June 7, 2017 Meeting of Social Science

Time and Location of Meeting

June 7, 201710:00 am - 11:30 am 323c Main Library

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Present: Lisa Romero (SSD Coordinator), Cindy Ingold, Nancy O’Brien, Peg Burnette, Beth Sheehan, Kelsey Cheshire
Absent: Karen Hogenboom, Lynne Rudasill, Susan Avery, JJ Pionke, Yoo-Seong Song, Dan Tracy, Gennye Varvel
Guests:  Jim Dohle, Robert Slater, Megean Osuchowski (Library IT)

Minute taker:  Laura Barnes (sub for JJ Pionke)


  1. Approval of February 1 minutes:  Cindy Ingold said she had some revisions. Nancy O’Brien moved that Lisa ask for revisions to the draft on the G: drive by Monday, June 12. The Division will then vote on approval of the revised minutes via email
  2. Announcements and Discussion Items:
    1.  Visit with Jim Dohle and IT staff to discuss CMS transition
      1. Jom Dohle, Robert Slater, and Megean Osuchowski from Library IT visited the division to discuss the transition from OpenCMS to WordPress. Jim provided a brief history of the migration to date. The goal is to have all units migrated to WordPress by the end of July and to retire OpenCMS by the beginning of the fall semester, although some units will have non-OpenCMS content that will continue beyond that date. Robert noted that content not migrated from OpenCMS will be saved into zip files, which will be archived on the unit’s choice of the G: drive or Box to ensure that IT will be able to retrieve it if necessary. WordPress training sessions are ongoing and will be included in GA training this fall. Fundamentals training will be offered at least once a month. Megean and Jim provided an update to migration of the staff content into a staff intranet. The intranet site’s look and feel will be similar to the public facing web site. They are currently identifying major buckets of information that need to migrate from the current OpenCMS site. The goal is to separate staff and public content into separate WordPress sites that can be managed from the same dashboard. The result will improve findability of information for both staff and the public. The work on the intranet is ramping up this month with a target completion date of the beginning of the fall semester. A third web group, which includes Dan Tracy and Susan Avery, is working to identify core Library content and ensure that the right content is in the right location. The goal for this group is to centralize common content (e.g. ILL) for all units.
      2. Beth asked about analytics and how IT would handle the transition from OpenCMS to WordPress. Robert responded that they are currently doing transaction log based analytics and are transitioning to Google Analytics custom reporting for the WordPress site. Each unit will have access to basic information about hit rates from the WordPress dashboard. Library IT can give units access to Google Analytics and set up custom reports that can be added to the unit’s Google Analytics dashboard. They will also have the ability to track clicks on outbound links from sets of specific pages. These analytics are most useful if a unit is planning to redesign their site so that they can track which links are most often clicked on the current site. Units that are interested in having this feature enabled for short periods of time should submit a help desk ticket. Lisa asked if there were restrictions on who had access to the WordPress CMS. Robert replied that anyone with a NetID who has taken the training can be added. He also reminded us that after the unit migration, somebody from the unit will need to review the migrated content and continue to maintain the new site. Peg complimented the IT staff on how smoothly the migration has proceeded so far.
      3. Nancy asked how to be removed from Box folders for defunct or irrelevant committees and if content from defunct committees is being preserved somehow. Jim said that IT will investigate if someone submits a ticket. He also mentioned that Technology Services is rolling out group folders for Box and that it is possible to transfer ownership of a Box folder from one user to another. Nancy said that she would submit a ticket inquiring about the preservation issue.
    2. Division rep to CDC Taskforce on Web of Science
      1. In anticipation of the Big Ten Academic Alliance’s forthcoming Web of Science renewal, this task force is charged to review current Web of Science (WoS) databases, and those databases hosted in the WoS platform, to determine current pricing on individual and packaged database descriptions; multi-year usage information on all databases included in the existing license; overlap information with other commercial database holdings; and mechanisms for delivering backfile content previously purchased via WoS if the University Library chooses to move away from this platform. Kelsey Cheshire volunteered to serve as the SSD representative on the task force.
    3. Representative to CDC
      1. The term of Peg Burnette, the current SSD representative to CDC, will expire soon. Lisa will send a call for volunteers with a deadline of Monday, June 12. If more than one person responds to the call, SSD will vote to elect a representative from those volunteers.
  3. Reports:
    1. Advisory Committee to the AUL for User Services (Sheehan)
      1. The committee last met in March, where they brainstormed ideas for dealing with further budget reduction, including possible reductions in hours for some units. The next meeting of the group is the week of June 12.
    2. Area Studies Division rep to SSD (Rudasill)- No report
    3. Collection Development Committee (Burnette)
      1. Kelsey Cheshire attended the CDC meeting for Peg Burnette andreported on her behalf.  FY 2018 inflation will be covered via reallocations. The Electronic Health Sciences (EHS) fund has been renamed MED and will cover medical materials. It isn’t clear whether that will include print materials. The FY 2018 draft budget is not yet available for public distribution. Elsevier/Springer contracts are currently in negotiation after pushback by the Big Ten Academic Alliance. Deadline for renegotiation is October.
    4. CDC Approval Plan Taskforce (Cheshire)
      1. The taskforce met on May 8. Lynn Wiley is compiling historical data for seven years of approval plan fund use. The data will be used to determine the future direction of the Approval Plan.
    5. Data Services Committee (Sheehan, Hogenboom)
    6. The application deadline for data purchases was moved to accommodate fiscal year purchasing. The committee is currently reviewing the two applications they received. If both are funded, there will still be money left, so the committee is still accepting applications. Any questions about the application process should be referred to the Scholarly Commons while Karen is out of the office. The committee also discussed ways to market data sets previously purchased with these funds. They are working to develop workshops targeted toward specific types of data. The first will be on real-estate related data sets. Beth’s current term will expire in August and she’ll be leaving the committee for a year. Karen will continue to represent SSD.
    7. Diversity Committee (Ingold, Pionke)
      1. The committee met May 9. They are keeping close watch on the Chancellor’s  Diversity and Inclusion report. The Chancellor’s Office will spend the fall doing a deeper analysis and planning, which may include a diversity strategic plan for the campus and for individual units. The committee’s July meeting will be a two hour session to determine themes for the upcoming academic year. The committee is also discussing how to improve ways for staff to provide input relating to climate, including educating about existing procedures.
    8. Faculty Review Committee (O’Brien)
      1. The committee completed the evaluation process. They are reviewing and revising documentation over the summer.
    9. Library Assessment Committee (Avery, Ingold)
      1. The committee reviewed the forum discussions and created several action items as a result. They plan to host an additional forum in the fall.
    10. LSSC Representative (Varvel)
      1. Gennye sent an update to Lisa. The LSSC is currently holding an election to change their bylaws. The proposed change would move the Mortenson Center’s representation responsibility (in LSSC) from the Administrative Services liaison to the Area Studies liaison. The amendment was approved by LSSC on Thursday, 6/1/17, and must be approved by a simple majority of the library civil service staff responses to become official. The committee is also preparing for upcoming LSSC elections.
    11. Marketing and Strategic Communications (Tracy)- No report
    12. Office of Research, Liaison (Tracy)- No report
    13. Reference Management Team (Sheehan)
      1. The group is reviewing the privacy policies associated with the Ask A Librarian service. The discussion centers on changes to be more open about what the policies are. The LibCal pilot is still active. Beth reminded everyone to set up their availability for the remainder of the summer. They have received minimal feedback from patrons, but what they have received has been positive. They will talk with Library IT about making it more visible on the Library’s gateway page.
    14. Research & Publications Committee (Tracy)- No report
    15. Research Data Service Committee (Burnette, Hogenboom)
      1. The committee will meet on the afternoon of June 7. Their web site has migrated to WordPress. They are currently doing an evaluation of the DMP review process. DMP quality varies a lot from plan to plan. Most researchers intend to share data but need assistance determining where and how to do that. A visitor from Cambridge University will be visiting the Library from July 13-15. The committee will discuss the draft schedule at the upcoming meeting. There will be many opportunities to interact. Announcements will be forthcoming.
    16. SSD rep to Life Science Division (Burnette)
      1. The web team visited during the last meeting.
    17. SSD rep to Central Public Services Division (Ingold)
      1. The web team and representatives from Scholarly Communications and Publishing visited during the last meeting.
    18. Staff Development & Training Committee (Ingold, Pionke)
      1. The Library Committee Fair will be held again next year. There are many wellness activities occurring in the library. The Supervisor Training contract has been signed. A small group is reading and discussing Crucial Conversations and may start a small book discussion group in the fall. The informal supervisory discussion meetings will continue in the fall. The committee’s biggest concern is the future of the staff position, what the committee’s role will be, and who will chair. There is a meeting with Greg Knott on June 20 to discuss. The August committee meeting will be devoted to planning.
    19. User Ed Committee (Avery/Cheshire)
      1. There will be another round of Instructional Studio this summer.  Kelsey will host several webinars that are encore presentations from LOEX.
    20. Web Redesign Content Group (Tracy)- No report
  4. Round Robin
    1. Beth reported that all of the SSHEL GAs will continue through the summer and fall semesters. They will hire one GA in the spring to replace a GA who graduates in December.
    2. Nancy is catching up with processing and continues to work with EC.
    3. Cindy is working on the Library/Inclusive Illinois impact report. She completed an ARL SPEC Kit on Diversity.
    4. Kelsey attended the kickoff meeting for the SSHEL web site migration. She is currently working on content analysis for the site.
    5. Peg presented a poster at MLA. Lisa will be presenting papers at ALA and EBLP in June.
    6. Peg is hiring a person to migrate the health information portal. She is also heavily involved in the new College of Medicine (COM). She met with Bill Mischo and Tom Teper to discuss consolidation of the information on the bio and health sciences portals into one site. She has also been working closely with the COM’s curriculum committee to identify ways that the library can support them.
    7. Laura reported that the Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable (GLRPPR) recently hosted a conference in Minneapolis. Conference presentations and other materials are available at http://www.glrppr.org/meetings/Minneapolis2017. GLRPPR has several publications from their regional environmental data initiative available in IDEALS (https://www.ideals.illinois.edu/handle/2142/74805). They will be publishing several more in the coming months. They are also working on Tableau based visualization tool, which will be available to the public.

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