March 10, 2021 Meeting of Library Assessment Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

March 10, 20219:00 am - 10:00 am Zoom

Agenda Details


Community Agreements

  • Listen Actively: Try to understand others before being understood.
  • Step In, Step Back: Step up and use your voice or Step Back and make space for others.
  • Speak from Your Own Lived Experience: Use “I” statements and refrain from telling other people’s stories.
  • Invest In Yourself and Invest in Each Other: Honor our shared space and keep time in mind.
  • Think Beyond Binaries: Hold multiple perspectives at once.
  • Stories Stay, Lessons Go: Confidentiality and personal privacy.
  • Repair Harm: Seek space to repair harm when we mess up.

1. Library Assessment Updates (20 min.)

  • Share of agenda/minutes
  • Library Assessment Forum
  • Library Assessment Specialist search
  • 2021 Library Service Satisfaction Survey (Open March 9-29) OPRS Protocol #21655, SARA Approval #00017
  • Sweeps Week (March 8-14)
  • MyLibrary virtual focus group (John)
  • Additional materials in Box
  • Upcoming events:
    • Assessment of Library Instruction Session (March 18, 2:30pm-4:00pm , internal)
    • Assessment Brown Bags
    • Last FREE Library Assessment Half-Day Conferences

2. Library Assessment Forum (20 min.)

  • Date: June?
  • Format (talks, panels, etc.)
  • Length
  • Topics

3. Round-robin updates

Minutes Details


Jen-chien Yu, Peg Burnette, Megean Osuchowski, Geoffrey Ross, Erin Kerby, Rebecca Smith, Yali Feng, Ruthann Miller, Tricia Lampron, John Laskowski, Lindsay Taylor


1. Library Assessment Updates

  • Discussion about Library Assessment Committee meeting minutes and agenda posted on WordPress
    • Aim for committee transparency – continue to post meeting minutes publicly
    • Community guideline “stories stay, lessons go” – remove individual names to discussion comments
  • Library Assessment Specialist search is ongoing
  • 2021 Library Service Satisfaction Survey (Open March 9-29)
  • Sweeps Week (March 8-14) is this week
  • MyLibrary virtual focus group (John)
    • Zoom sessions with undergraduate students this and next week
    • Conversation aimed at how students use/perceive UGL
    • Want to create a sense of belonging during space transition
    • Participants will download a grid to layout ideal library space
  • Report back on UX Valentine’s Project (John)
    • 3-4 responses
    • Not sure if repeating next year: responses did not give insight into any action items
    • Difficult to do assessment through social media because the library’s social media is branched out into many pages and followers do not seem to be active/engaged
    • Responses suggest students still see library as book-space
  • Additional materials in Box
    • Examples of professional vs. researcher transcripts in response to previous LAC meeting discussion
      • Transcription options as topic for the LAC Forum
    • UX study asking participants to “design a vehicle” of the library: revealing perception through creative responses
    • Power point about assessing intermediate and distal outcomes with programming


2. Library Assessment Forum Planning

  • Date
    • Want to avoid conflict with research showcase (May 20 – 25) and ALA (June 23-29)
    • Planning for the week of June 14 – Jen will continue to check for conflicts
  • Format (talks, panels, etc.)
    • Short talks instead of panels
      • Helpful to have a formal moderator throughout sessions
  • Length
    • 1 – 1.5 hours
    • One hour in the morning, one hour in the afternoon
      • Flexibility for second/third shift staff who might want to attend
      • Schedule around lunch for desk schedule
      • Around lunchtime might also be too busy for desk schedule
  • Possible Topic Suggestions
    • Transcription Do’s and Don’t’s
    • How to assess outreach and engagement
    • Presentation from Student Affairs
    • DEI focused topic