March 11, 2015 Meeting of Library Assessment Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

March 11, 201510:00 am - 11:30 am Main Library Room 428

Agenda Details


  1. Review the agenda
  1. Review 2014-2015 project lists
  • Create a LibGuide or packet of ready resources for faculty and staff to refer to about assessment tools and resources. It is so hard to keep track of whether data is on the website, the G drive, in someone’s personal files, etc.
  • Develop an index of the Qs on the user surveys (at least the most recent LibQUAL and Ithaka faculty), the ARL stats, etc. so that someone who wants to know about something, e.g., ebooks, could use the index to get directly to the information source.

No additional updates for these two projects except Jen and Tiffany are still working on them. Members discussed where (LAC website or LibGuide) we should make the index public. The members favor the LibGuide for that.

  1. LAC membership (looking ahead)

Two LAC members have left Illinois midway through AY2014-2015 so we are currently 2 members short. Also 3 members’ term will be up at the end of AY2014-2015. Jen consulted EC members at an EC Open Office Hours regarding LAC membership; particularly what is the procedure of requesting replacements or advocating for new members. EC suggested that we (LAC) submit a proposal for EC and specify what we need before the committee membership appointments in summer.
LAC members discussed and decided that we would like to see faculty or APs from the following area/units:

  • Library IT
  • Collections
  • Divisional representation if possible (we currently don’t have members from Social Sciences, Physical Sciences/Engineering, Life Sciences, Area Studies and Special Collections)
  • Mix of Library faculty and APs
  • UX librarian

LAC members also recommend that if we could add the new UX librarian (search ongoing) as an ex officio. As it stands now, we need EC to appointment 2 new members to replace Kirk H. and Kelly M. and 3 new/returning members.

Action Item: Jen will draft the proposal for EC and share with LAC for comments

  1. Ithaka Graduate Student Survey update (Lisa)

Lisa updated the process of developing the new modules (Internal Students & STEM Students). Ithaka shared the draft for these modules too late which doesn’t allow much time for the Working Group to test and revise the modules. Lisa is suggesting that we postpone and launch the survey in Fall 2015 instead. Lisa has talked with Sue Searing and the Working Group and will be talking to John Wilkin and finalize the plan.

Lisa explained benefits of administering the survey in Fall:

  • Better for the campus schedule (there are many campus-wide student surveys in spring semesters)
  • Better timeline design (the possibility of using a 2-part methodology which includes PART I sending email invitations to selected samples and PART II open blitz – asking liaison librarians, grad colleges, department admins to send out information about the survey to graduate students
  • More time for the Working Group to perfect the new modules

LAC members brainstormed some ideas for incentives. For example, the University of Chicago and other Grad Survey Participants have used a “permanent” study space – a cubicle, study room reserved for individuals during a certain period of time. Jason S. suggested that we could offer free printing across the library (through Papercut).

Action Item: LAC members support Lisa’s suggestion on rescheduling the survey in Fall 2015

  1. How can the Library Assessment Committee contribute to the strategic planning process? (Lisa)

Lisa shared upcoming Strategic Planning events (Understanding Campus, Deep Dives and Lens) March through June. Lisa raised two questions for LAC discussion – What data would help the SP process? How would LAC contribute to the SP process? We generated the following ideas:

  • The current project (see 2.2) can provide a list of survey questions, data points and statistics that we have internally. Assisting SP members to access the data from LAC website/LibGuide also builds awareness of the committee and its work.
  • LAC can come up with goals that are measurable/assessment; and help identify how we collect/manage data as evidence for achieving the goals.
  • Methodology design: LAC members have experience in designing/conducting focus groups, qualitative/quantitative data collection and analysis.
  • How do we know that a strategic planning process is successful? It’s not too late for us to come up with milestones and metrics for assessing the process.

Action Item: We can look into literature (probably will be from business management or higher ed assessment) for ways to assess the SP process and share findings with Lisa.

  1. Updates (Round-robin)
  • A Library IT AP position (Visiting Information Systems Analyst) on the hiring plan was approved. This person will be helping with reporting (working with homegrown or commercial systems) and other library system projects.
  • The final UX candidates will visit on March 17. The public presentation will be at 11 am in 428. Thank you for participating in the meetings/lunches during the searches. Please send your feedback on the candidates to Sarah William the UX search chair.
  • ClimateQUAL and Sweeps Week are going well and both end this week (3/14/2015).
  • The webcast series on Tableau has generated many discussions. Many people either came to the webcasts or contacted Jen for questions. A group of CIC assessment librarians are also planning on possible having a summer webinar on Tableau/data visualization.

Minutes Details