June 22, 2015 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

June 22, 20153:30 pm - 5:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Budget Strategy – John
  2. Discussion – adding units to Divisions

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair; Melody Allison, Susan Avery, Cindy Kelly, Greg Knott, Beth Namachchivaya, Chris Prom (for Joanne Kaczmarek), Chris Quinn, Lisa Romero, Lynne Rudasill, Mary Schlembach, Jeff Schrader, Sue Searing, Jennifer Teper, Tom Teper, Sandy Wolf


1.    Budget Strategy – John

John has been sending regular email with what little information he has received. He has been working with EC and the AULs on the planning process. The process is about being ready for whatever reductions we may receive. John wants to be as planful as possible. This process will also help us be ready for next year. The AULs have worked with the units that fall under their responsibilities, while John has worked with the Illinois History and Lincoln Collections, Rare Book and Manuscript Library and University Archives. They have worked on 1, 3 and 5% reduction scenarios. John’s intent is to absorb as much as possible in central administration, so there will be as little impact as possible in the units, this year.

John discusses some of the specifics of each of the plans. We do not know what the level of reduction will be from campus, but are well prepared. In August, John will lead a Library forum and hopes we will have more specific budget information from campus.

Soon, the AULs will begin to engage units in budget discussions for next year. Some things identified in 3-5% will come to the fore and we will have a chance to engage campus.

There was a question about cutting security guards. John explained that the Library pays for the security guards through annual fund transfers to Public Safety. The Library will transfer one-time money to Public Safety to pay the security guards in the next fiscal year. Then that cost will be transferred to Public Safety and the Library will no longer be responsible for that payment.

The AULs then discusses some of the reductions from their individual areas.

2.   Discussion – adding units to Divisions

Clara Chu, Director, Mortenson Center has been added to the Area Studies Division. Currently Mortenson is not part of a division. We don’t currently have a process for adding a unit to a division. IAS would like to Mortenson as part of their division. John will talk to Clara to find out if Mortenson is interested in becoming part of the Area Studies Division.