June 5, 2017 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

June 5, 20171:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


1. 1:30-2-AULs
a. Faculty position rankings
b. P&T requirements
c. Research Partnerships with the iSchool
2. 2:00-2:30 – Interim AUL for Research – JoAnn Jacoby, Tom Teper
3. 2:30-2:45 – APPIT (AP Promotion Implementation Team) – Tom Teper
4. Approve minutes from May 22
5. Question Time
6. Job description – User Experience and Web Strategies Coordinator
7. Emerita status for a faculty member
8. Campus Committee on Promotion and Tenure memo
9. Search Committee
10.1st Floor Central Service Point Planning Group Final Report
11. Committee update-edits from 9/12 meeting
12. Committee Assignments

Minutes Details


Bill Mischo, chair; Nancy O’Brien, vice-chair; Mary Laskowski, secretary; Kirstin Dougan, MJ Han, Lori Mestre, Ellen Swain; Visitors – JoAnn Jacoby, Beth Namachchivaya, Tom Teper; Recording – Kim Matherly