March 1, 2021 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

March 1, 20211:30 pm - 3:00 pm Zoom Meeting

Agenda Details




March 1, 2021


Zoom Meeting


  1. Approve minutes – February 22, 2021
  2. Question Time
  3. Discussion Topics for AULs/Directors Visit
  4. Research Data Librarian Search Description
  5. Draft Charge for Task Force on Diversity in Recruitment
  6. Continued Discussion on Inclusion in Administration and Governance

Minutes Details




March 1, 2021

1:30-3:00 pm

Zoom Conference Call


EC Attendees: John Wilkin (Chair); William Maher (Vice-Chair); Dan Tracy (Secretary); Mara Thacker, Mary Laskowski, David Ward, Kelli Trei, Jennifer Teper, and Peg Burnette. Lucretia Williams, Recording



  1. Minutes – The February 22, 2021 minutes were approved with changes upon the motion by Bill Maher and seconded by Peg Burnette.


  1. Question Time – Dean Wilkin informed EC that he is preparing for the annual budget meeting with the Provost on Friday, March 5, 2021.


Dean Wilkin also explained to EC that there are several miscommunications that are going out that suggest campus plans to return to full on campus instruction on a specific timeline, but there is no current plan to return to normal in when the Fall semester commences, and any changes to the current approach will depend on what happens with the pandemic. Dean Wilkin has been in conversations with the Council of Deans and the Provost Office and promises that he will share information on updates as he receives it.


A question was asked following up on the recommendation EC sent to FRC in fall regarding scores for 0-1Y faculty. We have not heard anything back officially, although one EC member was able to state FRC had made some minor modifications to the process that are different from the recommendation.


There is an annual process for EC and the Senate Committee on the Library to provide feedback to the Provost to inform the annual reappointment of the Dean. Bill Maher (EC Vice-Chair) will confer with David Ward (last year’s EC Vice-Chair) about next steps for this year’s review.


David Ward updated EC that he and Sara Holder on Friday, March 5, 2021 will be releasing the progress reports from the Main/Undergraduate Library Integration team’s work with an executive summary. These reports will go out for comment from the library at large.


  1. Discussion topics for AUL’s/Directors at next EC – The AULs and Directors will attend EC on Monday, March 8 from 2-2:30. EC would like for the AULs/Directors be prepared to discuss the AUL Annual Review process, general updates, and the Main/Undergraduate Integration Project. Lucretia will inform the AUL’s/Directors of the topics of discussion.


  1. Research Data Librarian Search Description – EC minor wording changes for clarity for the Research Data Librarian Search Description. EC approved the Research Data Librarian Search Description with the recommended edits, and the search committee may work with HR to move forward with the posting.


  1. Draft Charge for Task Force on Diversity in Recruitment – EC had a robust discussion on the draft charge for a prospective Task Force on Diversity in Recruitment. There was some continued discussion about the scope of this task force, how unified the proposed action items were in scope, and the relationship to the prior task force report. Ultimately EC decided to hold this due to timing: some elements would benefit from prior completion of the Task Force on Research and Investigation Time; the start of the new Assistant Dean for BHRSC;, and reframing of the charge for this proposed task force. However, the item will be put in the “Parking Lot” for future EC agendas for return when it is ready for action.


  1. Continued Discussion on Inclusion in Administration and Governance – EC continued discussing governance and inclusion. Members discussed challenges and the tradeoffs of trying to create an updated version of EC, revising AC, or constituting another group. And pros and cons of just trying to address EC issues versus trying to address both EC and AC structures at the same time. An issue that makes this tricky is the historic challenge of deciding what topics go to AC instead of EC, which is a problem we do not want to replicate. An EC member suggested writing up specific ideas to keep the conversation from remaining too nebulous.


Meeting Adjourned 3:00 pm