March 12, 2014 Meeting of University Library Exhibitions Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

March 12, 20143:30 pm

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Miriam Centeno, Cher Schneider, Jody Waitzman (chair)


1. Membership 

  • Miriam Centeno has joined the committee. We discussed her role on the committee, and Miriam agreed to take on website maintenance and communications with Facilities (both were formerly Magdalena’s responsibilities)

 2. Jody: web calendar; budget mgmt. and ordering

  • Inquired about balance of Mueller fund on 3/10, still waiting to hear back
  •  Printing costs for NS corridor March 2014: $178.63. From now on, we will request an estimate before approving printing jobs. At next meeting, we will discuss possibly raising the $100 budget per exhibit – especially for the NS Corridor, as it’s hard to get banners and such printed for under $100.
  • Discussed purchase of supplies requested by SSHEL (draping fabric, wire easels, book cradles, tabletop display board). Decided that based on the mission of the Exhibits Committee, we should NOT purchase supplies for anything other than the cases we manage.
  • Depending on how much money we have in the Mueller account, might we purchase another case(s) for other Library spaces? A past concern was that we wouldn’t be able to fill all of the cases, but what if we extend the time frame for each exhibit (or some of them, anyway) to 2-3months at a time?
  • Update on excom email since last meeting: there is no straightforward way for us to email FROM the excom email address, so we’ll have to continue to reply from our individual emails and CC

3. Cher: contact with exhibitors for install/deinstall; preparation of materials for exhibit

  • Cher never heard back from Facilities about our proposed methods for mitigating light damage. Since Miriam meets with Jeff Schrader on a biweekly basis, she will try to bring this up with him directly.

4. Pat: Graduate student competition


5. IT/Website Issues (Redistributed from Magdalena’s responsibilities)

  • Jody will contact IT about emailing FROM the excom email address
  • Jody will try again to update the website (add meeting minutes, photos of exhibits, and committee contact information); if updates in the CMS still won’t show on the site, Jody will contact IT to troubleshoot

6. Lucy: Publicity and recruitment of exhibitors

  • We have some vancancies in the schedule (see below) – seems like a good time to send out a message on LibNews and the digital signage to drum up some exhibits!

7. Miriam: website; facilities

  • Miriam agreed to take on website maintenance and communications with Facilities (both were formerly Magdalena’s responsibilities)
  • Miriam has CMS training, and will try logging in and making some of the minor edits we’ve been wanting to take care of, such as:
    – Miriam’s name is misspelled on the main page
    – Meeting minutes need to be uploaded for 2012-2013
  • Longer-term wishlist for the website:
    – Clean up navigation so important information isn’t so buried

8. Schedule

  • The following exhibit times are available between now and April 2015. If we don’t have anyone volunteer for them soon, we may ask exhibitors from month before or after to extend their dates:
    • June 2014 in the NS Corridor
    • August 2014 in the NS Corridor
    • January 2015 in the Marshall Gallery
    • February 2015 in the Marshall Gallery
    • February 2015 in the NS Corridor
    • March 2015 in the NS Corridor

9. Supply Cabinet

  • Preservation will be borrowing the exhibits cart during the month of March to help with an assessment of oversized materials in Archives