March 1, 2018 Meeting of Area Studies

Time and Location of Meeting

March 1, 2018

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

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IAS Staff Meeting

March 3, 2018

Present: Jan Adamczyk, Atoma Batoma, Kit Condill,  Bella Irvine, Shuyong Jiang, Lisa Renee Kemplin, Joe Lenkart, Laila Hussein Moustafa, Antonio Sotomayor, and Steve Witt

Announcements & Accolades:

  1. Thanks to Joe for volunteering to be the GA Supervisor for AY19. Thanks also to Antonio for his service for AY18.
  2. Laila announced there will be a reception and dinner on April 5. The reception will be at 5pm, room TBD. This will highlight and celebrate the digitization of Arabic Manuscripts. Access to these scripts will require permission from either Laila, Bill Maher, or Jennifer Teper. The dinner will begin at 6pm, room TBD. The conference will be held on April 6 and 7. 
  3. The Chai Wai will also take place on April 5 in RM 321 from 3-4:30. The topic is the recent violence in West Africa. More information to follow.
  4. Reminder of the GOBI redo approval plan meeting with Lynne Wiley. Steve is providing pizza.


  1. Reviewed Global Studies Report as a template for the Title V1 NRC Data to use for the Library Section. Suggested subjects include regional strengths, allotted state funds, staff and material support, online databases, cooperative agreements, circulation, web page, and ILL data, visiting scholars, artifacts related to subject areas, and languages.
  2. Steve clarified that space polices that apply to conference rooms do not also apply to individual units such as RM 309. The general consensus was to have the room available to classes that would engage in international and area studies work and also engage library resources or subject specialists.  Steve would like questions regarding using the space by groups and students routed to the appropriate subject specialists or the unit head.  It was also  suggested to try to get furniture from RM 220 when they change out furniture. Some patrons are preferring to work in RM 309 without lights. Suggestion for diffused lighting in the room as an alternative. 


  1. Collection Development Committee—Tom is looking at journals and databases that have low use. They have identified 194 EBSCO journals and 25 databases with very low use for likely cancellation. These savings would be used to help cover inflation on all funds for FY19.
  2. Unit Head Meeting—Check out the Library Notes for March for announcements from Dean.


  1. Rajeev Malik and Janelle Weatherford from Foundation Relations will join us in April.