March 20, 2006 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

March 20, 20061:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Update on Learning Commons
    Outcome: update
    30 minutes
  2. CPS Staffing Proposal (attached)
    Outcome: Review
    20 minutes
  3. Staff Assignments During Voyager Downtime
    Outcome: Plan for upcoming 2-week downtime
    20 minutes
  4. Updates and Announcements

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman-chair, Bob Burger, Tina Chrzastowski, Betsy Kruger, William Maher, Beth Sandore, Diane Schmidt, Dee Shonkwiler, Becky Smith (for Sue Searing), Bruce Swann (for Tom Kilton), Karen Wei, Lynn Wiley, Visitors-; Kim Reynolds-recording


  1. Update on Learning Commons – MestreLori handed out a draft of Guiding Principles that have been recently developed for the Learning Commons (LC) especially emphasizing the connection between LC, the Scholarly Commons and the Library as a whole.  She also provided a handout of work in progress. F&S has taped off the lower-level in UGL and the carrels are in the process of being removed during Spring Break. A temporary web page is being used to provide information, as well as signs within the undergraduate library. The temporary web page is at After the carrels have been moved, shifting of collections will occur so that periodicals and Media Reserves can be moved to the lower-level by June and then work can occur on the upper level. Groups still working on details include: Marketing, Staff Training, Defined Floor Plan, and Furniture and Technology, Virtual Web page and a Computer Peripherals Group.
  2. Chemistry update – ChrzastowskiThe renovations are proceeding on schedule and they are scheduled to take over the space on June 30. There is a link from the Chemistry Library homepage to photos and floor plans for the new space.
  3. CPS Staffing Proposal – KrugerThe CPS Division feels that the process and criteria used by the EC and Budget Subcommittee in making decisions to approve or not approve requests for new positions or to fill vacancies are very unclear and not always guided by strategic priorities. Their proposal recommended that a list of priorities to guide this decision-making process be developed and shared library-wide.

    Currently EC has declared a moratorium on filling professional positions until it can complete the Strategic Plan. EC is committed to finishing their work by mid May. Paula Kaufman will put out a request for positions to be submitted by June 1.

  4. Staff Assignments During Voyager Downtime – Kaufman/KrugerVoyager will be down starting on June 15 for up to two weeks for a system upgrade. It’s possible that the upgrade may take less time. The Voyager Circ team is working on documentation for how staff should handle circulation activities during that time. The UIUC OPAC will be static with no requesting functionality. The Universal Catalog will not be available at all. Voyager profiling has been adjusted so that no materials come due between June 15 and July 1. Betsy will contact Cindy Ashwill about getting public information about the downtime out to E-Week closer to that time.

    Lisa Hinchliffe is planning some some staff training sessions during that time period; another clean-up date has also been suggested. Acquisitions has a marking backlog that staff whose jobs depend on the availability of Voyager can help out with, and Bookstacks can employ staff in the Stacks shifting project currently underway. Betsy will get information about such projects out on LIBNEWS around mid-May so that units can start planning what their staff might want to do during this time. Of course, it is recognized that units may have internal projects that their staffs might be needed to work on during that time.

  5. Updates and AnnouncementsKruger – The Phone Center, which is currently open until 7pm M-Th will be closing at 5:00pm on Monday through Thursday beginning March 20. The Phone Center phone line will be transferred to the Main Circ Desk after 5pm on those days. The staff person who usually staffs the Phone Center from 5-7pm M-Th will begin working at the main circ desk during those hours and will field any calls that come into the Phone Center from the desk.

    Wiley – Friends Gift Shop will be opening on April 3. There will be a celebration to kick-off the opening. The shop will be open from 1:00-5:00pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Right now they don’t plan to have it open during the summer. Some of the things for sale are notecards, paperback books, T-shirts, mugs, and totes.

    Kaufman – Champaign Public Library will be having their booksale March 31 – April 1 at the JBJ Center.

    Wiley – Acquisitions will have an early closing date. Selectors need to be aware if they have underspent and also if they have large purchases that need contracts sent through they need to allow enough time to do that. Purchasing if very slow and they need these contracts by next week. The moratorium on ordering is April 14. Beth Trotter will be going to the bookstore on April 21 and credit card orders will be cut of then.

    Shonkwiler – The main reading room of Law is almost done.