June 15, 2017 Meeting of Academic Professional Promotion Implementation Team

Time and Location of Meeting

June 15, 2017

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Tom Habing, Greg Knott, Susan Schnuer, Jennifer Teper, Tom Teper, Angela Waarala
Absent: JoAnn Jacoby, Beth Namachchivaya


Tom Teper opened the meeting stating that the group needs to outline the next steps for EC. Tom
suggested having an open forum for all AP’s to receive feedback that can then be turned over to EC.
Susan agreed that an open forum is a good idea, and that she had inquiries regarding another meeting.

Tom Habing reminded everyone that the last group’s report included outlines for next steps when AP’s
are seeking promotion. All agreed that those would be good for discussion for the open session.

Susan stated that the Library budget could not handle all AP’s requesting promotion at one time. Angela
asked if promotions will give a percentage or flat rate increase. Jennifer responded that for budgeting
purposes, a flat rate is probably more feasible, and from what she has heard from APs, was considered to
be more equitable. Susan stated that whether increases are a percentage or flat rate, this is an
administrative decision that our group would not likely have much sway over. Tom reminded the group
that there will be no funding from Campus for this program. He also reminded the group that the first
promotion review will not take place until spring 2019.

Jennifer stated that new AP positions will need to be ranked by the search committee before a position is
opened. Angela asked what will happen if the position is posted at a high level and candidates do not
meet the criteria. The group suggested that, like other searches with ranks, if that was the case, the
position would have to be ranked lower and a new search would have to take place.
Greg reported that as of today, there have been no appeals filed.

Angela asked if any of the criteria already set needs to be reviewed or changed. Tom Teper responded
that as of today, the intent is to schedule the open sessions to say that we have come this far and will give
recommendations. At the open sessions, the group will ask for concerns as of today and going forward.
The results of these sessions will be passed on to EC as a fair next step.

Angela asked about a mentoring program for AP’s. Susan stated that LCAP will be discussing this at
their next meeting. LCAP is currently looking at a model that Engineering currently has. LCAP plans to
incorporate a mentoring program sometime in September.

Wendy is tasked with scheduling two open sessions for AP’s in July in room 106.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 a.m.