March 19, 2007 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

March 19, 20071:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Out-of-state borrowing policy
    S. Atkins
    (10 minutes)
  2. FY08 Budget Discussion – Review and Q&A
    R. Allen, K. Schmidt
    (20 minutes)
  3. Question Time
    (10 minutes)
  4. Emergency Contact List
    S. Walter
    (10 minutes)
  5. Assessing the Quality of the GA Experience
    S. Walter
    (10 minutes)
  6. Faculty/AP web pages, template
    K. Schmidt, S. Walter
    (10 minutes)
  7. Updates:
    RSO & Free Speech Space
    CPR training
    Permission to Film Policy

    (10 minutes)
  8. Announcements
    (5 minutes)

Minutes Details


  1. Out-of-state borrowing policy – S. AtkinsStephanie presented a policy and it was approved by the Committee. (see attached)
  2. FY08 Budget Discussion – Review and Q&A – R. Allen, K. SchmidtThe campus is hoping to have budget information available by late April or early May. We don’t know if we will have to pay utility taxes. The Provost is urging all colleges to rethink programs. For the Library, this means reviewing our many service points. Karen and Scott have been and will continue to meet with all Divisions to discus possibilities. The Library/IT fee has been approved at $200 per student per semester. The fee will be phased in over four years, with the new freshman class. We don’t know yet how much of that fee the Library will get.

    Some of our unavoidable costs are for promotion and tenure increases, the salary program, the raise in minimum wage, Collections, IT and facilities; shared digital repository, mass digitization; other initiatives are the gaming initiative, and learning commons.

  3. Question TimeThere were no questions.
  4. Emergency Contact List – S. WalterThe Emergency Coverage Policy included CAMELS. There was a schedule that ended last summer. Sandy Wolfe gave a report to AC last June. Scott will talk to Sandy to see what CAMELS is doing and find out if the policy should be revised. We need to determine what our notion of emergency coverage is and if we need to maintain a schedule. Some divisions have used the service. Others were unaware that it was available and provided coverage, when needed, from within the division. There is also the question of who the remote libraries should contact in an emergency.
  5. Assessing the Quality of the GA Experience – S. WalterWe want to improve the way we document the quality of the GA experience. GSLIS would like more information regarding the value of the experience to help promote their program. The Provost is interested in accountability and providing hard facts about how the program is affecting graduates and professionals.

    In the next several months we will prepare to identify a process by which we will routinely collect information on GA positions. We will be looking out what some of the more unique positions are, which units do exit interviews, ask divisions to collect existing practices and send those to Karen or Scott; assess the value of the experience to the student and the unit, and work with Linda Smith (GSLIS) on a pilot survey of former GAs.

  6. Faculty/AP web pages, template – K. Schmidt, S. WalterAt one time there was a program to keep faculty pages updated. Many of them have not been updated in a really long time. We need to develop a more central way to do this. What do the divisions think? APs would also be included. Should people have the ability to edit their own pages, so they can update them? Could we set up a template that everyone could follow so they would look more consistent? Pages could be generated automatically and people could just update a data file. Perhaps this could be supported in CMS. Maybe the old pages could be taken down until they can be updates. Karen will ask Bill Mischo about Systems ability to do this.
  7. Updates: Registered Student Organization (RSO) & Free Speech SpaceKaren met with Deb Forgacs from Facilities and Services. Her office assigns space on campus. They want the Library to develop its own policy as to what we consider public areas. Campus policy defines various types of space. The Library (main and UGL) must provide assignable space to the RSO and is should be in a public or common area versus a work space. We would want to continue our ‘ code of conduct’ policy.

    So we need to identify spaces for RSOs, make it known, students would contact F&S to reserve the space and F&S would contact our Facilities office to see if the space if available at the requested time. We could block out dates/times when we needed the space for our own activities. Many of our public spaces are off limits because of code. That would include the north/south hallway and the second floor. The fire marshal has looked at the UGL plaza level and is still determining if it will pass fire code.

    CPR Training
    We have been gathering information. There is a general consensus that to make this work we will need to have specific persons mandated to take the training. HR is looking into any union issues related to mandating staff to take the training. It is a lot of work to keep everyone current with training. Vet Med has people who are certified. Karen will check with Dean Whiteley to see how they have done this.

    Permission to Film Policy
    The policy is online. Facilities has a check list for people who are doing filming.

  8. AnnouncementsID Badges– there is no new information. We are working on a new design to take into account graphic identity. We’re also checking to see if we can use card stock that has already been purchased.

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