June 18, 2013 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

June 18, 20139:00 am - 12:00 pm 428 Main Library

Agenda Details


  1. 9:00-10:00 AULs (only Sue Searing able to attend) and Rod Allen
    1. Hiring plan
    2. Prep for new UL – SWOT Template
  2. Approve minutes from June 10
  3. Question Time
  4. Hiring plan
  5. University Archives Planning Team Report
  6. Illinois History and Lincoln Collections Planning Team Report (Lisa Romero is scheduled to come to EC on the July 8th meeting)

Documents relating to the June 18 meeting are available at G:\ExecutiveCommittee\Meeting Documents\2012-2013

Parking Lot:

  • Discussion with Beth Sandore and Sarah Williams about trends that they see in the area of EResearch particularly in the Humanities

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair; Chris Prom, vice-chair; Sarah Shreeves, secretary and recording; Nancy O’Brien, Carissa Phillips

Guests: Sue Searing, Tom Teper, Rod Allen


1.                  9 AM – AULs and Rod Allen
EC met with the AULs and Rod Allen to discuss the available funds in the academic pool and the hiring plan. The group agreed to include on the hiring plan only as many positions as we believe we can fund. The position requests were discussed and prioritized. Paula will finalize the hiring plan based on this discussion.
Discussion of ideal faculty size: The Provost has requested that units determine their ideal faculty size. After discussion, EC speculated that we would want to increase the faculty by about 15 or so. Paula and Rod confirmed that we do not know how the Provost and Chancellor will fund the faculty cluster hires.
Prep for new UL: Chris will ask division coordinators to distribute the SWOT Template to their unit heads, and that AULs and Paula distribute to their groups. Chris will check with Mary L. and David W. on whether they are preparing a document on our shared governance practices.
2.                  Approve minutes from June 10 
a.      Approved without changes, with a motion by Nancy O’Brien, seconded by Chris Prom.
3.      Question Time
What is the status of activity around the Biss bill (http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/BillStatus.asp?DocNum=1900&GAID=12&DocTypeID=SB&SessionID=85&GA=98)? Paula has been involved in administrative conversations and has briefed both the Chancellor and Provost on the implications

4.                  Hiring plan 
a.      Completed in conversation with AULs
5.                  University Archives Planning Team Report
EC accepts the University Archives Planning Team report. Paula will ask Sue to identify next steps.
6.                  Illinois History and Lincoln Collections Planning Team Report 
EC will discuss this at the July 8th meeting when Lisa Romero is scheduled to attend.
A personnel issue was discussed.


Email-July 3, 2013 – Approved a grant-funded position