June 10, 2019 Meeting of Executive Committee

Time and Location of Meeting

June 10, 2019

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June 10, 2019


428 Library

  1. 2-2:30 – AULs
    1. Update – Heidi
    2. Update – Chris
    3. Update, Collective feedback on the 50% report from the architectsTom
  2. Approve minutes – June 3
  3. Question Time
  4. Strategic Framework Initiative (SFI) Award

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June 10, 2019


428 Library


Present: John Wilkin, chair; David Ward, vice-chair; Mary Laskowski, secretary; Paula Carns, Bill Mischo, Nancy O’Brien, Lynne Thomas; Visitors-Heidi Imker, Chris Prom, Tom Teper, Cherié Weible, Tom Teper; Recording-Kim Matherly


  1. 2-2:30 – AULs
    1. Update – Heidi

Interviews are taking place for the Scholarly Communications and Publishing positions—Digital Publishing Specialist, Digital Publishing Programmer.


Mark Zulauf and Heidi have a meeting with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) to revisit the Experts MOU, which has expired. They will be asking for a bump in support, since Experts has gone really well. There could be a lot more utilization for the API for specialized uses on campus, which we can’t support right now. They will also ask for support for a GA (previously a Library only contribution).


In Scholarly commons, the expert user group is going well. There continues to be confusion about whether or not we are moving forward with the building project. She has confirmed that we are moving forward.


Merinda Hensley is working on the undergraduate theses in IDEALS. They are working through some issues with some of the science departments to make sure the correct faculty member is signing off on these theses, particularly if they end up being publicly available, so we don’t disclose any research information that might be inappropriate.


In Research Data Service, they found a glitch in the Illinois Data Bank in how it’s handling redirects for the versioning. Colleen is working on that today.


The data curation network all-hands meeting is in July. The data curation network is an effort that has been funded by Sloan to do shared curation staffing across multiple universities. This is getting a lot of traction and a lot of interest, even outside the Library community.


Regarding the research challenges, Heidi met with multiple groups to talk about what people’s greatest challenges are in terms of being able to do research. She has now completed all the meetings and is writing up the synthesis for that and hopes to have it completed by the end of June.


The GIS search failed, so that will be started over again.


  1. Update – Chris

Tom, Michael Norman and several others had a meeting with CARLI this morning to talk about the timeline for the Alma/Primo implementation next spring. There is some concern around the timing dates they suggested for moving from point A to point B, which involves a three week freeze period. That would fall around our fiscal close period. After September we will have more details around the specifics of the timing. This will be a fairly labor intensive, messy process, next spring. Report any issues you notice to Chris or Michael Norman.


They have pushed out the search process documentation. Jake MacGregor has done good work on that. Chris has talked to Jake and Greg about doing follow-on work to try and rationalize processes. They are planning to put together a template for search narratives.


  1. UpdateTom

ILS – there is an end-of-year budget meeting for materials tomorrow and they will start talking about the calendar for next year.


They are wrapping up the fiscal year and everything is going smoothly.


Cataloging—they’ve picked up NACO cataloging quite aggressively in the past year going from our contributing none to our surpassing the annual quote in six months.


Within Cataloging and Acquisitions there are four retirements between May and June; all Civil Service personnel. Chris, Jennifer Teper and Tom are working on requests to the Budget Group to fill some of those and address some areas that have been neglected.


Building Project—the architects and conceptual design firm were in the Library for three days in May. They have sent a 50% document and we are starting to get comments from people in the Library.


Tom and John are meeting with the Library Consultation Working Group this afternoon. They will go through and do a recap of the 50% document and ask for their input. The document is a rough draft. Once input is sent back to the architects and design team, we will receive a 75% document and then a 95% document.


  1. Cherié

Cherié will check in with Greg regarding the flooring in 200 Library.


The Law Library project has been granted an extension and the on-line catalog has been updated with their hours, showing the extension. Cherié will check to see when they think they may be opening.


Cherié is working on the ILS Sandbox for Alma. They have a 64-page document with a list of things to check.


Cherié and Greg Knott will be meeting with Dennis Craig (project coordinator from F&S) to go over the timelines for all of the Library projects.


  1. Approve minutes – June 3

Minutes were approved as amended with a motion from Nancy O-Brien, seconded by Lynne Thomas.


  1. Question Time

The University received 4.6% in funding from the state; the state allocation is less than 20% of the University’s total budget.


Bill Mischo had sent EC information about a civil service position he is requesting. He will send the request to the Budget Group for consideration.


The Big Ten Academic Alliance Provosts will be issuing a statement regarding sustaining values and scholarship. The statement will say that the Big Ten continues its advocacy for a sustainable and open ecosystem of publication.


The University of California is sponsoring a small meeting, by invitation, in DC. John has been asked to attend as a Big Ten representative. He has also been asked to bring a faculty member from the university. The Provost has suggested an individual and John will meet with that person tomorrow.


At the BTAA Library Directors meeting, the directors talked about a white paper presented by Lorcan Dempsey, going in the direction of better support for and engagement with the notion of a collective collection. The directors concluded that they are committed to realizing our interdependent networked future; that individual libraries will continue to offer distinctive collections and services focused on local needs, but enabling a networked approach will ensure the collective good, leveraging all the remarkable libraries’ collections of the BTAA. The directors endorsed a vision for the collective collection that will orient our collective actions around the challenges and opportunities that come with interdependence and will implement the necessary systems, policies, and services needed to create an integrated user experience of the networked collection from discover to delivery. With ever increasing rigor, they will manage the separate collections of the BTAA as if they were a single shared collection, maximizing access to and ensuring the preservation of the scholarly record in support of our common mission. We will move slowly in making a public statement on this direction to make sure we are syncing up with the white paper Dempsey is writing.


David reported that Jen Yu asked for clarification regarding the Library Student Learning Assessment Report Team. David answered her questions and the Team will continue working.


Mary asked about an instructional facility being built in the Library parking lot. John confirmed that something on that scale and with that total footprint was never a part of the building plan. We will ensure that future drafts address this with a more modest footprint.


  1. Strategic Framework Initiative (SFI) Award

EC approved the award.


  1. Position Request

EC approved the position and suggested a search committee.