June 23, 2015 Meeting of Library Faculty Meeting

Time and Location of Meeting

June 23, 20153:00 pm - 4:30 pm 66 Main Lib

Agenda Details


Call to Order


Standing Items:

  • Adoption of the Agenda – John Wilkin
  • Approval of Minutes – John Wilkin
  • Introductions  – John Wilkin
  • Report of the University Librarian (15 min – John Wilkin)
  • Executive Committee Report (15 min – Kirstin Dougan)


Discussion Topics


Library Strategic Planning (Lisa Hinchliffe – 20 Minutes )


Lightning Rounds


Update on Mortenson Associates (Mortenson Associates – 5 minutes)


            The State of Discovery (Lisa Hinchliffe – 5 Minutes )


The Continued Evolution of EasySearch (Bill Mischo – 5 minutes)


New Business





Minutes Details


Call to Order


Standing Items:

  • Adoption of the Agenda – John Wilkin

Moved and seconded.

  •  Approval of Minutes – John Wilkin

Moved and seconded.


  • Introductions  – John Wilkin


Tiffany Rossi and Maggie Wave – Office of Advancement

Clara Chu – Director, Mortenson Center

Eleanor Dickson – HTRC Digital Humanities Specialist

Elizabeth Wickes – Research Data Services

Elise Dunham – Research Data Services

Colleen Fallow – Developer, Research Data Services

Kit Condill – Russian and Eurasian Studies Librarian

Jessica Moyer – Visiting Reference Librarian


  • Report of the University Librarian (John Wilkin – 15 min)

COD Discussion – Budget uncertainty. In the Library, we have been moving forward with a planning process to model reductions. We are in a good place planning-wise. Discussed proposed         reductions in detail in EC. Based on COD discussion, the campus is closer to having some certainty about the level of reduction. Our planning has put us in a very good place. We will have more guidance from campus soon. Thanks to AULs and Unit Heads for their work in helping to model reductions.


Hiring Plan. Despite likely budget reductions, it is important that we move forward with a hiring plan. A number of positions are fairly urgent positions that we need to fill. Even with budget reduction we will have funds for the positions we are putting forward.


Grants Coming Forward. We did get a solicitation from Mellon to put something forward a proposal on the interplay of need of scholars, libraries, and research questions about those needs and support in the library with connections out to university presses. Library met Mellon’s deadlines. Usually meeting deadlines in response to a solicitation to Mellon is a really good sign; this should play into our work and planning in the coming year.


  • Executive Committee Report (Bill Mischo – 15 min)

 Seven EC meetings since last Faculty meeting.

AUL Organizational Structure. A lot of questions raised about the proposed re-organization work and how that fits now into the model when we don’t have a fourth AUL. Still working this through and will put out some documentation on that. That is a process that is being worked out.

Budget Reduction Modeling. With the AULs, EC went through in great detail, in aggregate, all of the 1-3-5% budget reduction plans and how that fit into the overarching library plan. There is an overarching Library plan for a budget cut of 4.97 %. This is a working document. We don’t know from the campus or state what the projected cuts are going to be. We are taking the steps that campus has asked the Library to take, which in our case is a 5% cut.

Strategic Planning Process. A couple people sent emails in about the future of the Library as a whole; more big picture thinking. At one meeting EC went through a presentation that John had done at Cornell University as part of an ARL meeting on publishing in Libraries. EC will focus more on this – take a step back and look at bigger picture.

Specialized Faculty Task Force. Will have an update today.

June Hiring Plan. A number of needs for new initiatives or with people leaving. So we put this together for the campus to look into.

Search Committee Processes. Procedures for moving searches forward in a timely fashion. How to contact people in the pool – throughout the process. We are going to empower committee chairs to take on these guidelines. Set up reference candidates. This will require an update in the search committee procedures.

Committee Reports coming in to EC (making available reports for comment). Some of the committee reports are ongoing iterative processes. EC revisiting how to get reports out. EC has discussed Digital Projects and integrative Digital Reports, Reference Report, Privacy Policy Reports, and accepted an Innovation fund report.

Titles. Faculty emails on differences in Unit Heads, and Coordinator. Coordinator is being use in two different ways in the library. There is a document on AP titles. Faculty working in Admin roles have AP titles. It turns out we cannot use the term manager. Specialist is an approved title. We understand that AP coordinator means something different than faculty coordinator in titles.

John Wilkin added in regards to the budget process for the 5% cut we put together – the 5% cut is a plan waiting to be put into place. Library update forums will be upcoming to discuss Library strategy.

Discussion Topics

Library Strategic Planning (Lisa Hinchliffe – 20 Min)

An update of where we are on the Strategic Planning process. 200 library people have been engaged in the process. The deep dive sessions came out of themes from library retreat. There were many ideas.

The research library ecosystem is still forthcoming this summer. With the research library ecosystem there is increasing chance for libraries to be doing collective work. Where will the library lead, and where will we partner in non-lead roles: engaging, supporting, or leading.

Question on themes emerging.

We have a strong sense that the Library needs to tell our story better. How to get people aware of services and partake in those – greater outreach and communication efforts of what the library can do.

Ideas about the deep dive will be available. The recordings from previous deep dives are available and forthcoming.

Question on Micro-aggression within University Library, will strategic planning address diversity issues? Bringing ClimateQUAL into the planning. A draft report of Strategic Lenses will be brought out in September; diversity is a lens to bring into the draft.

Discussion on how to improved the planning process followed.

Question on how the process informs budget planning. The budget planning can reinforce strategic planning – these things can speak to each other.


Specialized Faculty Taskforce (JoAnn Jacoby -20 Min)


JoAnn presented an update on the Task Force process, including a forum in July, future faculty meeting discussion and poll.

A discussion followed on the nature of the poll, and clarified the role of the poll. A discussion on the role of APs in the process followed.

A question on the unionization process for visiting faculty was discussed.

A clarification on specialized faculty and clinical faculty – clinical faculty is the one that we will look into first.

Discussion followed on language used to describe process and roles.

Discussion followed on two discussion topics: “Opportunities and risks if we move forward with the use of specialized faculty in the Library?” and “If we pursue the use of specialized faculty in the Library, what roles should they play in the organization?”

Forum date announced: July 15, 3-4pm 106 Library.

Lightning Rounds

Update on Mortenson Associates (Mortenson Associates – 5 min)

Susan introduced Mortenson program and the group of Mortenson Associates, shared a video from the associates.

            The State of Discovery (Lisa Hinchliffe – 5 Min ) (ppt available)

Reviewed study team, primo, results of assessment.

The Continued Evolution of EasySearch (Bill Mischo – 5 min)

 Presented Easy Search Custom Transaction Log Analysis and example searches. Growth of known title searches was presented as a finding. There are a lot of multi word searches in Easy Search. Results of Easy Search survey presented.