to send 12 people, but apparently, not that people were interested in attending.
    3. Dani will create an online survey today so that staff members can apply for places.
      1. Applicants must have supervisor approval before filling out form.
      2. There is no selection process; it is “first come, first served.”
    4. There was some discussion about the nature of the conference.
      1. It is the impression of some staff members who have previously attended that RFS is geared to smaller institutions and public libraries.
      2. LSSC members mentioned that they have enjoyed past RFS sessions on:
        1. Customer service
        2. Creating effective displays
        3. Career promotion
      3. One LSSC member said that she enjoyed socializing with colleagues in the van.
      4. Some possible draws:
        1. Free breakfast and lunch
        2. Swag (free stuff)
        3. Raffles
      5. The itinerary is online; this will be sent out with the survey.
      6. Cut off date for applications is: Wednesday, March 29, 2017. 9 pm.
  5. Budget News
    1. On March 8, Bill Mischo said that there would be a 3% reduction in Library funds for the coming fiscal year (starting July 1, 2017).
    2. Library administrators will create models for 1%, 3%, and 5%.
    3. There will be no staff layoffs.
    4. Some journals will be cancelled.
    5. The Siebel Center Design School received a $26,000,000 donation, which will benefit the Grainger Library.
    6. It has been observed that, as collections are cut, the costs move to ILL-DD.
    7. Faculty retirements: Beth Woodard is retiring soon, and hers will become an AP position.
    8. A visiting (reference?) position will become a permanent position at a lower salary in the near future. (Dani has more information about this matter.)
    9. Open hours at the Library can always be reduced but this does not mean that staff funds will be reduced.
  6. Reports on division meetings
    1. Social Sciences Division did not meet.
    2. Faculty meeting: the budget was discussed, as were AP promotions. There will be many title changes to AP positions. These will all be reviewed by UIUC HR; this process opens the possibility that some AP positions may become Civil Service positions.
      1. Tom Teper said that the collections budget would remain the same as last year, which due to inflation, has the effect of being a cut to the collections budget.
    3. ILL costs are down.
    4. Shoshana: one Ricker GA had his/her hours cut from 20 hours to 10 hours.
    5. Special Collections division did not meet.
    6. CPS: Since GA training is so expensive, should it be cut? This has not yet been decided.
  1. LSD/PSED Meeting March 28th, 2017


LSD and PSED budget narrative models



  • LSD is modeling the 1, 3, and 5% cuts on Pat Allen position cut to 51% FTE.  After his retirement the position will return to the general pool and any replacement be made in the position request to the campus.
  • JoAnn Jacoby proposed closing Funk an hour earlier (9pm) on Fridays and Saturdays during the semester. It would save $430.00.  UGL is also considering this.
  • Chemistry Library and Math Library are already at bare bones even though usage is high. Math is almost out of their student assistant budget, and Chemistry is already out and using endowment funds.
  • Everything will be coming out of Grainger’s student assistant budget.
  • 3-point plan
    • Collectively investigate the usage of online databases and journals
    • Make cancellations based on usage
    • Take cancellations to campus and ask them to match for serials inflation.
    • From CDC meeting- Tom thinks he has identified enough to cover 80-92% of the interest (with the cooperation of specialists). If Campus matches this, the Library should not need to make more cuts to the collection for a few years.
    • Sarah Williams requested overlap information for a proposed cancelled database, Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management.
    • Potential cancellations:
      • JoVE
      • Safari
      • Knovel
        • Susan Braxton wanted to know if Grainger was talking to faculty before or after making cancellations. Not entirely.  We are working with library faculty advisory committees, but since most materials have low usage, not bothering them.  We will handle if complaints arise to point out alternative resources.   Undergraduate students are mainly using this material, and there are other better options.


Collection budget and CDC updates3.      AC updates

Privacy policies for the Library resources, tools, and patron policies will be created or updated.

Changes to Grainger operations

Since Bill Mischo’s appointment, his duties have mainly been dispersed among individuals at Grainger. Bill is still around though, and Heidi Imker and Elizabeth Wickes are spending more time at Grainger. The main contact point should be

  1.  Notes from Faculty Meeting 3/8/17:
    Bill (Mischo)stated that there will be a 3% Budget Reduction out of Operations not collections. They will not be laying off staff. He mentioned t-shirts (NINJA) – Need Information Now Just Ask.
    Nancy (O’Brien) (Executive Committee Report & Discussion) -Approved (4) positions. Budget issues to continue. Extending Strategic Framework to 2018.
    Tom (Teper) (Academic Professional Promotion Implementation Team’s work) – They want to have it done by July 16, 2017.
    Tom (Teper) (Data from the Collections Forum) – Collections is changing, more online. Flat Budget. Making a decision on Safari.
    Susanne Belovari (New program of archivist for faculty papers) – She does appraisals  / processing. Room 19


Minutes respectfully submitted by Debora Pfeiffer on March 24, 2017