June 20, 2005 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

June 20, 20051:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Stacks Reorganization
    Outcome: Endorse plan
    25 minutes
  2. Oak Street Issues
    Outcome: Discuss and resolve several issues
    10 minutes
    Outcome: Understand current issues; discuss proposed solution
    20 minutes
  4. Strategic Planning Implementation
    Outcome: Outline process for implementing and assessing strategic plan
    20 minutes
  5. Updates and Announcements
    a.  Noise made by disruptive staff
    b.  Other

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, Chair, Bob Burger, Tina Chrzastowski, Lisa German, Janis Johnston, Tom Kilton, Betsy Kruger, Bill Maher, Diane Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Sue Searing, Karen Wei


  1. Stacks Reorganization – KrugerThe Divisions all endorsed the plan and the committee voted to endorse the plan.
  2. Oak Street Issues – KrugerThey are starting to plan the shift of stacks which will take place in 2006. Betsy needs to know which libraries plan to make large shifts. The number of items that get transferred to Stacks must match the number of items that get transferred to Oak Street. (This rule doesn’t apply for the first year.)

    The projection for filling Oak Street to capacity is the end of 2007. The Provost has our request for the next phase of Oak Street and it is going to the Chancellor’s Capital Committee this summer. Paula Kaufman has been told that she shouldn’t worry about it.

    There needs to be new shelving purchased by the end of the year. The Budget Group has the request for funds for the new shelving. This fall Betsy Kruger will hold a forum for departmental libraries on how to properly prepare materials for direct shipment to Oak Street, including the Voyager record updates that must also be done for these materials.

    One worry some faculty have is that if they contribute staff to Oak Street their unit will be perceived as having too many staff and their staff will be taken away. The UL and AULs assured the Council that that wasn’t accurate.

  3. CAMELS– BurgerA Library-wide forum was held a couple of weeks ago. Afterwards Becky Smith, Sandy Wolfe, Cindy Kelly and Bob Burger met to discuss next steps. It was determined that the two functions of the group should be separated (cyclical help and emergency help).

    Emergencies should be handled by the divisions. A central contact list of people to call could be kept in the Administration office. Bob Burger will create a document with a proposal to separate the duties of CAMELS and procedures for emergencies and will bring the document back to AC.

  4. Strategic Planning Implementation – KaufmanEC has endorsed the major strategies and goals of the Strategic Plan but not the actions.

    AC will look at the Strategic Plan at the next meeting and decide what should be worked on. The Library needs to be looking at innovative and creative ways to run the Library. The meeting with Abby Smith on September28 will lend itself to this exercise. We need to think about how to structure a process to get us focused on looking at extensive environmental scan for the Library, the Campus and the Community.

    Paula Kaufman and Bob Burger will assemble a list of projects going on in the Library and introduce a summary at a Faculty meeting. In 25 years libraries will look less and less alike and will be more customized. We need to develop a process for organized and creative planning.

  5. Updates and AnnouncementsPaul Kaufman mentioned there were complaints from the public and other users that staff are talking too loudly and are disruptive. She asked supervisors to remind staff to be aware of noise levels in public areas.

    EC endorsed the Access Strategy Report and it will go forward.

    Budget – Last year we received $600,000 one time money. That is now permanent and we received an additional $400,000 and increases in salaries of 3%. Susan Edwards is looking at our commitments and what we have left over. Collections is a high priority.

    Salary letters will go out by mid-July. There is some equity money. The University increased the amount for promotions to Associate Professors to $3,500.

    There will be new classifications for some of the staff. We expect to receive the information sometime in October.

    For student wages, hours will remain the same. The Work Study program has increased the share the departments have to pay to 40%.

    Rod is home and feeling better. We hope to see him back around the middle of September.